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IKRS: Is love possible? Promo

Hey everyone! I am back with a promo.. As I will not be able to upload episodes due to my exams from tomorrow, I am posting a promo!

The promo: Is love possible?
Promo 1:
Viplav decides to study abroad. His family supports him in his decision. He packs his bags and goes to the airport to board the flight. He thinks it was my dream to go to America and study, but now when I am going why don’t I feel that happiness of going and pursuing my dream? He convinces himself and boards the flight! Will Viplav’s love be incomplete? Will he ever meet Dhaani again?
Promo 2:
Riya tells Dhaani that Viplav was not wrong that day! He was just protecting her from being insulted, and her chain had opened that’s why he did that. Dhaani realises her mistake and thinks she has done a big mistake by misunderstanding him. She goes to Tripathi mansion to apologize. But she gets a big shock when she comes to know that Viplav has shifted to America! What will Dhaani do now? Is this the end? Will they ever meet again??? To know that keep reading… is love possible only on telly updates!
Promo 3:
A big mansion is shown all decorated with, and in a room a girl is seen dressing up as a bride! Who is this girl?? Who is her fiance???
Excited??? To know further keep reading!!
And do comment and tell your opinions.. Till then bye…


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