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Hii guys, I think most of u may will surely will surprised after seeing this. Don’t be surprised , it’s really next part of this ss.
Thanks for ur response on previous part.

Ragini open the freeze and become shocked by seeing , freeze is full of fresh food.
Ragini: ( monologue) how could it possible. After that incident no one is living here. Surely there is something missing it.
She began search in kitchen for some proof. She find something, become frightened seeing it.
Ragini: ( monologue) How could it possible? It means he is alive, I have to find truth at any cost.
She immediately call one of her informer and give him work to find out about her doubt.
Ragini: ( monologue) now only swara diary can answer me.
She again started reading diary.


Swara turned behind and become shocked seeing that person.
Swara: you here
Guy; yes I here, what you think my over smart sister. U will easily expose all of us and we will let u do it.
Swara see him in disbelief.
Swara: bhai, even you can’t stop me exposing truth. I will disclose ur truth to everyone.
Sahil: my dumbo sister, you are just like mom. Only difference is that she doesn’t have habit to poke her nose between someone matter. You both have so called moral value. Now you have only two option.
Swara; What are those?

Sahil: that’s good, just keep ur mouth shut or
Swara: or what?
Sahil: or ready to die.
Swara: you are thinking I will be affected by your so called warning. Then you are wrong.
Sahil: I already knew it. So be ready for die.

Swara; we will see it. Who is gonna to die or live.
Saying it swara went from there.
Sahil: don’t worry uncle & aunty. She will soon understand.
After ten days
Swara: ( monologue) every time I tried to tell Sanskar but I failed in it. Sometimes situation or mom-dad interference. At any cost I will expose them.
Same day evening
Today from 5:00 pm I am desperately waiting for Sanskar. I just can’t wait more. If not today then never. I am standing near window. Soon I feel someone hand on my waist. Without turning I came to know who it must be, I wishper Sanskar. He rest his head on my shoulder. I cresses his hair without turning. He turned me to his side.
Sanskar; what happen swara? I am seeing from some days you are looking worried, you can share with me.

She rested her face at his chest and wrapped him.
Swara: Sanskar I want to tell you something but I don’t you will believe me or not.
Sanskar: Atleast try na shona. Sanskar will always trust his princess .
Swara: in every condition?
Sanskar; do you have doubt?
Swara; no

Sanskar: then tell me.
Swara: vo Sanskar , I don’t know how to start.
Sanskar; shona, come with me . first sit here, now tell me without any hesitation.
Swara: vo Sanskar, in medias whatever they are showing regarding your family all is true. And even
He leave her hand, and jerked it.
Sanskar; do you even in your senses ? ( shouted on her)
Swara: Sanskar pls listen me

Sanskar: swara, see toward me. I know whatever laksh had done that it has great impact on you. But shona it doesn’t mean you will started to blame my mom-dad.
Swara; Sanskar u always say my eyes can never betray any one. Can’t u see truth in it.
He see her eyes which are only reflecting truthiness.
Sanskar; I am not saying that you are lying to me . you must have some misunderstanding.
Now she losses her patience.
Swara: Sanskar u have to trust me. Come with me , ask ur parents I am right or not.
She hold his hand and drag him toward hall.
Swara: mom- dad , come here.
Soon Ap- dp come there .

Sanskar; swara stop it.
Ap: what happen , why are u shouting on bahu.
Dp: is this way treating your wife?
Sanskar turned toward swara
Sanskar: see yourself swara,whom you are belaming they are worrying about you.
Swara; Sanskar, these are their drama. Believe me na they are drung dealer and also involved in women selling business.
Sanskar; enough !!!
She tried to speak further but she felt burning senseon her cheeks. She fall down on floor.
Swara: Sanskar you slap me. U promised me na u always trust me but u slap me.( cryingly)
Seeing swara’s condition Sanskar eyes also turned moist. He kneel down there and cupped her cheeks.
Sanskar; I am sry princess, I don’t know how I raised hand on you. I will punish my self.
He began to hit his hand there.
Swara: Sanskar plz stop it. It’s not ur fault.
Sanskar: plz never say anything about them . They are my god.
Swara: Sanskar, someday u have to accept it.
Sanskar: swara , not again.
Swara; Sanskar one day u will also believe me not only your parents even my brother and father are involved in it.

