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hey sorry i haven’t been posting…actually let’s get started…
ames takes alia and maya home
james kisses maya and says… now we r a family…
maya says baby? what did the doctor say?
flashback: doctor tells james that maya will be emotional this whole week…
james says emotional disorder….its nothing it’s normal
maya: oh ok…

everyone comes back home… robin comes and holds the baby… shanti starts with the naming problem…
shanty: get a priest to name the baby especially a cultural name like priyanka…anika
maya: why…? does it matter to u…. why do u not understand? its my daughter… and im not ur granddaughter anymore… neither am I indian or cultural…. and neither am I a family member in ur family…
kushualya: what? u r my daughter…. ur part of the family…
maya is crying and leaves from there… james says after birth she will have emotional disorder
everyone is crying after hearing that…. james says he will go talk to her…
kushualya says we did not do right….we left her in a adoption center…. now my daughter loves her stepmom then me….
shanty says to call the priest… i will give her a good cultural name…

In james and maya’s room
maya is crying and says family? daughter? then why did they leave me right after i was born?
james hugs maya and says i know there is a lot going n ur life but we have to give our first priority to alia… u don’t want leave alia like mother-in-law did… right?
maya: i will never become like her… and we r going back to india…
james: first we have to talk to the doctor about traveling… ok… so don’t take tension
In the morning hallway

maya is wearing a black bralette and a tight black pencil , and high black strapped heels
james is wearing a dark blue coat and pants with black shirt with gucci pointed shoes
everyone is at the breakfast table maya is holding alia and comes to the table james says its ok to travel for rya and alia and maya… since they confirmed with the doctor
james and maya says we all r going back to india…
sarla steals some forks and spoons and maya sees and says that we will be give 50 laks to sarla becuz of greedy pari…
sarla: hey!…she is ur elder cuzin…
maya: do u think i care if she is my cuzin or older than me… and respect a biotech
james says to everyone to start packing…. we leave tonight….
sarla says we don’t know when we will be expecting another nephew from maya and james… everyone looks at her and maya says what did she say?

at night in the hallway
maya has a lot of servants behind her with so many luggages
maya has 2 bags of clothes and 2 bags of footwears and 2 small handbags of makeup and 1 small bag for accessories
and james have 2 bags of clothes and 1 big bag of footwears
everyone is shocked and laughs where is the babies clothes?

they all leave in suv’s robin is driving in one car with nimi,pretti, rahghav,nandu,sarla,amit
in the other suv there is james,shivam,shanty,kushaulya,riya and maya and alia
in the other suv is everyones luggage and a driver driving it…
after a few maya drives the car and james is holding alia…. maya drives a little fast kushalya and shanty says hey! there is a pregnant lady and ur baby in the car…
maya says im only going on 55mph when the speed limit is 70mph
james says go a little slower… alia is sleeping….
they reach the airport they get into their private jet ( oh i forgot robin is maya’s step brother)
robin hugs maya and says dads alive…. and starts crying
maya: da…dad…. dads alive? and starts crying… wait where is he? and how?
rahghav and kushualya feels bad


robin: he is in the hospital in india…. and there is a chance they r… ali…alive!!!
maya: u mean dad and mom? and cries and hugs robin and asks how do u know?
robin: they registered mine and ur name and the hospital called me and they r alive… they have been recovering from the car accident…and they were on vacation in india and yea…
maya says lets go fast… everyone is sad maya is caring for other parents when her real parents r here…
james signs robin and tells him about maya’s real parents..
robin thinks in his mind….. i will never let my sister drift apart from me or mom and dad… she is my sister only… i will never let the shrivastav family and maya together…
in the plane james takes robin in the back and says we cant let maya be with the shrivastav family they try to control her and her life…. she likes ur parents…i hope u understand what im saying
robin smiles and says u mean she should stay with me and my family… i never thought u would say this… this is what im doing…after we reach india and meet our parents we go back to london and live there without the shrivastav family!!

maya overheard and comes there and says r u guys serious? who said im going to india for them…hell no would i ever live with them im going for my career and mom and dad…but thx u guys… robin says can i hold alia? maya says baby bro… obviously… but hold on… do u really like nimmi? she would rather choose her family than u or me…
i think u should divorce her…. don’t worry she will come crying to me or someone else and if she comes to me she will accept the divorce…

robin is shocked and says i like someone else
maya: oh ok… i won’t interfere… unless u ever have to talk to me…
robin leaves and holds alia and they both fall asleep….
they reach india everyone goes to respective houses but maya and james drops off the shrivastav family everyone is looking at the luxurious car and tells kushualya she is lucky to have a rich daughter and they say… her daughter got pregnant before marriage…. and they see riya with a baby bump and says another granddaughter…
they all leave also james,maya,robin,and alia goes to their mansion and they change to meet robins parent….
maya wears a pink floral strapless back romper with floral stripy heels…
james wears black sweatpants and black tank with black jordan 7’s…
robin wears light washed jeans and red tank and white vans…
they go to the hospital they meet laila and christian #robin’s parents
maya starts crying seeing christian and laila’s condition and hugs robin and says mommy and daddy r alive… i can’t believe it… they stay there and talk to each other for a few hours…
they all leave to their mansion
robin says i will take alia with me… she will sleep with her favorite uncle… ok… if there is any issues i will bring her to u ok?
maya says don’t worry i trust u… and starts laughing no need to convince me that much.. hahahahah
james says oh god… and leaves to their room… robin talks funny to alia which is laughing and smiling

james and maya is in their room… james kisses maya and they go for a long time… james is almost undressed only his boxers left… yes no shirt no pants only boxers
maya in her bottoms and bralette
maya and james falls on the bed james goes inside maya… maya is in pain and is saying ow…ow not the moaning ow…the paining ow
james is going on but thinking maya is moaning not paining…. maya pushes james and says no…. it’s paining
james: what do u mean?

maya: it’s paining and is holding her waist the middle…
james says do u need painkiller… i don’t know…. should i call kushualya…. or doctor…
maya says call kushualya first…. wht will the doctor think… the doctor will think im desperate james says fine and calls kushualya and tells her to come
kushualya gets worried and also brings shanty
kushualya says its not safe to get intimate right after birth…. but call the doctor and say she need pregnancy pills.
james: why pregnancy pills?
kushualya: they also help for pains after and during pregnancy….
shanty says shameless…. did she not just gave birth yesturday… and where is alia?
maya says watch ur tounge its my life…. and alia is sleeping with bro
shanti: whats bro?

maya: brother… meaning robin
shanty: she should be sleeping with u guys not him…
maya: is this ur child? no so don’t act….
preach: after 3 months rya is shown in the hospital and shivam holding the baby…. maya comes there and says to kushualya and rahghav to sign the papers…( the papers that show laila and christian is now her fully parents)

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