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I can’t love u ………becoz I…(intro)

Hlooooooooo darlos I am back again with my old ff sorry sorry new ff han han pata hai lg RHA hoga ki ek to sambhala ni jata or dusra bhi but kya karun mera chotu aaaamind bahut sare idea de RHA hai so socha ki ek ko likha Falun but note guys ye fanfaiction tabhi chalega agar Aap sab ke comments 15 se above honge warna koi bhi episode post ni hoga

Let’s start
A young boy in his mid twenties
Burning with anger and stress hatred slapped a girl on her face
Boy: y did u do this han tell me
Girl: listen to me plz
Boy: now u have said a lot and I have listened a lot now just because of u me my family reputation is at stake u did a lie to me han y
Girl: I am sorry plz listen to me


Boy: enough !!!!!!! Now u have seen the best side of mine as a sweet person but now u will see the worst side of mine
U can’t even imagine in ur worst nightmare that at will I do to u now so get ready at ever u have don’t me to me u will regret it

He leaves by slamming the door hard
And the girl broke down into tears on ground


So that’s it
Who us the girl or the boy ?
Y the boy was behaving rude with the girl ?
Wt has she done ?
The crime for which she is accused she has done it or not ?

This i s purely a TWINJ fan fiction all characters are same but kunj is sidhant Gupta not anyone else and if u don’t like it comment also so that I can work on my flaws so plz plz plz comment on it if u liked it and it will be of few shots and if comments will not be more than 15 than this will for sure will stop

So plz plz read and comment
Bbye stay blessed

Muaaahhh love u all

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