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I am mad for you (Episode 6)

Hlo guys after a long time do u remember me or forgotten. But I remember u all as u r so sweet sweethearts .I m really very happy coz many superb new writers have done such a gud job
Happy that many silent readers are now commenting …
??everyone I loved ur ff and now here my ff epi
Recap:rahul manuplates sumo against his and shravo friendship.
So let’s start
Sumo thinks about what rahul said suddenly a voice comes from behind

Sumo get scare and hug the person who frightened her without seeing his face..
Sumo sees the face of the person and that is shravo. Shravo was still shocked with her action.
Sumo and shravan look at each other
Sumo breaking the hug
Sumo:shravan u idiot koyi kisi ko aise darata hai u mental I was so scared
Shravo:u were scared only hearing one scary word . dharpok
Sumo:hey mister I Was scared coz of ur harsh and bad voice
Shravo:oh really chipkali
Sumo:yes really qutub minar

Shravo:u can’t speak polietly
Sumo:yup I can’t .BTW where is ur shiara
Shravo:I don’t know and why should know I m not her servant
Sumo:ok chill baba u don’t like her . u are so angry on her name
Shravo:nah she isn’t like us she is not one of my fav
Sumo:like us??means
Shravo:I mean to say like we two are besties means we both have some same interests . but she is totally diff
Sumo:okk means u don’t like her
Shravo:nhi aisi baat nhi she is a gud friend and tujhe kyun itni fikr hai chord use
Suddenly rahul comes there
Rahul:sumo hello galti se tumhari book mere paas as gyi thi
Sumo:hey rahul so sweet of u ty
Rahul:its my pleasure
Rahul and shravan sees each other
Sumo:wait now don’t start fighting like kids ok be a gentleman
Rahul:why should I fight and I m here just to give ur book
Shravo:so go now
Rahul:okk bye suman

Shravan:what was this
Sumo:actually (suman tells him the whole story)
Shravzn:oh ok
Sumo:Chalo now let’s go
Shravan:yup let’s go
(Guys every Sunday shraman goes to NGO where to meet to children and play with them)
They both goes to the NGO .here children were already waiting for them.
Sumo:hlo sweetos

(A child whose name is ajay he speaks)
Ajay:di u r late
Shravo:actually ajay u know na ur di speed is like a turtle
Ajay:bhaiya u r also late
Sumo:actually ajay u know na ur bhaiya’s speed is like a snail.
Everyone laughs
Ajay:yup my turtle di and snail bhaiya
Sumo:ok toh what to play today
Ajay :di football

Shravo :this time sumo u gone
Sumo:dekh lenge I m the best and will be
So the group was of boys and girls shravo leader of boys team sumo leader of girls team
Ajay:what bhaiya mujhe phir se harne wali team ke sath rehna hoga
Sumo:yes sorry u have to
Shravo:ajay tu mere sath hai ki sumo me sath
Ajay:sumo di ke sath
Suman:ha ha ha???
Shravo:ajay tune dil thod diya
Ajay:bhaiya meri gud wishes inke sath hai coz they r going to lose.bakki I m with u
Sumo:ajay woh toh dekha jayega
Shravo:ha ha ha sabhash mere sher

Sumo:oh guys let start the match
The match starts
It was just 10 min and the scores were 0-2.
Zero goes to boys
2 goes to sweet girls
Shravo:kya kro mai sare hi team me kache hai mere elava
Ajay:really bhaiya aap hi sabse kache ho
Sumo was also listening
Sumo:bilkul sahi kaha aaj phirse mai jeetogi wow
Shravo:woh dekha jayega
Sumo:dekh Lena

Shravo:cmon boys we have to win he shows his tongue ?to sumo
Sumo:same 2 u lambho
And match again starts they were playing that suddenly ajay falls and got hurted
Sumo:omg ajay what happened baby dhyaan se kelna tha na
Sumo comes to him and says kuch nhi hoya everything is fine ajay is a strong boy right.she wounded his wounds and says dard ghayab ho ja and kisses ajay on his cheeks
Ajay:ty di ab mai theek ho jayoga
Shravan see it and was mesmerized with sumo’s action
And our budho hero thinks to fall down .
Shrvo:kk ho gya pyaar let’s start the game again

The games starts again and this time our hero Mr shravan malhotra falls down
Shravo:ahh mummy!
Sumo:kya hoya ghir gya Mr footballer. see crying like a baby
Shravo:what yaha mai ghira and tujhe abhi bhi mazak sujh rha hai
Sumo:oh hello Mr u r so big and u got hurted with such small injury lanat hai tujh PR actually khud PR that I chosen u as my best friend
Everyone laugh
Shravo:(thinking)kaisi ladki hai Maine kya socha aur kya hoya
Sumo:now woke up sportsman
Sumo goes to him and offer her hand

Bas kro sara aaj hi padhna hai

Precap:a rain dance of of sochu sochu

Bye guys
Please comment
Silent readers specially u all

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