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I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 25)

They are on the dinning area…
Twinj come downstairs… bitruti are sitting on the dinning table…
B: good mrng angel
T: (sits on the chair) good mrng bhai (gives smile)
K: y do uh always call her angel? (everybody looks at bitoo suspeciously)
B: (lil anger) do uh have any prblm with it?
(Shruti pats her head with a yeh-firse-shuru-hogaye look while twinkle has some unclear flashes before her eyes… she holds her head as it is paining)
K: ya I do hav a prblm… she has a name and that’s twinkle… call her that
B: y don’t uh mind ur own business, watever I wanna call her… I will
K: no… uh cnt
B: y I cant….?

{shruti is trying her best to stop fight by hand gestures bt not able to…. While twinkle cupps her ears as she is not able to hear more of this…. She sees unclear images the kids frm the clip… some things echos in her ears…. “angel is mine” “no she is mine” “she is my sister” “she is my frnd” “ angel will stay with me always” “I will take angel away frm uh, by marrying her” “I love uh angel” “no I love uh more angel” }


K: coz only I hav the right to call her that…
B: even I have that damitt… dnt forget she is mine sister first then ur wife
K: she is my frnd frm childhood, I have more rights then uh
B: oh is that so… then In that way uh r wrng my frnd… I hav more rights then uh coz she is my sister frm her birth….
K: wat?
Shruti gets shocked listening wat bitoo just said and her eyes fall on twinkle… she was about to fall as she was feeling giddy….
S: (screams) twinkle……
Trio holds twinkle on time and kunj takes twinkle to his room and bittoo calls the doctor…

The doctor is inspecting twinkle and kunj is standing there with a tensed face. Bitoo are standing at a distance near the couch
S: (to bitoo) uh need to control ur anger vihuu… uh literally spoke out ur secret.
B: I dnt care… she is my angel… and not his
S: ohh! So now I got it…
B: wat?
S: that uh have not forgived kunj uptill now, m I right…
B: ya uh r right… uh know wat he is just acting and I can prove that to uh…
S: I dnt want any proof… uh carryon with all this crap…. (leaves from there)

Shruti’s pov:
Vihann y r uh doing this to me? Y uh not getting that I m also a part of ur life…. Everything doesn’t revolve around uh both devils and ur angel…. Y dnt uh get that I also need an attention frm uh…

B: wat happen doc? Is she fine?
D: I have checked her… ummm.. I feel sumthing is wrng with her… y she is taking stress, I dnt udrstnd that
S: no doc… she is nowadays very happy and I dnt see her taking stress…
D: then there must b sumthing which she is hiding from uh… (to shruti) uh guys need to findout
K: but doc
B: (cuts him) is there anything serious doc?
D: no nthng serious… uptill now, bt maybe in future it can be…
Everyone is tensed… and there is silence
D: I wanna know wen exactly she feels dizzy? I mean like after eating sumthing or talking about sumthing or any other thing… uh guys have noticed…
B: (thinks) no… she faints randomly anytime…
D: ok then… lets wait for the reports… just call me if uh need me… (doc leaves)

In the hall
Kunj and bitruti are sitting on sofa with tensed face…..
K: (his gaze is down) no…… (to bitoo) no…. whenever we fight she faints
B: wat? (shocked)
K: I hav observed this whenever we fight she holds her head and…… (shouts out loud in amasement) oh shit! How can I forget that…. she fainted bcoz of that incident… (cups his face)
Bitruti are shocked and looks at each other
K: shruti she is in trauma… she cant handle stuffs like fighting especially related to her brother…
S: wat? Brother…. (hesitates) bt ku…nj they are only two sisters right?

K: no shruti… they had a elder brother too… the clip was not missplaced… I have hide it… I dnt want twinkle to remembr his brother again… she was our ANGEL we were her two DEVILS and the other devil is none other than her elder brother VIHAAN TANEJA….
S: wat uh mean kunj? Uh said uh dnt know who r those kids in the clip… and even if uh knew then y didn’t uh stop the clip at that time? Y uh purposely made twinkle to watch it?
K: I had to stay numb… otherwise twinkle wud hav ask me many question infront of mahi too…. which I dnt want to answer.
S: spill the beans kunj wats the mystery behind Vihaan Taneja? (kunj is numb and bitoo is eager to hear wat kunj has to say?) wer is he?
M: even I wanna know bhai… (both the couples had heard their conversation and confront kunj) tell me bhai… who is vihaan? Wer he is?

