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i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 4

hi guys sorry for not updating last week. here is the new episode and next episode will be on saturday

The episode starts with khushi had tears in her eyes.
Khushi: I will text u my pa number u can contact her for details as I am out for an personal reason. Ok thank u. and what is ur name by the way.
Caller: arnav singh raizada.
Khushi: ok mister I will send the details.
Khushi cuts the call and her tears started rolling down from her eyes.
Akash: why r u crying khushi.
Khushi: he came here also. why is no one letting me to be at peace. Definitely he will hurt me more. But I wont give up this time.
At the mean time they reach akash home.
Akash: my home came.


Akash takes khushi home.
Akash wife meera consoled her.
Meera: khushi. Nothing is going to happen. We r here na.
Khushi: I am not worried. I am ready to face him. I am not the khushi who used to cry for silly things. I have changed.
Akash:its ok khushi.

That time door bell rings.
Akash: I will go and open the door.
Akash opens the door and the other person is none other than nk.
Nk: what yaar a sudden invitation for dinner.
Akash: come in.
Nk comes and sees khushi.
Khushi runs and hugs him.
Nk:khushi .
Khushi: nk.
Khushi starts crying seeing nk.

Nk consoles her.
Nk: stop crying madam. When ur bhai is here , what problem do u have?
Khushi: nk. Why I am suffering this much. will I never get peace. Will I never get happiness?i am trying to be normal but I cannot. Will I not be happy.
Nk: nothing like that khushi.
Khushi: u r the one who supports me nk.
Nk: u r the one who supported me khushi. When everyone speaks me as an orphan u supported me. when they all say anything about me u go on war with them. I will always be with u as ur brother as ur friend khushi. I know u will definately do anything worng. I am there for u khushi. Don’t cry ur twin brother is here na.
Nk wipes khushi’s tears.
Akash: twin brother?

Nk: yes. me and khushi r twins.
Meera: what?
Khushi: actually my father’s brother cannot have children . so when I and nk was born. My father gave nk to him. None of them except our parents .
Akash: wow khushi.
Khushi: how can u know nk is my brother?
Akash: me and nk r friends from college.
Khushi: u r that akash ah?
Akash: yes.
Khushi: so sorry I forgot u.

Akash: its ok.

At the mean time.
Arnav: thank god I got the number from nk. As he left his phone in the home wile he was going out. I love u khushi and surely I will win ur heart again.

In india.
Sanskar: swara eat na.
Swara: sanskar I hate this. why r u always doing like this. I cant eat this. it is very bitter in taste.
Sanskar: evrythin is for u and ur baby na after u finish this paaka u can eat ur aloo paratha and aneer butter masala subji.
Swara: promise.
Sanskar: sanky promise.
Swara opens her mouth.
Sanky feeds her.

Swara: by the ways sanky did arnav phone u?
Sanky: no but I have the full confidence in him. He will surely bring her .
Swara: hmm.
Sanky: today we should go to doctor check up.
Swara: ok sanky. U finished feeding me na. come we will go down and eat the parathas.
Sanky: after 30 mins.
Swara: it is not fair sanky u told na pakka sanky promise.
Saying this swara started crying like a baby.
Sanky: dramaqueen stop it. Come .
He lifts her through her hands and brings her down.
All of them were seated in the table . even anjali was seated.
Anjali: bhai, where is ma and papa?
Sanky: they r on the way to delhi.
That time door bell rings.

All of their parents come.
Sadha: beta r u fine. thanks to god for giving my daughter back.
Kavin: how r u feeling anjali beta?
Anjali: I am fine ma ,papa
Sarika: lets give her the Prasad of the temple we visited for her.
Garima distributes the Prasad for all.
Sarika: swara how r u ? u r ok na.
Swara: am until sanky is here no problem.
Sadha: ishu how r u ma.
Ishu: what happens if I am fine or not fine.
Sadha: why r u speaking like this sih?
Ishu: did u ask a word about khushi ma. How can u stay like this.
Garima: whatever she did was wrong doing anjali.
Ishu: wat , sanky u didn’t tell them.

Sanky: yes I told ishu.
Ishu: it is all anjali’s fault and not khushi’s. ask anjali u want.
Anjali: yes ma .it is my fault entirely.
All of them r shocked.
Ishu: u r so selfish ma. Eventhough sanky told this much u r not believing her.
Raman: ishu control.
Ishu: I accept I did mistake by mistrusting by her. but u all changed ma. I am feling very guilty for doing this to her. no womencan bear like khushi. If I was there in khsuhi’s place listening ur words and mine words I would have died. she is really strong and a kind hearted girl.
Raman: ishu.
Ishu starts crying.

Ishu: first she gave her love pure heartedly for lavanya thinking that atlast arnav will live happily with lavanya but u…. u don’t have a feeling of sorry nd tears in ur face. How stubborn u r . u mr raj maheshwari she loved u like a core. what u did now? not even repenting eventhough the misatake is urs. What a father u r . mrs raj maheswari u also don’t know about ur daughter.
Raj starts to break down.
Raj: I m not showing because I feel I am fault. I cant change by crying ishu that is fate ishu. We all are acting like khushi is fault to console us until she comes. We r not able to accept that khushi is gone some where.
All of them starts crying.
Garima: we all should apologize to her ,where is she now.
Swara: arnav went to bring her . she went to US.
Ishu was crying still and keeps her hand in her head and fainted.

Raman holds her.
Sadha: ishu.
Raman carries ishu to the sofa an dmaade her lie there.
He sprinkles water but she didn’t wake.
He calls doctor.
All were worried.


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