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Sanskar took swara’s pic from wall and started to see it with teary eyes.
Sanskar; shona , finally I founded your culprit. Only your brother no he can’t be your brother he is only your culprit is remaining. Don’t worry I will also find him. Now this is revenge time.
He wipes his tears, and leave that place with swara’s photo in his hand.
After 30 minutes
He reach an isolated place, that place is looking like some burnt house. Taking some things from car he went inside that house.


Inside house
There all of are tied to separate chair same way swara was tied only difference was they are blind folded.
As soon as he entered inside the house, all men who are guarding there greeted him. He directly signal them open everyone eyes at same time.
They follows his instruction and open it. As soon as their eyes opened they all became shocked seeing him.

Ap: beta,how could you do this with your own family.
Dp: ha Sanskar, what is wrong with you, first you send us jail now this. Is this way to behave like with your own family? Immediately untie us.
Before anyone can speak Sanskar tightly slap dp. She fall down along chair.
Sanskar: if I listen anyone of your voice,then result will more worse.
Listening it, laksh gulped in fear remembering his punches when he tried to force himself on swara.
He don’t dare to speak anything. But Dp ignore his stren warning.
Dp: oh, so today in front of us not my son , a lover is standing of that bl**dy girl who is responsible for our condition. We just gave punishment for her deeds. She deserve that, if you don’t came on time na we may give her death day only. I don’t have any guilt for my doings.
His eyes become red in anger.
Sanskar: yes today a lover, a husband is standing before you. Whom you tried to harm na that girl is my life.you will not understand. Leave it,
He turn toward all
Sanskar: do anyone else want give any justification on their act. They can speak because if I started no one able to stop me.

Ap: Sanskar, I am your mother. I understand your feeling you used to love her that’s why you are reacting like this. Par now what will you get by revenge, she will surely die in some days.
Sanskar; not dare to say she will not die, I know nothing will happen to my love.
Ap: I am sure she will die. After whatever she had face, there is no chance of living.
He ignore her words and stood in front of shekhar.
Sanskar: I think now your turn is , after you my sweet little brother is also remaining. So be quick, don’t waste my time.
Shekhar: leave us, I am her father. You should give respect to your Father in law.
Sanskar: I will give you respect but for that you have to wait.
He angrily see him later he shifted his gaze on laksh.
Sanskar: you are only remaining laksh. So why are wasting this wonderful chance.
Laksh not said anything in fear.

Sanskar: oh, so good boy don’t want give any justification. It’s kk, now I wanna play KBC with you guys. Who are interested raise your hands.
He saw all of them, no one react anything.only fear can clearly seen in their eyes.
Sanskar: sry, sry I forget how can you raise ur hands your hands are tied na. Let me open it.
He go ahead but again back his steps.
He take some chair and seated on it.
Sanskar; arre but what is use of hands in this game. So my first question is from all of you. Anyone could answer it. Do you all understand? Say yes or no.
Dp; are you mad? You want play KBC this time. We all dying in pain and you.
Sanskar: who first attacked on my swara?( with blood shot eyes)
No one answered him.

Sanskar: Raghav( one of his men), give special treatment to them.
Raghav on the some switch. All started getting shock
Sanskar: if you all will not break your silence treatment then I will increase power.
Still all of them keep silence. He signal raghav to increase voltage before raghav can reach. Shekhar finally open his mouth.
Shekhar: laksh, he first attacked on her. I am not at fault.
He signal raghav to off switch
Laksh: arre , why are you blaming me? Ma had slap her, I only give her current shocks. Ma speak na
Ap: Sanskar , I didn’t do anything just I slap her but Shekhar spread salts on her wound.
Shekhar: why are you blaming me, first you all mocked me and you only give her wound na.
Ap: no Sanskar, don’t believe him that man who can behave like animal with his own daughter he may can do anything.
Sanskar is silently listening all their blaming game. His anger reach at peak when they are saying all this without even single guilt.

Sanskar; enough all of you. Mrs maheswari what was you saying daughter, she was your son’s wife na. Then how you dare to touch her?
He tightly slapped her, her jaws broken in single slap itself.
Sanskar: now my next question, who give cuts on her body?
Laksh: sahil
Sanskar: oh so sahil is not here na, so all should get punishment for his deeds.
He take some knife.
First he stand in front of shekhar.
Sanskar: first your turn. For a daughter her father is superhero but u yourself torture her. I hope if someone has father like you it’s better to be orphan.

