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I am mad for you (Episode 7)

Hlo guyss how r u all. Hope u all are fine and healthy
So without wasting time let’s start with next epi
Recap:shraman football playing moments
So here it goes
Sumo:now get up my handsome friend
Shravo:handsome that I am
Sumo:ok get up champ
Shrsvan gets up and then they play again
The match gets over and sumo wins again
Ajay:oh no phir se haar gye bhaiya next time I will be in sumo di team
Shravo:no u r my player and will always be
Sumo:bas kro we will see it next time now its time to go.
Ajay:no di
Sumo:bye bye to all of you
They both go from there
Shravo while driving car:sumo I think rain is to be come
Sumo:ha I also feel so
Shravo:let’s go to save place
Sumo:rain is coming not a thunderstorm
Shravo:yaar barish me I will able to drive
Sumo :oh really
Shravan:yes really
Shravo drove car to place where there was no crowd
Sumo:what the hell kahi aur chalte hai
Sumo:see there is nobody around so _

The rain starts falling fastly
Sumo :wow so lovely
Sumo gets out of the car and start dancing in the rain
Shravzn was lovingly seeing her but then
Shraco:she might be ill bewakoof
Shravo gets out of the car and goes to her
Shravo:chipkali mad u r dancing in rain u will get ill
Sumo:no Mr qutub minar no I am strong and will be fit come dance with me
Shravo:no I m not mad
Sumo:oh really come dance
Sumo pulls him and force him to dance
Shravo was lost in sumo and started dancing with her
Shravan comes to her take her hand and start doing dance
San tera was playing in background
Shravan comes close to sumo and says
Shravo:u were right it is fun to dance in a rain
Sumo:I told u
Then the rain stops


Both gets a little far from each other.both were embarrassed
Sumo runs and sit in the car
Shravo comes after her and sits in the car
Sumo takes out a cloth and was wiping her hair
Shravo sees it
They both were looking at each other but not speaking a single word
Sumo breaks the silence
Sumo:shravan while playing u were hurt is it paining now also
Shravo:you r asking me why so
Sumo:I m ur best friend .I am caring for you
Shravo:I m not a kid I can take my care myself.ty for ur concerns
There was a silence again then shravan shakes his head and the water droplets falls on sumo
Sumo :shravan now see
Sumo also shakes her head.as her hairs are long so water droplets were more on shravan’s face
Shravo:chipkali kahi ki
Sumo:wutub minar kahi ka
The epi ends I know it was short so sorry next one will be long then this one ok

Precap:shaira to get jealous And disturb sumo

Byee everyone

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