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How can I forget you still I am alive episode – 6

hello everyone…thanks alot for your valuble comments…so lets move to our story…
abhi in his room hugging his pillow…fuggi…iam waiting for the time for which you are going to enter my life as a wife…iam dreaming alot now..about that moment…i dont knew what really happens to our relation..i will try to find it of…if what ever may be the reason i dont mind now…if its yours fault too..no you will do any fault..its only me…love you fuggi…do you knew now i really miss you too…

abhi take his phone to call her..hey abhi what are you doing? may be she is sleeping…wow how cute she is will be while sleeping..any way i will call her..if she is in sleep too i have no problem..because of her that iam not sleeping now..abhi calls pragya…in the first ring itself she picks the call
yeh…fuggi…dont you sleep…no because i knew you will surely call me…is that sur are you fuggi? if i dont call you then…no…you will surely call me…its who is away from you..but my mind and heart is also with you..which tells me what are you thinking and what are you doing? k ..let me check…then tell what all thought i have in my mind now…is this a challemge?haa fuggi…you can take it as so…k challenge accepted…you are really missing me..you are talking your favourite pillow by hugging it iam i right..
amazing fuggi..i cant believe it…
pragya: do you knew how is our relation…it is not a relation between two persons..it is relation between two hearts..do you knew when this start..at the point when these heart started to beat at same..which means when it become one…if you are in pain..i too felt it..if you are happy..iam too happy…why are too silent?
abhi: fuggi..iam hearing you…iam trying to understand you..
pragya:understanding me..there is nothing to understand about because you already knew everthing about me..may be your mind forget about it..but your heart knew it…
abhi: fuggi…can you tell me how our relation starts..when i started to love you…
pragya: that..
abhi: please fuggi…dont think me as your husband..as thinking as a friend..you knew na..friends will share everthing each other..
pragya: k i will tell you that..slowly
abhi: which means?
pragya: the moments that i share with you in these 2 years and 3 months cannot be explain with one day…for me that each and every moments are special


k let me tell you in short…i meet you first when iam trying to jump to sea…its you saves me.
abhi: you jump to sea? for what?
pragya: its because as my maa is too tensed about my marraige..and my marraige have stopped after engagement..
abhi: it will stop na..as your pair is me..we are really made for each other..so it will happen ..abhi smiles pragya blushes..
pragya: then after that we started to fight for rachu…akash ki wife..as akash cheats her..its me make their marraige happen
after that its your dadi wish to make your marraige with me…but you don’t like me and you married me just for aliya..as aliya loves purab and you all thinks that its me whom purab loves..
after that…we usually fights alot…during that fights…i dont knew when i started to loves you…and i confess my love for you…and you too accept it..
abhi: but pragya…do you miss something or hide something in this story..
pragya: haa…because i dont like that part..
abhi: its k..fuggi…will be my old fuggi?
pragya: what do you mean?
abhi; will you come back to my life again…pragya reamined silent
i knew you need time to decide about it..take your own time..and one thing..tomorrow my breakfast is with you..after that we can go to studio..k goodni8 fuggi..sweetdreams..as you saw me…

its morning..
aliya came to abhis room..she sees abhi is getting ready
aliya: bhai…where are you going?dont you have your break fast..
abhi: iam going ot and i will have breakfast there..
aliya:bhai..yesterday you came late right…but you dont go to meet tanu…as you metioned that you are going to meet your wife..
abhi:is tanu is my wife?no na…if i have a wife then i need to go to see her..as she is no one for me..why are looking like this..iam talking about my fuggi..
aliya:fuggi..which means bhai…so you are acting infront of me..tell me what is my punishment…to make me out of this house..or jail or back to australia…tell me bhai..(abhi remained silent)bhai..actually i create that accident just for kill pragya..not you..it is because of her i lost my bhai..my bhai get away from me..i dont knew you will get into that car..bhai how can i do this? how can i kill you…bhai..
abhi get shocked and goes out without telling anything…
he reached purabs falt..he opened door and sees pragya standing at kitchen he hugs her from back and started to cry..
episode ends..

precap: pragya and abhi in mehra mansion in their room…where they placing their marraige photo on wall…

guys iam taking one day leave so no updates tomorrow…

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