K: (cupps mahi’s face with teary eyes) vihaan was ur elder brother mahi… he was lost years ago… the clip was real… they are non-other than us…. The boy with the devil bracelet is nnon-other than UR BROTHER VIHAAN TANEJA.
M: my elder brother? But we both are only…. (wiping her tears) i… (stammering)
K: plzzz control urself mahi….
A: but bhai…. How he was lost? Didn’t our parents tried to search him?
Flashback….. kunj’s narration:
We were playing in the garden…. All of a sudden we heard a sound… “bachao bachao….. devils… save me” that was our angel…. A man was taking her away… actually kidnapping her… we ran behind him to catch but other man grabbed us also and made us all lay on the backseat of the car…. They were taking us sumwer… we were on the back seat and both of them were in the front…..
M1: we wanted to kidnap the girl only that we can sell her to the party…. Y uh kidnapped the boys… they are no use to us… ?
M2: are uh stupid… they were shouting in a public place… I didn’t have any other option then doing this…. Stay quite… we will leave the boys at the bridge itself…

We were listening this… vihaan told us a plan and we agreed to it… the plan was that when they will stop the car at the bridge we all wil run away…. it was the best thing that we cud do… as it was the only option to save twinkle from those ppl…. We did the same as soon as the car stopped and the man opened the door…. Vihaan hit the man and we all ran out hand in hand…. The man chassed us and we didnnt got any way to run… we saw a jungle and we were compelled to get inside to hide ourself from those mens…. We were running and running… it was turning dark now…. Angel was tired… so were we… but we didn’t wanted those men taking away our angel away from us… aftersumtime angel gaveup and sat down… she was very much thirsty… there was no hope of finding water for her… in a jungle… but she had already gaveup….

Vihaan told us to sit there only and he will search for water… i fought with him coz I knew he is a big idiot to do so…. I told him that werever we will go we will also accompany him as he can get lost in the jungle… but he denied as angel was not in a position to stand also… I didn’t had any option… I was confused wat to do? I cant let him go to search for water all alone… and cant even accompany him as my angel will be left alone… I made him promise that after the count of hundred he has to return back to us.. even if he got the water or not… he promised… and went from there and started the counting from 1 and I also started the coounting…. We were waiting and waiting…. He didn’t return the counts went above 500 and 600 he didn’t come back…. Angel started to cry… I was also crying but had to control my tears…. For angel….

Just then we heard a siron…. A police siron…. We ran in the jungle shouting for vihaan…. “devil wer r uh? Come back….. seee police came…. They will take us back home….” “ devilll…….. plzzzz come backkk… bhaiiiiii plzzzz” “devilll plzzzz came na…. see our angel is crying” we both were crying biterlly…. We yelled our heartout…. Soon papa and manohar uncle came with police… wen we were in the garden, we were with our caretaker… as soon as we were put in the car… that lady noted the car no. and informed our parents… and they came to rescue us… with the police… we were overjoyed so were they to see us… bt there smiles faded wen they came to know that vihaan is missing…. They sent us home with one of the police man and stayed there with other police ppl to search for vihaan….

Days passed and vihaan was nowhere to be found… all were very much sad… papa and manohar uncle did their best to search for vihaan but one fine day police gaveup and closed the case assuming that any wild animal must have eat him up… afterall it was a scary jungle…. All this while angel was suffering from high fever and was having ill health… she only wanted her devil back… everyone tried many things to make her forget vihaan… she was then sent to london… to her aunty’s place that she can forget about vihaan… I thot it is the worst decision as she can never forget her devil but no… our partens were right……

she was just 4 yrs old wen all this happen…. And wen she returned from london she was 15 and was totally a different from our angel… yes our angel… bcoz she was vihaan’s angel first then mine… she was kept very much isolated over there… I was not atall allowed to tlak to her or be contact with her…..

after her comeback amaya and mahi uh guys were kids… uh didn’t knew anything about all this… and even I saw twinkle has forgot everything… she didn’t knew any bit… she didn’t knew we used to call her ANGEL… she didn’t remembered that we were her DEVILS. She forgot her brother her vihaan… it was a shock for me… that how can she forget all this… but I was compeled to stay numb, as I didn’t wanted her to go through all that again….. so I moved on from our past and made a fresh start with twinkle…. We were gfriends initially then we were best frnds… and then frndsforever….. then rest uh know….

(all are shocked to hear all this… and are upset to know the bitter truth of their life….. just then a voice comes… a lady is standing at the entrance with a suitcase…. The lady is in her mid-aged {imagine anita}

K: (trembling voice) rosyyy aunty…
R: dnt uh even dare to do that… yuvraj has told me everything that wat uh did to my poor child… wer is she? (kunj’s head falls down in guilt) {guys she is the same person kunj was talking about that wat will happen if she comes to know that I m married remember….}
M: who is she?
K: she is Rosy Aunty… twinkle was with her only in her childhood in London… (to rosy) did uh met yuvraj? Wat he told? (just then uv enters)


Uv: that only kunj that uh made her sick again…. (kunj takes a sigh of relief… and thinks…means she doesn’t know about my evil deeds thankgod)
R: wen did uh marry her… uh didn’t even tried to call me once… just bcoz I m uv’s mother, does that mean that all my relation with uh both doesn’t matter?
K: no aunty it all happened in….
R: (cutts him) stop ur excuses…. Bitooo uh also didn’t found it necessary to call me?
B: I m srry aunty…
R: leave atleast let me meet her….

