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Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 7


Hey lovely people? Today I m so so so happy?? As most of u know, I have got full marks in all my papers?? Many had congratulated me also in yesterday’s episode update. Thank u so much for all your wishes? Coming to the episode, here’s the link for the previous episode?


Episode 6

Today’s episode?

When Viplav and Dhaani enter the party hall, there’s no one there. Bechare! They didn’t even got to enjoy the party
Viplav(shouts)- Shit yaar! (Points to Dhaani)Because of u I didn’t even got to enjoy the party.
Dhaani (angry)- What did I do? Go and shout to the person who locked us.
Viplav- I will not leave that person, u see.
Dhaani- First catch then leave.
Viplav(shouts)- Shut up.
Dhaani- Wait, that means Rajlakshmi has gone to the room! We worked so hard to come down but see all went in vain! When we must have gone down, Rajlakshmi must have opened the door.
Viplav- All because of u. My idea of breaking the door was better than yours.
Dhaani(shouts)- Just shut up.
Just then the principal enters.
Principal- Who’s shouting here?
Viplav(whispers to Dhaani)- Chashma toh theek se pehente nahi, dikhega kahaan se???
Dhaani giggles.
Principal- Viplav, you?
Viplav- Any doubts sir?
Dhaani laughs.
Principal(shouts)- Shut up.
Viplav (murmurs)- Jo aata hai, mujhe shut up bolke hi jaata hai(whoever comes, they only tell me shut up and then leave)??
Dhaani giggles.
Dhaani- Woh sir we had come..(turns to Viplav)Tell na Viplav…why we had come?
Viplav(stammers)- Woh…woh..sir..arey ha..(smiles)We had come to clean the party hall(looks all around)see na everywhere the party hall is so dirty.

Dhaani looks at Viplav and widens her eyes.
Principal(smiles)- Good good, wait I will call Ramu(peon’s name), he will give u the broom.
Vidhaani(together)- What??
Principal calls the peon. The peon enters.
Principal- Ramu, bring the broom.
Ramu goes and brings it and then Principal gives it to vidhaani.
Principal(smiles)- Both of u are doing a good job. Keep it up.
The principal and Ramu leave.
Dhaani gives Viplav “u r gone” wala look.
Viplav- I know I m handsome but don’t stare me like this na?
Dhaani- Just shu…..
Viplav(interrupts)- Tell whatever u want but don’t tell shut up(irritated)I m very tired hearing the same thing again and again,(smiles)Tell something new na ??
Dhaani(gives him the broom)- Take this broom, and sweep the whole hall,(joins her hands)but plz plz leave me.
Viplav(smiles)- I have not even caught u and u are telling to leave.
Dhaani(irritated)- Oh God!!! U and your silly jokes??
Viplav(gives her the broom back)- Now take this broom and u also sweep with me.
Dhaani(shouts)- No way…
Viplav- What u r telling? Where there is no way?(points to the door)See there is the way to go out(smiles)
Dhaani(points out to the door)- And I m going to my room through that door(gives him the broom again)Take this and do whatever u want.

She turns to leave but is interrupted by Viplav again.
Viplav(smiles)- The principal will not leave u if he comes to know u went without sweeping.
Dhaani turns back, takes the broom and starts sweeping??Seeing her sweep Viplav also starts sweeping. Soon they finish sweeping. Dhaani just throws the broom and Viplav too does the same(bad mannered people??)
Dhaani(sighs in relief)- At last….the work is over..
Viplav- Now what’s your plan? Do u want to go or stay here?
Dhaani(shouts)- I m going, u want to stay then stay?
She rushes while Viplav stays there smiling.
Viplav(thinks)- My shikayati pudia has not changed even after so many years!
He smiles but then remembers he has to go to his room. He too goes
The next day,
All students are in the class. The teacher enters. She starts teaching but no one is interested in it. Viplav is sitting bored but then a smile comes on his face. He tells it to the boy sitting beside him. That boy smiles and tells it to the other boy. Slowly slowly the news spreads to the whole class.
The episode ends.

Precap- Students attack on the Principal??

So friends, guess what’s Viplav’s plan? What did he say to everyone? What is the attack of the students on the principal? Why are they attacking? And most important, why does Dhaani hate his childhood friend, Viplav? To know further keep reading “Hum kabhi ek nahi honge” only on Tellyupdates?

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