He started to give deep cuts on his hand and cutted his one finger. Shekhar screams in pain as soon as he shouted Sanskar’s man put salt and chilly powder on it. His screaming increase more.. But they continue their work without even giving ssingle head to his scream.
He goes toward ap,started glare her angrily.
Sanskar: you know for a child what is most painful moment when he see his mother in pain but it will be most precious moment for me. That day you gifted me something now my turn.
He give small cut on her hand near nerves.
Sanskar: you even not remember that day was my birthday. Mothers always give best gift to their children, you also give me gift but worse than I ever imagine.
As your obedient son I should return your favour na. So you ready for my gift.
Ap: plz forgive me, I will pray for her safety. ( saying all this with difficulties)
Sanskar: only punishment
Dp: sanskar, you cant do more, she is your mother.

Sanskar; my mother had dead.( with no emotions)
He take gun from raghav hand and shoot on same place where he give cut. She winches in pain. Now again some men put salt on her wound. She started to shout more.
Ignoring all her winches,he stand near laksh, seeing shekhar and ap conditions, he is already in fear.
Dp: Sanskar leave him warna result will be more worse than swara.
Listening swara’s name , fire took place in his heart. His anger cross all limit. He directly shoot Dp on his leg.
Again listening bullet sound, laksh closes his eyes in fear.
Sanskar: arre bhai, now you don’t want to sleep with someone. I wish if anyone has brother like you he may suicide or kill you with his own hands.
He tightly pulled laksh hair and slap him several times. He continued slapping him until he don’t fall on ground.

Sanskar: my sweet bro, you love give shock treatment na. Let me also make you enjoy that pleasure.
Laksh see him with fear , his fear increase more when he saw raghav attaching some plugs in switch board.
Laksh: bhai, plz leave me. I will never do this again.

Sanskar: the way you pleading my swara’s was also pleading na that day, do you leave her?
Laksh bows his head, Sanskar made him sit properly and attach his head with some wires while laksh is struggling but no use. He is not effecting even little.
Other side raghav and other men continue torture Shekhar and Ap. Dp is seeing all this helplessly. Both are pleading to leave them but torture becoming more worse. They are beating them with chabuk. Their bodies are also bleeding same way as swara.
Sanskar silently continue his work he on the switch of machine and started to give him electric shock. Laksh screaming in pain but on every scream he increases voltage. He continued to give him shock until he not faint.

Now some men started beat him with chabuk. Time to time they putting salts on marks.
Nw only Dp is remaining, sanskar himself take chabuk and started to beat dp like ruthless man. His hands are also bleeding but remembering swara’s face he increase his speed. He take some knife and directly stabbed where he shoot bullet.
Sanskar: I wish no one get family like you all( loudly shouted, his voice echoing there)
Now all are unconscious, he Pour petrol over all there. Next moment he throw cold ice water on them. They get conscious , in front of their eyes he throw lighter there again that place catch fire. He throw maheswari and gadodia’s photo in fire.
He ended his revenge on same place where it all started “ maheswari mansion”
He seeing with teary eyes burning that place which once give him happy moment and his life worse moment.

He scream happily “ I cross every limit in your love”
He happily went to swara.
Swara room
He holding her hand in his hand and crying there.
Sanskar: princess I had cross every limit in your love. Only I don’t able to punish sahil from my hand but my source infrom he is dead in accident. Princess , now I am going to police to hand my self. Until I not back na you don’t go from here. “ I love you”
He kissed her forehead , feeling his touch lone tear come from her eyes also. Both are crying for each other. They want each other for themselves but nothing is in their hands. One is helpless due to her body not allowing her to make any respond. She badly wanted to take him in her embrace , she wanted wipe his tears. Other is helpless due to his love is not responding him. With heavy heart he went out and started to cry loudly. Kabir try to console him but no use. After sometime he went police station and handed himself.
Flashback end
He remembering all this with teary eyes. Someone reached to meet him. That person covered fully only eyes can be see.

Sanskar: anything important ragini.
Ragini: kabir, backstabbed us. Swara is kidnapped.
Sanskar: who kidnapped her? ( angrily)
Ragini: vo your…
Sanskar: he must be sahil I already had doubt he is alive but me. ( he remember something and punches his hand on wall) How can I ignore your talks Ragini, only sahil had send you na that day.
Ragini: you’re right that day sahil had send me but sahil is not main culprit. Main culprit is ……..
Sanskar: how could this possible I my self killed him. I should check once again she is in problem due to me.
Ragini: stop blaming yourself. Really you are prefect for her. I don’t know how he is alive but now only matter is swara. We have save her this time.
Sanskar: not we only I, this time I will not allow even single scratch on her.
Ragini: I will also help you. But how you will save her from jail.
Sanskar; once I already cross every limit in her love. This time again let me cross every limit in her love.

Ragini become confuse listening him but don’t say anything.
Sanskar: now you may go. Don’t worry I will not let her happen anything.
She nodded and went away.
Precap: let it be suspence today.

Sry if their punishment is not up to mark. In comments you can give more special treatment to them . also save some treatment for Swara’s kidnapper.

Bye, take care and love you all…..

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