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“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 47)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

In case if someone missed the chapter yesterday, here is the link below:

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 46)

Chapter 47 (The revealation)

Sarna mansion
Everyone (excluding TwiNj and Yuhi) came back from the hospital and were sitting and talking. Suddenly bebe said, “Okay now everyone please go to your rooms and take rest. Today we all had a very hectic day and tomorrow also it would be a hectic day. We all have to wake up early and go to the hospital.” Everyone nodded and got up. They were about to go their rooms when Usha asked, “Where are Yuvraj, Kunj, Twinkle and Mahi?” “We’re here maa”, said Mahi from the entrance with Yuvraj beside her. Usha looked at them and said, “Where were you two? And, where are Twinkle and Kunj?” “Maa, me and Kunj are here”, said Twinkle climbing down the stairs. “What is this going on? Can someone please tell me?”, said Usha. “I will tell you all”, replied a person from behind Mahi and Yuvraj. “Nisha?”, asked Nikita. “Yes Nikita. It’s me, Nisha”, said Nisha coming towards everyone. Anand looked at her and said, “How did you come here?” “What did you think that you’ll be able to trap me in that palace forever?”, asked Nisha. “Wh..What are you say..saying?”, asked Anand sweating. “Take this and wipe your face first”, replied Nisha forwarding a handkerchief. “Nisha who trapped you? What are you saying?”, asked Nikita. “I will tell you. Please wait. Mahi, can I please have that video?”, said Nisha. “Wait Nisha. We’ll project it on the screen. Twinkle and Kunj have already set up everything and they also want to show us something”, said Mahi. “Okay”, replied Nisha. Twinkle switched off the lights while Kunj projected a video on the screen.

Anand entered a room with a few lights switched on. He sat down on the floor and moved towards an unconscious girl. “Hey Nisha, I hope you’re enjoying here. See, I wanted to give you everything but, you! You wanted to destroy me! You wanted to go and tell Nikita that we were in a relationship for so many years? Now, you can’t tell anything to her. Soon, I’ll kill you and then I can live in peace. See you soon dear!” Anand got up and walked out of the room while Nisha slightly opened her eyes. She quickly sat up straight and picked up the phone from the table beside hers. “I’ll call Mahi and tell her everything. She’s the only one who can help me out”, said Nisha and called Mahi.

Nikita looked at Anand and said, “He can’t do this. I think you’re having some misunderstanding.” “Don’t you see Anand in the video?”, asked Nisha. “Wait di. Have a look at this too and then judge what’s correct and what’s wrong”, said Kunj and projected another video on the screen.

Anand spilled oil on the staircase and said, “Tomorrow morning when Nikita will come down to the hall, she’ll slip down the stairs and then I’ll get rid of her too. I’ll get her’s and Nisha’s insurance and then I can flee away along with Kavya.” He started laughing and after sometime walked away.

Everyone looked at Anand while he said, “This is all false. They’re accusing me without any reason. I haven’t done anything. Belie..” He was interrupted as Nikita slapped him hard. He shockingly looked at her while Nikita said, “Only because of you today my daughter is admitted in the hospital.” “Nikita, she’s my daug..”, said Anand but Nikita shouted, “She’s not your daughter. She’s only my daughter.” Anand placed his hands on her shoulders and said, “Nikita, what are you saying?Kavya..” Nikita jerked his hands away and said, “Don’t take my daughter’s name. She isn’t your daughter. She’s Kavya Nikita Singh.” “Nikita”, interrupted Anand. “Just shut up. Don’t even utter a word. Yuvraj and Kunj were always correct. You weren’t eligible for me but, I always said they were wrong. But, I was wrong. You aren’t eligible for any girl in this world. You cheated on both of us and then you were trying to kill us”, said Nikita. She took off the mangalsutra from her neck and threw it on the ground. “Kunj, call the police”, said Nikita. “No need to do that. We’ve already brought them along”, replied Nisha. “Inspector”, shouted Yuvraj. The police came inside Sarna mansion while Nikita said, “Inspector, arrest him.” The police arrested him and took him away.

Everyone walked towards Nikita while Twinkle placed her hand on Nikita’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Twinkle. I’m alright. Let’s go sleep. We’ve to bring back Kavya from the hospital tomorrow as well.” They looked at her while Nikita went upstairs and got inside her room. Nisha said, “Okay then. I’ll also leave.” “Nisha, if you ever need any help please tell us. We’ll be always there for you. You’re just like our family”, said Manohar. Nisha smiled at them and walked out of the house.
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