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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 8) (~ By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 8)

Hi all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you liked all the previous segments.


I hope you all went through the author’s note I uploaded. I was really busy for the past two weeks and couldn’t manage to write this fan fiction. I completed my first fan fiction and I guess I’ll be able to update a bit more frequently now.

Well, going through your comments I felt that you all wanted to see how Twinkle would make Mahi perfectly fine but, I won’t really show each and everything but, you would get to know what all she did slowly as this fan fiction goes on.

Here is the link for the previous segment:

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The segment is in Twinkle’s voice. I’ll start adding Kunj’s voice sooner. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Are you all excited to read this segment? Let’s continue.
I woke up as someone patted my left cheek. I smiled while the person said, “Twinkle, wake up.” “Let me sleep”, I replied pulling the blanket over my face. “Twinkle, your morning coffee is here”, said the person. “You have it. Let me sleep please”, I replied. “Twinkle, please?”, the person requested. “Fine”, I blurted out sitting up on the bed. “That’s like my Twinkle”, the person said smiling. I smiled and said, “Let me freshen up and then I’ll come, talk to you.” “Wait. Your morning coffee”, said the person handing me the cup of coffee. “Thank you di”, I replied. She smiled while I said, “Are you excited for today? You’ll be back to normal again.” She started shivering making me realise my mistake. I quickly hugged her making her feel normal. “Are you fine?”, I asked. “Hmm”, she replied still being in trauma. “Di, please try to forget that. You want to recover right?”, I said. She smiled and said, “Today is the last right! I really wonder how could you do this without consulting any doctor.” “Come on, I consulted such a famous doctor”, I said. Di arched her eyebrows while I said, “Dr. Twinkle Taneja.” Di smiled and said, “Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” My smile soon faded away hearing the name. I gulped in the coffee and in a choked voice said, “I’ll freshen up and come.”

I rushed into the washroom before di could say anything. I hated the name this so-called relation gave me. I splashed water on my face as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I couldn’t imagine of joining my name with his after what he did with me. I hate him. I’ve never hated anyone so much. But, soon I composed myself and thought that one month is nearing it’s end. I’ll get a divorce soon. I quickly took a shower and dressed up myself in a peacock blue coloured salwaar.

I picked up the car keys from the table and went out of the room. I saw di waiting for me in the hall. “Sorry, sorry”, I shouted from upstairs and ran towards the staircase. I was hurriedly climbing down the stairs when my leg slipped. I was about to fall when someone held me tightly. I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Sarna staring at me. I looked here and there while he continued staring at me. I tried getting up but, he pulled me up with a jerk resulting in a hug. I quickly moved my hands away from his shoulder but, he tightened the hug and whispered, “Thank you!” I pushed him back and quickly climbed down the stairs. “Shall we leave?”, I asked. Di smiled and said, “Sure.” We both started walking towards the main door while I looked back to have a look of Mr. Sarna and saw him staring at me. I turned my face away in disgust and we both drove away for our last recovery mission.

I stopped the car in front of Taneja mansion while di asked, “Why here?” “It’s my house. Come, let’s go inside. I’m sure you’ll be all fine from tomorrow”, I replied. Di smiled as we walked in. “Maa, bhai, have a look who’s here”, I shouted. Maa and bhai came down and saw di. “Mahi?”, maa said and ran towards her while bhai stood there shocked. “Di, I’ll just come”, I said while di also wasn’t able to believe what was going on. I walked up to bhai and shook him. “Tw..Twin..Twinkle, Ma..Mahi?”, he asked in a choked voice. “I promised you that I’ll unite the two of you”, I replied. “Twin..Twinkle, I can’t believe it. Is she perfectly fine now?”, bhai asked. I nodded my head as I saw the tears that rolled down his cheeks. I wiped his face and said, “Go.” Bhai smiled at me as maa said, “I’ll bring water for the two of you. Wait here.” I smiled as maa went to the kitchen. Bhai ran towards di and hugged her tightly but, surprisingly di didn’t hug her back. Does di also believe that bhai was behind everything? I came out of my thoughts as I heard someone crying. I saw di hugging bhai tightly and crying. A tear of drop fell down from my eyes. I walked outside leaving di and bhai alone for sometime. I came out of the house and stood in the garden, the same place where I promised of uniting di and bhai. I was finally done with my biggest task. My next task was to find out the culprit who was behind all this. The one who had accused my bhai for doing such a thing and tortured di so much. After that Mr. Sarna would divorce me and I can go away from here, from their lives. I smiled and stood there enjoying the cool breeze.

Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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