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sorry guys im gonna continue on this ff from last time

Everyone is sleeping…. just then sumo gets a call from maya…
sumo: i thought u came home already why r u calling me at 3am in the night
maya: sumo… (cries) Aditya…
sumo wakes up shriven and puts the phone on speaker…
shriven: what happened to Adi?
maya: Adi got shot… trying to save a kid in a hijacked resturaunt
shaman: what!! we r coming… stay there
maya: please bring avantika
they call pushkar and pretti they tell them everything… they go to the hospital


at the hospital
they see maya and maya runs to them and hugs them
the doctor comes out and says he slipped into a coma
maya cries and they console her…. sumo feels pain on her stomach
sumo waterpipe broke and shriven calls the doctor and says what happened?
D: she is going to be in labour…. she is having contractions
sumo goes into the delivery room and shriven comes there and helps her thru birth… maya is still shocked Adi is in coma and pretti and pushkar convinces her that nothing happened to Adi he is fine…

the doctor lets maya and P&P meet Adi
Adi is unconscious and maya cries and goes up to Adi with Avantika
maya says please get fine… Avantika starts crying and maya and Avantika’s tear falls on Adi’s hand
Adi starts moving his hands and opens his eyes and holds maya’s hand
m: baby….
A: i will never leave….u
pushkar calls the doctor the doctor gives Adi and injection and he falls asleep…
in the other hand
Shraman is going thru delivery
Sumo haves a baby boy
Shravan kisses sumo on the forehead
After 2 weeks
in Adi’s room
Aditya is in bed under the covers and maya and shriven and sumo are there….
Avantika and Shraman ( shriven and sumo’s baby)
is playing

PRECAP: they lived happily ever after…. sorry guys i decided to end it…. but i will be making a ff on ishqbazz plaza read it ” we r together “

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