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last part
Ragini reaches her home, find thing fishy there. She quickly run her eyes everywhere. She finds some shadow on walls. Without wasting single second she leave the house.
Ragini pov
I don’t know who are they but it seems to very dangerous. I can’t let them catch me, I need to be safe for swasan. They both need me. First I have to find some secret place. ( she started to think) I remember, Sanskar house will be safe for me. No one able to think I am there and may be I find some clue also there.
POV end.
After half an hour,

She reached at mm. She again start to read diary.


Sanskar take swara with him in their room.
He was very guilty, when his princess was struggling with his brother . He was not there to save her from his evil brother.
Swara sense his condition, she cupped his face and looked straight into his eyes. His eyes are full of guilt.
He tried to speak something, but she places her finger on his lips.
Swara says while removing her finger from his lips “ Sanskar, don’t need to be guilty. It’s not your fault, you save me like always. Plz I want my prince back not this crying baby. Now smile na( she wipes his tears). “
Sanskar slightly smiles. He also wipe her tears.
Sanskar :now u also smile and let me do ur first aid.
Swara also smiles and seated on couch. He bring first aid box and started to dressing her wounds. There are several nails marks on shoulder and hands. Even on her neck there are marks.
She don’t want to show him, how much it’s paining her. Without her saying any words he understand her feeling.

He gently kiss her hands and shoulder before applying antiseptic.
Now he started to clean neck’s wound. She moron in pain.
He blow air on it, He again kiss her there.
Sanskar: princess, now it’s paining.
She nodded in negative.
Sanskar: Swara now u sleep, I going to freshen up.
He began to stand, but she hold his hand.

Swara: Don’t leave me alone.
Sanskar seated in front of her and cups her face.
Sanskar: I am not leaving you. I will always stand with you. I will soon come na( still she don’t leave his hand). Okay I am not going anywhere, are u now happy?
She nodded in positive and places her head in his lap. He began to caresses her hair. Soon she sleep in his lap itself. His legs started paining, but it doesn’t matter to him. He also sleep in that position itself.
After 3 hours,
Everyone came home, laksh told everything to them.
Dp slap him hard, seeing his father slapping him. He stand in disbelief.
Dp: how could you do it? Can’t u control ur lust? Now for some days u underground, soon when Sanskar anger become cool . I will call you.
Laksh: but dad, why I should leave house?

Dp: I don’t know anything. If u want to live just run away from there.
Laksh: kk dad, par dad there is one problem. Now swara knows everything, if she tell bhai then.
Dp: she will not, what she will tell?

Ap: exactly, even her family is in this business. Moreover Sanskar trust us like god.
Laksh: dad u are doing mistake which I had done. She is really girl with moral value more than truth nothing matter to her not even her family.
All started thinking something, soon all face lit up like bulb
Dp: Now her family will only help her to us from swara.
All began to laugh, laksh went from there.
Swasan room
Both are still sleeping in same position. Soon swara sleep disturb due to Sanskar’s movement. She open her eyelids and start to stare Sanskar lovingly.
Swara Stand up and began to go from there. Soon she felt someone is holding her hand.
Swara: Sanskar, leave my hand. I need to go.
His eyes are still closed, he tighten his grip more on her wrist.
Swara: Sanskar, I know you are not sleeping. Stop your drama.
He open his eyes, and pull her. Due to his sudden action she land up in his lap.
Sanskar: not fare princess, without giving my gift you are going.
Swara: Gift?, but why? Today is not your birthday.
He remove her hair from one side and keep his face on it.
Sanskar: who said we only give gift on birthdays? , arre u slept on my lap na now give my gift also.
Swara: oh , so my patidev want gift from me.
He nodded in positive.
Before she can answer, someone knocked on door, hearing knock Sanskar started to make faces.
Sanskar; my enemies.
Swara: go and open door.
She went in washroom.
Sanskar open the door. Ap come inside with tears.
Sanskar: ma, what happen?, why are you crying mom?
Soon swara also comes there, Ap directly hug her tightly.
Ap: I am sry beta,I don’t knew laksh will stop so low.
He keeps hand on AP’s shoulder.

Sanky: Mom, its not ur fault. No one knew what is inside the person. Don’t blame yourself. Swara say na something.
Ap is still hugging swara,she slightly wishper in her ears not to disclose their truth warna conscious will be bad.
Listening her threat, she become little frightened. Ap parted herself for swara. She joined her hands in front of her.

Ap: swara, plz forgive me . I am not good mother. Today I am really feeling ashamed on myself, laksh is my son. I fail to give him good upbringing.
Saying it, she again started cry loudly. Swara still stranded all numb not knowing how to react on it.
Sanskar hold AP’s hand. And wipes her tears. Ap again started her melodrama.
Ap; not today beta, let them flow.
Sanskar: no mom, don’t cry. Swara pls say na something.
Sanskar’s eyes also turned moist.
Swara come in sense after listening Sanskar high voice.

Swara: vo mom, u don’t need to be guilty. It’s not your mistake.
This time she hug ap and whisper in her ears, you will not able to save ur son , husband and yourself from this melodrama. It will be better if you stop ur first class acting in front of me atleast I will not melt by your stupid acting.
Ap also mocked her and wishper again you will not able to do anything.
Don’t worry sasu mom, time will show it. Who will win or who will loose.
Let’s see.
Ap: beta, now u both take rest I am leaving.
Before leaving she again passes death glares to swara which is unnoticed by Sanskar. Sanskar again hug swara.
After 3 hours.

Swara is in kitchen preparing tea for everyone. Just then ap and dp come there.
Swara: do u need anything.
Dp: don’t act like u don’t know anything.
Swara: come into point.
Dp: That’s like good girl. Let’s us make deal.
Swara: what kind of deal?
Dp: you will not open your mouth in front of sanskar
Swara: and y u are thinking like I will obey you.
Someone shouted from behind” because u have to.”
Ragini trances broken by some sounds.
She began to go in that direction. She found vase is broken.
Ragini: ( monologue) it must be broken by due to wind. Now let me cook something for me.
She went in kitchen and started to find something eatable. She open the freeze and become shocked.
Precap: teaser….
I am feeling like I am dragging it. Are u also thinking same????
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