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First of all HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to u guys
Here is the promo read it
In France a person is shown riding lightning bike

Everyone shouts “BABY DOLL” “BABY DOLL” AND finishing the person removes the helmet it’s our heroine. She comes to her friends and do hi-five to them and her friends say
Friends: baby doll u r best
Girl: I know that
While chatting a girl runs to her fast and collided with her
Girl: what had happen Myra? Why r u so happy?
Myra: u know something
Girl: what??
Myra: u got admission in SPACE College for music
Girl: really
Myra: Does u remember something
Girl: what?
Myra: u r going meet u r love in India
Girl: how?
Myra: when met that astrologer. He said that you will meet u r love in India
Girl: let’s see
She is the girl who is going change UV’s life
Let’s see how they will meet
Will she fall for UV?
So…….. Keep reading I HATE YOU…. BUT I LOVE YOU………….


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