Sanskar: swara now you are crossing your every limit.
Dp: beta I think bahu has problem with us. That’s y she is blabbering nonsense things.
Ap; ha dp ji, we should shift in old age home.
They began to go from there,
Sanskar; no ma papa, u will not go anywhere. Swara will leave from here.
Ap- dp smirked little but listening further they become shocked.
Sanskar: I will also leave with her. I know she is doing wrong yet I can’t leave her. One day she will reliases her mistake.
Someone shouted from behind” u don’t need to do it”
All see in that direction, they found sahil and shekhar standing there.
Shekhar: Sanskar, u don’t need to do it. We will take swara along us. I don’t even imagine she will stop so low for money.
Sanskar; what are you telling dad?

Sahil: dad is speaking right. She always care for money. She never like me. She always felt I am snatching her rights.
Swara is listening all these in disbelief.
Shekhar: sanskar, I am saying sry from swara’s side.
Swara; dad stop ur drama.
Shekhar: swara , today u bow down my head in shame.
Dp: shekhar ji, u don’t need to feeling shame. Now I am thinking she must invite laksh herself.
“ enough no more words against swara” Someone
All see in that direction, there is one lady standing with red eyes. She come toward Sanskar and slap him.
Lady; all are saying this much to your wife and you are listening silently. U could listen it but I can’t. I can’t even listen anything about my daughter.
She made swara stand and wipe her tears.
Shomi:swara, u will not live here.
Swara; no mom, I want show their true colors. U don’t know anything about them.
Shomi: I know everything.
Shekhar; mishti, even u.
Shomi go toward Sanskar,
Shomi: beta, I know u are not believing her. But think once more Sanskar. I am giving u some files. After reading it, ur eyes may open.
Sanskar take those files, and start reading it. Meanwhile police and medias also come there. After reading whole files , file slip from his hand. He sit there.
Dp: what is in it?
Shekhar: beta don’t believe them. These are must be mother- daughter plans.
Shomi take that file and give to police.
Police: u all are under arrested.
Ap: beta, see na what are they are doing?
He stand from there and go toward swara. He sit down in her feet.
Sanskar; I am sry swara, I promised u. I will always trust u but I …
Swara cut him in middle and wipes his tears.
Swara; no Sanskar,it’s not ur mistake.

Sanskar; no swara, now I will make all things right.( he go toward sahil and slap him.)
Sanskar; this for saying ill things to my swara.( now he go toward dp-ap) I can’t raise my hands on you both because You are my parents .
Listening it, they become happy.
Ap: I knew it beta, u will never go against us. ( she tried to touch him but he back off)
Sanskar; never touch me. How can you all stop so low for some money. I hate myself that I am your son.
Swara come toward Sanskar and hold his hand.
Swara: no Sanskar, u are not at all fault.
Sanskar: sir arrest all of them and also my brother. He must be hide out somewhere.
Police arrested all of them and began to go from there.
Someone; one minute inspector, u can’t take them like this.
Shekhar: I knew it, u can’t see us like that.
Shomi went toward shekhar and tightly slap him” now take them”
Inspector take all of them but before going ap warn swara.

Shomi started to cry loudly, swasan go and hug her.
Sanskar; ma, plz forgive me. I don’t take stand for your daughter.
Shomi; no Sanskar, don’t ask sry.
Swara: ma but how u come to know everything.
Shomi: I heard them talking. From ur medias frnd I get these proofs. So I come here to show u both but I didn’t knew that..
Sanskar; ma, now everything will be alright. Ma from now onward u will live with us.
Shomi: no beta, I can’t.

Swara; plz ma
Sanskar: ma, if u have forgiven me then pls don’t deny.
Shomi nodded in positive.
Ragini trances broken by phone call.
She pick up the call.
Ragini: do u get any information.
Other person; yes ma, ur doubts are right. He is alive. Nowadays he is living xyz place and even sometimes he had seen at mm.
Ragini; okay thanks.
Again her phone ring, this time from some unknown no.
She hesitantly pick it.
Ragini ; hello whose is it?
Up; arre baby doll, u don’t know me.
Ragini: who are you?
Up; baby doll, I know u come to know everything.
Ragini: I know you are alive?, I will expose you. I am going to police.
Up: you are just like swara,. Now listen me if u also think about police, I will this time surely kill swara.
Ragini: u can’t even touch her.

Up: ( started to laugh loudly) ups baby doll, how can u be so foolish. Just ask kabir , swara is there or not.
Ragini: how do you know kabir?
Up: u don’t have that much of time. Just keep u away from these things.

Ragini: ( monologue) now I have only one option.
“ sanskar” now u can only save your princess.
Precap: remaining part of teaser and may be last part.

Next part; Saturday/ sunday
Bye, take care and love u all.

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