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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 7) (~ By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 7)

Hi all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you’re liking the story. Well, I’m seriously sorry as some of you cried because of the last episode torture. Please forgive me.


A very happy Independence Day to all my friends.

Here is the link for the previous segment:

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This is to just to remind you all that the story is in Twinkle’s voice. I might introduce Kunj’s voice later. Hope you all aren’t getting confused.

Are you all excited to read this segment? Let’s continue then.
Mr. Sarna came towards me and took my suitcase from my hand. He pushed me on the floor and said, “Stop questioning me.” I looked at him while he continued, “Anyways, for once I’ll answer your question. In fact, I don’t even need to answer you. You already know everything right!” I looked at him in confusion while my burnt palm started paining again. I shook my hand while Mr. Sarna came and kneeled down in front of me. He pressed my cheeks and said, “You don’t need to act so much. Do you think I’m a fool?” “Mmm”, I blurted trying to move my face away but, Mr. Sarna tightened his grip and said, “Do you think that I didn’t understand that you read that diary?” I looked at him shocked while he let out a faint laugh and said, “Well, if you would’ve dropped the diary on the floor I might’ve thought that you didn’t read it but, ofcourse you can’t sit on it for such a long time.” I remembered the way I dropped the diary on that chair when he wanted to check my hands. Crap! I was dumb to do that. I should’ve used my brains. I pushed him back and freed myself. I placed my hands on my cheeks and pressed them lightly to reduce the pain. “Yes, I did read that diary. But, I couldn’t read everything”, I blurted out. “I know that as well. Otherwise, you would’ve never in your wildest dreams thought of returning back to Taneja mansion”, said Mr. Sarna. “Why shan’t I? It’s my house”, I said. “Well, it was your house. It ain’t yours anymore. Sarna mansion is your only house now”, he replied. “Sarna mansion can never be my own house. A house is a place where a person gets peace. This house is hell for me”, I said. “Anyways, I don’t have time to waste talking to you. Send the divorce papers to Taneja mansion”, I continued. I grabbed my trolley and started walking towards the door when Mr. Sarna said, “Just think twice before entering the house of a r*pist.” I turned around and said, “Just keep your crap with yourself.”

“Truth is always bitter”, Mr. Sarna replied. “Just keep your mouth shut. Send me the divorce papers”, I said and started walking away. “Your brother is a bl**dy r*pist”, Mr. Sarna said. I stood glued at the position not knowing how to react. “Your brother r*ped my sister”, said Mr. Sarna in a choked voice. I turned around and walked towards him. I stood in front of him and slapped him hard. He held my hand and twisted it behind my back. “I told you on the first day after our marriage itself you don’t have any rights to raise your hand on me”, said Mr. Sarna. “Stop your nonsense. My brother is not you to play with a girl’s respect”, I shouted as the tears rolled down my cheeks. “If I would’ve been like your brother, I could’ve forced myself upon you but, my values don’t teach me to do so”, said Mr. Sarna. “Even my brother can’t do such things”, I shouted. He pushed me towards the bed which made my elbow hit the corner of the bed making it bleed. “Your brother r*ped my sister. Do you get that?”, He said. I got up from the floor and said, “One month and I’ll prove that my brother is not at fault. Yuvraj Taneja would never do such a thing. I need a divorce in return.” “What about my sister who has lost her mental balance because of your brother?”, asked Mr. Sarna. “Stop your crap! My brother isn’t a rap*st. Fine, one month and I’ll recover your sister, prove that my brother isn’t at fault and return your sister her lost love. In return, you’ll give me divorce”, I said. “What if you’re not able to do it? You’ll spend your entire life with me as a slave then”, said Mr. Sarna. “It won’t lead to such a situation. Start talking to an advocate”, I replied challenging him and walked out of the room.

The next day morning I woke up early and went to maa’s room. She was already awake by then. I knocked on the door and said, “Maa, can I come in?” “Ofcourse. Come”, replied maa. I walked inside the room and sat on the floor near her feet. “Sit up Twinkle”, said maa. I looked up and smiled at her. I placed my head on her lap and said, “It’s okay.” She caressed my hair and said, “What happened?” “Maa, can I go to Taneja mansion? I’ve not been there since we got married”, I said. “Is this something to ask? Ofcourse you can”, replied maa. “I’ll also come with you”, added maa. “Okay, we’ll leave now itself then. I guess maa and bhai have to go somewhere later”, I said. “Okay, I’ll come down in 15 minutes”, replied maa and I walked out of the room. My gaze fell upon Mahi di’s room as Mr. Sarna’s words flashed through my mind. “One month and everything will be back to normal”, I said to myself.

Around an hour later we reached Taneja mansion. Maa and bhai were completely surprised to see us. I went and hugged both of them. I controlled my tears as I didn’t want them to get worried. We all were talking and sometime later maa and Usha maa went to another room. Bhai and I were sitting opposite to each other. “Who’s Mahi Sarna bhai?”, I blurted out. Bhai looked at me cluelessly. “Twinkle?”, he said being confused. “Mahi Sarna”, I repeated. Bhai got up from the sofa and as he was about to go I said, “Please tell me who she is. My marriage is at stake.” Bhai turned around to look at me while I looked up at him. “What happened to her? Why are you both staying separately for so many years?”, I asked. “Come to my office”, said Bhai and walked away. I followed him to his office. I entered the office and closed the door. He took out a photo frame from his drawer and looked at it. I went close to him and found it to be the same photo which Mahi di had in her diary. (The one which was clicked keeping sun as the background and they were kissing each other.) “It has been a long time since everything happened. I tried to move on for the past three years but, it was impossible for me to forget Mahi. The day we confessed our love for each other in the official trip was one of the best day in my life”, said bhai. I smiled while bhai cleared his voice. “The next day Mahi got r*ped”, bhai said in a choked voice. “Who r*ped her bhai?”, I asked. “I don’t know Twinkle. I tried asking Mahi a lot of times but, she never replied. On the last day of our trip she told me to leave her. I didn’t know what to do! I tried convincing her but, it was all waste. She wanted both of us to part our ways and live our own life”, said bhai as I could see the tears that rolled down his cheeks. “Bhai, I promise you. Just a month and everything will be back to normal. Mahi di and you will be together again”, I said in a choked voice. Bhai turned to look at me but, before he could say anything I walked out of the office and went to the garden. I looked at the sky as the tears rolled down my cheek. I promised myself to find Mahi di’s culprit and make bhai and di together again.

Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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