Uv: ya…
K: uv plz… uh stay away from her…
Uv: kunj uh knw very well that I hav begged for the forgiveness to both of uh many times… I m not atall doing it again get that….
K: I dnt need also…
B: both of uh stop it plz… is this a time to fight? Come aunty… I will take uh to her…..
On the way to the room… in the corridor
R: vihaan… uh know very well, I m here for uh…
B: aunty plzz… I m bitoo… and Mr. taneja must hav told uh na to visit us?
R: stop ur nonsense ok…
B: I dnt want to… return

R: bt now uh have heard it that uh were not ditched by ur parents… they searched uh for long… 3 months is not a small timespan…. Plz forgive them…. Rt is a responsible father and uh do know that…
B: plz aunty… dnt speak my fathers word…

R: I m not here bcoz they have sent me… I m here bcoz I m called here…
B: who called uh…….
T: I called rosy aunty….. (they all are in the corridor)
K: twinkle…. Uh need rest… uh be on bed…
Mahiya… : ya di….
T: dnt wrry kunj I m all ok….
S: twinkle plzzz dnt…
(everyone looks at shruti and bitoo is scared now)
T: (to bittoo and rosy) lets head downstairs….

In the hall….
Everyone is not understanding anything… having so many confusions… regarding each and everything
T: wat uh thought kunj… only uh remember everything? Do uh think that I can forget my devils? I always acted infront of uh all that I hav forgot the past as I didn’t wanted uh guys to take stress… I wore a face smile and moved on… rosy aunty made me do so… kunj I still see unclear images of our childhood wen uh and vihaan bhai fight…. (everone is shocked to hear that)
M: vihaan bhai? But he is dead na di…. (amaya holds mahi by shoulder)
T: no mahi he is not dead… he is not lost… he is with us only… taking care of both his sisters… loving both of us… performing his brother’s duties very well….
A: wat are uh talking di?
M: ya di I m not getting anything
T: (looks at bitoo) let my devil himself speakup……
K: wat uh mean twinkle? Is bitooo…..
Every1 : bitooo……bhai
B: ya I M THE DEVIL OF MY ANGEL…. I m VIHAAN TANEJA…. (cries were as twinkle has a big curve on her lips)
Everyone is shocked….
K: wat? How can it be?

T: shruti plzzz speakup now…..
S: wen vihaan was lost in the jungle… the other day when uh guys must have left…. he was actually found by my dad lieing unconcious in that jungle… my dad brought him home… he was very much scared as my father was a village sarpanch and having many people around him having guns… my father tried a lot to make him speakup his name and all but he never spoke… we lived in that village near to the jungle only… my father tried a lot to search for his parents but he counldnt find them… atlast vihaan was given a new identity by my father that was bitoo….. years past and we spent our childhood together…. We studied together… we did cllg together…

and we started loving each other…. And one fine day my father died and I was left alone… we were left alone with eachother we decided to migrate from there… we reached newyork as it was vihaan’s dream to come here… within 2 yrs we were very well stabbled oved here… after that we found the a new neighbour has arrived here… we just came to meet him and found kunj doing suicide… slowly and after days we became friends… and we came to know that kunj is none other then bitto’s childhood friend… kunj had no idea who really bitoo is? We hide the thing to him and from him we got to know all the situations uh both were facing and even came to know wer uh leave… etc… kunj was not alone to stalk uh there was vihaan to with him, as he was so desperate to meet his angel… in that thing one day he came to know about mahi’s marriage… this was the great opportunity to meet his family… he didn’t think twice and before kunj could reach here we left for the marriage… this was the main reason y… vihaan was against TWINJ marriage… he did his best to stop but was not able to as twinkle herself wanted to marry him….

And sumwer he himself knew kunj will change for twinkle… ya he changed… for his angel…. For his love….. during the bidaai time wen everyone left I and vihaan decided to stay at taneja mansion… at that time.. both vihu and leela maa were emotional.. and that time vihaan’s secreat was out…
V: I was not in my senses… I was just trying to control my emotions, but I cudnt do that… papa and maa did a lot to convince me and make me stay… but I didn’t listened to them as I always use to think that papa is not a responsible father… he didn’t even tried to search for his 4 yr old child… (wipes his tears) the next day as soon as I wokeup… I head to sarna mansion and picked uh guys(twinj) from there and marched towards new york…. Wen mahi came here with all of uh…. The clip she had was been changed by papa only that twinkle and kunj recollect old stuffs and the topic can be raised again… (he cupps twinkle’s face) but my angel how did uh come to know that I m only ur devil….

