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I am mad for you (Episode 12) (special epi) edkv

Hi guys I m back this epi will be a speck one why u will got to know
So without wasting time let’s start
Recap:rahul and sbraman talk
So here is today epi
So as I told rahul has planned something evil and this will effect shraman
Rahul:now u both will be lseparated besties
So shraman have arrived to cllege and together
Girls and boys of college were seeing them
Some of them said omg sumo ne shravo ko phasa liya ki shravan have proposed sumo
Many were saying besties to lovers

They both were not believing their ears
They when went in corridor .
In the stuff board there was a pic of shraman (it was an edited pic)
lllklmIn that pic shraman were very close to each other and were hugging very tightly in another pic
On the pic it was written’besties to lovers’


Shraman look at each other .
Sumo runs from there and her eyes were filled with tears
Shravo was standing there still shockingly
So guys the part which I m going to write now will be a special one for me
The college in which suman study there she was having a grp of 32 to 35 girls they r besties and they always help each other
Sumo went to them.they all know about su.an’s problem so they were sad and they had already thought to give strength to suman so they signed each other to speak a girl speak and the girl is
Khushi:suman yaar its ok
Then other

Maria:yup we know ur and shravo relation is up to friendship
Riya:ya suman not to worry have strength

Nikita:suman we all r with u
Fatima:no need to be sad its alright
Niyati:why crying r u wrong
Sona:ya u r write and u should be strong
Pari (anjo):ya my angel dong be sad

Ariana:suman not to loose hope then
Lovely: we all know the truth
Sumo :(this is our sumo di)we all will stand with u
Zainab:if u cry then we will also cry
Ruchi:suman u r not wrong and u will not cry
Deotima:if u cried then I will not leave u

Ufaq:suman u should find out the one who did this harkat
Farin:I m with u I will not let these rumours to grow
Anjali:and suman u should complain to principal and should break the legs who did this
Kirti(Kittu):suman ek baar pta toh clne de kisne kiya mai gala daba doon GI uska u listen to my shyari and be happy
Minakhi: kittu shyari after the man who have done this get caught up
Nazia:ya and once he/she will be found we will not leave him
Ireena:yes we all r with u
Anamika:kahi yeh shaira ka kaam toh nhi
Anushika:who knows but I think it can be shaira
Lily:yaar whosesoever we have to find out

Preekarfan (I forgotten the name):yesss we all r going to help suman
Sonai:don’t be upset if ur friends r with u
Beas:yes we will support u in every difficult moment
Kaya:we r with u suman
Anshi:yesss and who did this will be punished badly
Rashi:I m not going to forgive him/her and suman u will also not forgive
Priya:yup listen we all will help u
One girl comes from there and she is our neeti as she is always late so here also late
Neeti:suman mai as gyi tu ghabrana mt

Suman:ty guys now I will find the man who is behind this
On the other hand shravo and his friend David r talking
David:shravan tu tension mt me choti baat hai it will be cleared out
Guys here my special part ends and sorry if I forgotten any name sorry
Shraman r in their homes and thinking to talk with each other they both go near phone but stops
Bs now my epi also stop

Precap:something will toh definitely happen think think

Sorry if anyone got hurted

Love u all
Comment kr dena

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