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I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 60

hi friends I would like to thank each and everyone for supporting my ff. thank u so much an here we go with the next episode and I am really sorry that I couldn’t post the 60 th episode. Please it Is a humble request from my fans to comment at this episode as this is the last episode.

The episode starts with a 6 months leap.
Khushi : arnav u too go na for the temple. It is a very auspicious day for devi maya. Please go .
Arnav: I cant leave u like this and go. It is already 9 months khushi.
Khushi: until I say my kid wont come so please go.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: baby see na ur papa is not listening to us.
Arnav: ok madam I will go.
Khushi: that is good.
Arnav: if u felt anything Call me.
Khushi: sure. Hp(servant) will be na if I want anything I will ask him.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi: bye.
Everyone leaves.
Khushi: what will I do. let me on the tv.
Khushi goes to on the tv.
Khushi feels uneasiness and is having pain.
Khushi shouts.
Khushi: arnav.
She starts crying and shouts.


Arnav came in rushing.
Khushi: arnav it is paining lot.
Arnav: nothing khushi everything will be fine.
Arnav lifts her and takes her to hospital.
Arnav too was with khushi.
She delivers a girl baby.
They then shift both khushi and the baby to nprmal ward.
Arnav feels relaxes seeing both khushi and baby fine.
Arnav: khushi girl baby khushi.
Khushi: show me.
Arnav shows the baby in his hand.
Arnav: exactly like u.
Khushi: yes. arnav how come u were there?
Arnav: I didn’t go to the temple. I was there only as I was worried for u.
Khushi: thank u arnav. if u were not there.
Arnav closes her mouth.

Arnav: nothing happened na.
Khushi takes the baby from arnav.
khushi: did u tell this to everyone?
Arnav: informed them. All r coming. R u happy.
Khushi: very happy..
Arnav: khushi I am so sorry I only na gave u this much pain to u. I couldn’t see u in that much pain. I am sorry.
Khushi: arnav. why r u talking like this. this baby Is hereafter our world. We should be a best friend for her.
Arnav smiles.
All of them arrives at the mean time.
Anjali: wow so cute. She is very pinky. Her name is pinky.
Ishita: wow so cute khushi.
Raman: congragulations khushi and arnav.
Khushi: ishu.
Ishu: haan yes I remember.
Raman: what?
Khushi: if it is a girl born then she is going to marry adi.
Arnav: u r unimaginable khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Raman: ishu what is this yaar. now only she is born. Till marriage thereis time. No hurry ok.
Ishita frowns.
Ankita: vaise khushi she is like u.
Anjali: yes same oval face like u khushi.
Khushi: yes dhi.
Suraj: congrats my dear little sis.
Khushi: thank u jiju. I am missing shagun and akash so much . they r not here in this happy moment. Ishu where is adi and ruhi?
Ishu: sleeping in home. Left them with mummyji.
Khushi: ok.

After a few days. khushi gets distarched .
Arnav khushi and ishita raman the 4 took of their baby very well.
Arshi named their baby as pihu singh raizada.
After 1 year anki and suraj was blessed with a baby boy Yadav Khanna.
After 2 years shagun was blessed with a boy named adarsh gupta.

All of them lived happy ever after.

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