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How will they meet ?? [ edkv and ishqbaaz ]

Hii Guys my name is yuveni actually I’m a silent reader but now I want to write my own fan fiction so I will start with an intro if you guys like it then I will continue so let’s start …

My ff :
It’s a combo of ishqbaaz and ek Duje ke vaaste


The Singh Oberoi’s
Dadi : (the same in the episode)

Tej oberoi : dad of Shivaye, Suman, Omkara, Rudra . He called suman “ princess ” (after she the only daughter of oberoi’s family )(same in the episode ) but don’t have an affair with swetlana ) but have a secret … ???

Jhanvi Oberoi : (same in the episode but not an alcoholic ) pamper shivaye and omkara a lot ( more attached ) she always scold Rudra cuz Girls (the same in the episode FLIRTY )

Shiv Oberoi : ( same in the episode ) treat Shivaye , Suman , Omkara , Rudra like his own children and pamper Suman a lot . He call suman “ Guriya ” . The Oberoi’s siblings call him chote papa

Pinky Oberoi : ( same in the episode ) take the Oberoi’s siblings as her own children . They call her choti maa . She is more attached to Rudra and Suman ( her ladli guriya Rani )

shivaye Oberoi ( Shiv ) : (same in the serial ) love family siblings and business . Not interested in love pamper Suman a lots

Suman oberoi ( sumo ) : love cooking and bike racing and has her own hotel “ SSOR = Shivaye Suman Omkara Rudra ”and run a NGO with her bestfriend ( Anika ) all call her sumo she don’t know Anika’s surname cuz she believes that friendship is made from heart not name / fame / …

Omkara oberoi ( Om/ Omy ) : (same in the serial ) … very possessive and protective towards Suman. He don’t have a girlfriend ..

Rudra oberoi ( Dumble oberoi / Dump oberoi ) : ( same in the serial ) flirt … love bike racing with Suman but always lost ?

The Rana’s :

Ramnath Rana (RM) : same in the episode but don’t have problem with Nirmala .. Love his family a lot .. Modern dad

Nirmala Rana : same in the episode ( no past ) ..

Buamaa ( Priya Rana ) : Ramnath older sister .. Have not married or has a past (?? ???) treat Malhotra siblings like her own children ..

Shravan Rana : lawyer but handle Rana empire as he is the only son (Business tycoon . ..) Attitude (the same in the episode ) Don’t know Suman yet … very possessive and caring towards his sister . He is Buamaa ladla

Anika Rana ( Ani) : lawyer ( has her own identity nobody know that she is one of Rana ’s daughter ) Suman Best friend and handle NGO with Suman .

Ishana Rana ( Isha ) : She is one of the best choreographer in India she has her own academy ( her own identity ) ( she is not like the Ishana in the serial ) and she is very modern

Soumya Rana (Somy ) : college girl (same in serial ) hate flirty guys and she is modern and sanskari ladki opposite to Rudra

Couple : ❤❤
Shivaye – Anika ?? AnSh

Shravan – Suman ?? Shraman

Omkara – Ishana ??Omish

Rudra -Soumya ??Rudya

Singh Oberoi’s background : very very rich family business empire business in all the word
Live in New Delhi everybody know them

Rana’s background : very very rich family business empire business all over the world live in Chennai now shifting in New Delhi everybody know them

* shravan lives in Dubai alone .
* Anika lives in New Delhi alone ( she is making her own identity )

Rana’s and Oberoi’s don’t know each other they have only heard names ..

If you want me to continue then comment plze lot of love

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