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Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 5

Hey lovely people? I m so sorry for not posting it regularly. Here’s the link for the previous episode?

Episode 4


Todays episode?

Kamini is roaming here and there searching for Viplav. Even Rajlakshmi is searching for Dhaani.
On the other side,
Dhaani(walking left to right and then right to left)- When will this door open?
Viplav is staring at her as she is walking.
Dhaani (sits near Viplav)- Tell me the truth ha, u only told your friend to lock us in this room, ena?
Viplav stands up. Seeing this Dhaani also stands up. Viplav suddenly bends down at her feet. Dhaani steps behind in shock.
Dhaani(shocked)- Are u mad? Why r u falling at my feet?
Viplav (folds his hand)- Actually I wanted to take your blessings. U r so mahaan na.
Dhaani(widens her eyes)- What did I do?
Viplav- Aww! Don’t be so innocent. From the last 10 minutes u have been asking me whether the locking of the room was my plan and also I have been telling u no it is not my plan but u, uff! U r asking the same question again.
Dhaani(sits on the bed with an irritated but cute face)- Then who locked us? I will definitely not leave that person..
Viplav (murmurs)- First catch that person then leave na.Dhaani- Did u say something?
Viplav(stammers)- No no nothing.
Dhaani(goes near to him)- Tell me ha, really u did not do this na?
Viplav(folds his hand)- Arey meri maa, I m sorry shikayati pudia, did I do any mistake that u r taking revenge in this way?
Dhaani- What did u say, I am shikayati pudia?
Viplav- ha, u r shikayati pudia.
Dhaani- And u, u r rakshas.
Viplav- No no not Rakshas. I m Viplav.
Dhaani- but I will call u Rakshas only.
Viplav- Then I will call u shikayati pudia.
Dhaani- Accha tell me…
Viplav- hmm….

Dhaani- When will the door open?
Viplav- arey baba again u started your drama. Seriously ur name should not be Dhaani but Shikayati pudia.Dhaani (makes an irritated look)- Oh hello I m not any pudia wudia,
Viplav(interrupts)- shikayati pudia.
Dhaani- whatever it is, I m not that.
Viplav- then what u are, rajkumari?
Dhaani (smiles)- Arey wah, choo cute name yaar. Call me rajkumari.
Viplav(laughs)- U and Rajkumari?
And he laughs even more loudly. Dhaani gives him “u are gone” wala look. She takes a pillow and throws it on Viplav.
Viplav(gives his killer smile)- Viplav se panga, just wait and watch.
Viplav also takes a pillow and throws it on Dhaani but Dhaani bends down so she gets saved.
Dhaani(laughs)- I got saved. Now u will not be saved.
And she too throws the pillow but Viplav catches it and throws it back on Dhaani. This time poor Dhaani doesn’t bend down and the pillow hits her.
Viplav (smiles)- Now I won. Yayy!!
And he starts dancing while Dhaani takes the pillow and throws it on Viplav in anger.
Viplav(shouts)- Ouchh!!! I know I don’t dance so well but for such a small reason why r u throwing pillow in anger?
Dhaani smiles.

Viplav (sighs in relief)- Oh thank God! At least u smiled, I thought u only know how to do shikayat.
And he starts laughing while Dhaani stares angrily at him.
Viplav notices this and starts coughing.
Viplav (still coughing)- Arey can’t I cough also? Why u r staring at me?
Dhaani- I don’t think anyone will open the door.
Viplav- From 1 hour we are here and u now realised that no one is going to open the door?
Dhaani (gives him an angry look)- Jokes apart Viplav, we have to do something to get out of here.
Viplav(makes a cute innocent face)- But I want to stay here only.
Dhaani- U stay here, I will leave anyhow.
Viplav (shouts)- No no, if u r going then I will also come.
Dhaani smiles.
Viplav- Okay so tell me..
Dhaani- What?
Viplav- The plan….
Dhaani- Which plan?
Viplav- The plan to get out of this room
Dhaani- I did not make any plan.
Viplav- Oh God! Then think something.
They both start thinking.
Viplav smiles.
Dhaani- U got the idea.
Viplav- Yes. Come, lets break the door.
Dhaani- Stupid! The principal will kick us out.
Viplav- I don’t get scared of him.
Dhaani- But I do get scared.
Viplav(teases)- Dhaani is a darpok (coward), Dhaani is a darpok, darpok.
Dhaani(shouts)- Shut up.
Viplav becomes silent.
Dhaani(smiles)- Got an idea.
Viplav smiles.
The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani’s idea

Hope u liked the episode. I will try my best to post the next part by tomorrow. But u don’t forget to comment as they encourage me to write more better?

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