T: I wish I would have understud that at the time I entered the locked disney room in ur house… bt I didn’t… I came to know about the things when I heard uh and shruti were fighting on the dinning area….

In the dinning area
Bitoo and shruti sitting the chairs and waiting for twinj
B: wats wrng with them shruti? Y they are not coming?
S: stop taking stress unecessarily… they are just coming….
B: I ned to look wether angel is fine or not.. (he standsup but sruti holds his wrist)
S: they are married vihuu… they need space (miffed tone) {yaa guys miffed bcoz remembr bitoo didn’t listen to her wen she stopped him from following twinj in the park}
[Twinj comes downstairs one after another, twinkle is first and kunj is busy on phone and bitruti doesn’t realise their presence]B: are uh trying to taunt me shruti? Dnt forget she is my sister
[Twinj are shocked to hear them]S: ofcourse vihaan… she is ur angel… how cn I forget that… its all about uh and urs… wat is mine huh…? Say? Ur angel, ur princess, ur family, ur secret…. Everything urs… wat about me huh? Hav uh even thought about that? from the day kunj has settled in new york… uh are doing this to me… at that time atleast uh used to consider me and my advices but nowonwards uh dnt even listen to me… (starts sobbing) we were about to marry vihaan…. Uh took much time now… i cnt stay as a roommate with uh…
B: shruti just stupup ok? They are coming down….. good mrng angel….
Flashback ends….

T: uh guyz thought I didn’t heard but ya I heard that all…. I always used to see my devil… my bro in uh bhai… I m such an idiot person that I cudnt realsise that its uh only infront of me… after doctor left, i had a talk with shruti she told me about everything, i confronted her then I called up UV and rosy aunty here to take us all back to india… to Amritsar… maa and papa misses his son bhai… they will get the biggest surprise on their son’s return…
V: (hugs twinkle tightly) my angel…. I got uh again….
M: wat about me huh…. I too need a bro…
V: how can I forget my princess huh…. Come (compose themselves with a smile and call for a hug… mahi runs to them and tri have a bro-sis wala hug)

A: (sidehus kunj) atlast I can have my bhai all for myself (teasing mahi)
S: no he is my bro too… (and comes to kunj’s other side… kunj with a smile hugs them both)
Everyone have a family moment and wipe their tears away…..
R: comeon kids… start with the packing we are heading towards India…..

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Hey everyone….
Bohot buri hu na mein? Haa hu mein… I know I m very very bad… coz I made all of uh cry…..
In last part…. I tried to reply many of uh…. But then to left to reply many dear-ones….
Zikra meri jalli…. Dnt even think I m miffed with uh… coz I m not… and I cant b also….
Tanishasharma, dharti, meeta (meetu), shreya, jasmine, jisha, sameera, joon, kai, sidhanshi, sujina, peewangmo, shruti….. so srry cudnt reply to all of uh… I tried hard to reply bt all my efforts went in wain.

My email id [email protected] …..as I seriously dnt want to leave uh guyz…. plzzzzzzz I beg uh be in touch and do tell me ur real name and wear uh guys stay… I m a person who believe in signs and fate… and I have a very strong gutfeeling that oneday I will surely meet one of uh…. Coz I want to…..

So srry to all my writers…. My frnds over here…. as I wont be able to write so… I dnt wnt to disclose things but plz try and undrstnd…. Its really tough for me to make such a decision…..
Uh guys made me so much emotional last time…. Thanks again to shamzuuu who really did more than everything to me… to make me understand wer was I going wrong… I M SOOOO SOOOORRRY…….
I m srry that I made that day as the worst day… by bringing sadness on ur faces early in the morning…. I seriously felt that guilt throughout the day… but at the end my chummmzzz made my mood turned-on…. I love them for that soooo much…. I have read each and every comment of urs…. Oh god! I didn’t knew uh guyz love me so much…. I m glad to know that……

I have put a lot of pressure on my chotu sa head…. And came out with a decision…………
That is…. I need break… ya a break for 1 month…. Actually I should’nt ask for this break at this month as my birthday is approaching on this 20th…. But I m bound with situations that I have to take this step…. Guys I promise uh that I will soon come with an another story, another concept very soon….

My love for uh is a journey starting at forever and ending at never……. TU ppl I will love uh always….. like humesha….


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