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Hii guys, Anniya here with first part of this TS….
Thanks 4 ur response on prologue….
Hope u like it…
A jail is shown.
Someone is writing something on wall.
Whole wall is full of only one sentence…
In your love
In police station..
“Mam we can’t do any thing. He don’t want to meet anyone. Even minister, big business man tried lot to bail him. But he simply denied him.” Inspector
“ plz, try once tell him swara’s frnd has come to meet him.” Girl
“ is she same girl whom he loved. Mam u don’t know from that day she is missing no one knows, where she was. Some people also saying she killed everyone and elope with her lover. Sanskar sir is only saving her” inspector
“ if u don’t know anything, then it’s better u should Keep ur mouth shut. Wat do u know about her. She could even kill herself for saving Sanskar.” Girl
“ sry mam, u can meet him” inspector
The girl went from there to meet sanskar.
Inspector infrom someone SM ready to meet a girl.
“ Hii, I am…” girl
Sanskar cut her in middle,
“ I know u r ragini. Swara best frnd.” Sanskar
“ par how do u identify me, u even not see toward me” ragini
“ swara always use to tell me about u. Once she told if ever she is in problem and whole world also against her. Only two people come for her rescue, one is u and other me.” Sanskar
“ plz tell me where is swara and y u kill ur family” ragini
“ I can’t tell u where is she. I can’t risk her life. If I tell u , along u he also reaches her and he can harm her. About ur second question I killed everyone in her love. Still one person is remaining” Sanskar

“ Sanskar, I am a journalist. I know how to handle these things. Don’t worry no one can reach her through me. I can ensure u” Ragini
“ still Ragini, I can’t take risk.” Sanskar
“ sanskar, I know we never meet each other, but as soon as I come to know about it, I tried swara no. I tried lot to find her, but all things go in vain.Only u r my last hope, sahil told me only u can help me.” Ragini
“ okay I am giving u one address . u can reach her through it. But remember there is high security, on gate someone ask u code then just tell him, in her love. U will also find one diary there , from that u will able to know ur every answer.” Sanskar
“Okay I am leaving” Ragini
“ Ragini one minute if she wake up then plz tell her, her Sanskar love her very much. Don’t tell sahil anything about our meeting.” Sanskar
Ragini nodded and went from there.
Someone began to follow her.
“ sir u r right , SM met some girl. I am following her.” Other person.
Ragini reaches some place which Sanky had given her address.
“ sry sir, we lost this chance. The girl is very clever . she come to know someone is following her . she cleverly change her way” other person.
“ keep eyes on her house.” Someone
Ragini monologue
Sanskar was right, someone is trying to harm her. Thanks god I saw him following me. I changed my direction. Still I don’t understand anything y any wanna kill swara. Only after reading her diary I will get my all answers.


After crossing all security, she reached that place. The place is like mini hospital. All doctors are rushing here and there.
“ excuse me” Ragini
“ yes, what r u doing here” doctor
“ I came here 2 meet swara, I am r…” ragini
“ no need to give ur intro , u must be ragini. Swara mam frnd, I am kabir. Swara’s doctor.” Kabir
“ okay, I wanna know wat happen to her” Ragini
Kabir tell something to her, which shocks her.Tears started from her eyes,
“ kabir, I want her diary and also want to see her.” Ragini
“ kk sure, go left side first room is swara and her diary is in her room. Just open left drawer.” Kabir
Ragini went from there, meanwhile kabir call someone and infrom something.
Swara room
Swara is lying on bed. Her bodies scartches are still visible. There r many burises on her face and hands.
Ragini reaches there, by seeing her . she started to cry.
“ swara u r right, ur Sanskar loves u so much. In ur love he forget everything. Only one culprit is left. Don’t worry I punish him.” Ragini
Ragini opened some drawer, and take some diary. And started reading it.

Hii, I am swara…
Today my dream got fulfilled. I finally became journalist. I am very happy but dad is still angry with me. He wanted me 2 join his business. My mom always supported me. I don’t know why but I feel dad is hiding something from me. Sometime it really irked me. Okay leave it, well I have one more good news. I am going to give interview. Confuse na , don’t confuse. This is my first mission. My sources infrom me in that office, there r some illegal activities are happening. I have every information about that company.
Mr durga maheswari is owner of karma group. His sons are also managing work. Always in news due to illegal activities. Never arrested due to lack of proof.
Laksh maheswari 30℅ share in company. Many times catch with bar girls. Sometimes also wid drugs but next day come out on money power.
Sanskar maheswari 30℅ share in company. No news in media. Only one thing is girls are crazy for his one look.
I don’t know y but hearing Sanskar name. My heart started beating fast. Shona control ur self, may be he is also involved in illegal things.
I become ready for my first mission.
I don’t share these things wid anyone, even my bf. Arre I mean my one and only one best frnd, secret keeper ragini. Ragini is also journalist. She is elder than me yet she is my best frnd. I know if I tell her about my mission, she don’t allow me. So it’s better to hide it.
Ups…how can I forget sahil. My brother, a Hitler. He is just like dad. He also has his own business. He never like me, I don’t know y. He always supported dad. Sometimes I feel , sahil is doing wrong work.
What to do? His action always influence me think like this.
Ragini says I always think unnecessary. But I don’t able to stop my self thinking like that .
Kk now I am going for interview.
At office….
I reach here at sharp 9 . I am feeling very nervous. Not about job but I don’t know since I heard Sanskar name I wanted to meet him. Here all girls are talking only about him. All r saying he is very hot and handsome.I feel like killing all of them.how can anyone talk like this. I don’t know wat is happening to me. God pls save me. One thing is vry strange here, mostly girls are working here. Only three boys are there. I felt like someone is staring me. I look around, I found a boy is starring me. I don’t y but I am feeling uncomfortable. Oh god my turn also come. Now I am going inside, again my stupid heart started to beat fast.
Sanskar monologue( I know it’s swara diary but wat to do it’s also necessary.)
I am big business man at least for this world. I always wanted to become dancer. But my dad forces me 4 business. I hate lime lights, that’s y I never attended any party. No one knows how I am looking expected my office people. Still girls are crazy for me. Really it’s unbelievable. My brother laksh is always in news. Dad says medias are behind them. These all r rival planning. I really hate media. I never fall in love with anyone who have any connection from media. I don’t know y when I today enter in office, some strange kind of happiness come in my heart. I started to take interview. None of them are qualified for this post. Next turn is of swara, again my heart started beating fast. Only by seeing her name some strange kind of happiness is in my heart.oh no wat kind of feeling is this. Swara only ur name is making me crazy. I don’t know how will I control my stupid heart when u come.

Precap: swasan meeting, marriage, plotting ,shocks..…..
Kabir role by rithvik dhanjani…
So, swara and sahil are bro-sis.

Do u like it…..
• Do I continue or not…
• Next part bases on ur review. If review are kk then next part on Saturday.
• So tell me when u want next part Saturday or Wednesday.
• Ragini fans don’t worry if anyone of u reading it she has very important role from 2nd part.
• I also don’t know it will complete in 3 shots or not. May be parts can inc.
• Sry for mistakes…..
To know more , stay tuned with Anniya…..
• Thursday: next part of ff.

Bye take care and love u all….

Sometime I act like weird…. Sometime I act like crazy…..
Or may be sometime I act like jerk…
Bt wat to do I luv my self as I am…..

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