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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 6

I am so sorry for the late post, but I was busy that’s why couldn’t update! Now let’s see the episode!
Viplav, Dhaani and Kanak are in the car. There is a complete silence. When Kanak asks so how was your day Dhaani? Dhaani replies yes it was good. Viplav whispers yes not talking to me is good for you! Kanak asks him did he say anything. Viplav says no! In some time they reach the picnic spot. Dulaari and Mohan also reach there. Dhaani goes to Dulaari and asks what was the need of this picnic? I have so much studies already! Viplav hears her and says ek din nhi padogi toh koi pahad nhi tut jayega!? Dhaani gives him an angry look and leaves from there. Dulaari thinks what happened to her? Dhaani thinks why God why always she has to be around Viplav? In class, next to me, my dance partner and now my family friend! Ugh..!! Viplav comes from behind and holds her hand. Dhaani turns and gets angry and says leave me!! Viplav says first you answer my question! Why are you behaving like this? I have told you that I was helping you that’s it! Why can’t you understand?! Dhaani says I don’t want to hear anything! Just go away! Someone sees them from far. Dhaani has tears in her eyes. Viplav forwards his hand and wipes her tears. Dhaani is speechless with his move and so she leaves without saying anything! Viplav wipes his tears also and realizes that he was crying, he thinks why is he crying?

Shambu calls everyone to have snacks. Vidhaa sit beside each other. They all were eating when by mistake water drops on Dhaani’s dress. She gets up and moves inside the woods(it is a jungle actually) she walks inside, Viplav says wait I’ll also go with her. He tries to follow her but is unable to do so as he could not see her. Dhaani is all lost in thoughts of Viplav and her fights and she realizes that she is lost!! She calls out maa, Papa!! But no reply from the other side! Sheis scared to death! Viplav calls Dhaani and he also comes far away from everyone!! He calls out Dhaani!! Tears fall out from Dhaani’seyes! She cries vigorously calling mom, dad! But no replies!!
So this was the episode! Hope you all liked it! And so comment if you liked it!! Bye..

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