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Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 2

Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 2:
A room is shown and inside that a meeting is held, loads of business men are sitting down. A man is shown presenting, the presentation ends and the winner is declared.

“Aaj yeh contract again Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari ko jata hai!.” A man announces.


All clap but some are upset, Sanskaar smiles and walks up to get the file.

“You must be happy Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari?” The man who announced asked.

“Not until I complete the project.” Sanskaar says.

All smile and hand him the file, Sanskaar smiles and looks on proudly.

On the other side a man in a bikers get up is shown walking, he is even wearing a red and black bikers helmet. He sits on the red bike and gets ready.

“On your marks…” A girl announces.
“Get set…” She continues.
“Go!” She says and drops a red handkerchief down.

Both blue and red bikes drive off in their full speed.

“Mujhe koi Nahi hara sakta.” The man on red bike and in red and black helmet says and increases his speed.

He completed two rounds and so does the blue bike rider. Both are ready for their last round.

Both are close to the finish line, they both increase the speed and… One of the biker crosses the finish line. It happens to be the blue bike rider. The red bike rider takes off his black and red helmet and is revealed to be Aansh.

“So, aaj ke winner hai Mr Karthik Chaturvedi!” The girl announces.

All cheer Aansh’s name and Aansh smiles at them. The announcer and the blue bike rider/competitor get confused.

“Hey… Karthik won and you’re cheering Aansh on?” The announcer asks confusingly.

“Aansh is the real winner! Vo har kar bhi jeet Gaya!” One of the girl shouts.

“How is that?” The announcer asks.

“That’s because Karthiks mother is admitted in the hospital and he needed the money for her operation, so Aansh decided to go against him to help him…” One of the boy from the crowd explains.

Karthik and the announcer look at Aansh.

“Maa kehti hai Ki if someone’s in need then you should help them… As far as I know, I’m not selfish.” Aansh says and starts walking off while styling his hair.

Karthik and all smile at him while cheering his name.

Then another man is shown dancing in the bar on a song…

Kudiye ni tere, brown rang ne.
Munde patt te ni saare mere town de
Kudiye ni tere, brown rang ne.
Munde patt te ni saare mere town de

The guy turns around and dances with some girls.

[2x]Koi kam utte jaave na
Roti paani khaave na

He is revealed to be our Laksh.

Gori gori kudiya nu
Koi muh laave na

Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne
Munde patt te ni saare mere town de…
Mere town de, mere town de, mere town de ni billo
Mere town de…
Mere town de, mere town de…

Excuse me miss…
Kiss kiss kiss
Kis se tu bhaage gi hun bach bach ke

Laksh is enjoying the dance but gets shocked seeing someone.

Tenu rabb ne husan ditta raj raj ke
Mai kiha kaali Teri gucci te parada tera laal

He sees DP in the bar and searching for someone.

“What is he doing here?!” Laksh asks himself.

Laksh then hides behind the girls and he crews, some girls go to DP and ask him to join.

“No! Why are they asking the Rakshas to join?!” Laksh angrily says.

Kitthe challe o soniyo saj dhaj ke ke…

He enters the washroom and panics. He the slaps himself.

“Stupid Lucky! Who told you to stay here this late?! Now this Rakshas and his son Raavan will eat poor and masoom lucky.” Laksh says.

Laksh then sneaks out from the toilet window and manages to come out.

“Aah! Kaash I recorded that and showed Maa but that would’ve proved that I was there!” Laksh regrets and gets on his bike, he then drives off.

DP looks around in the bar but doesn’t see whom he was looking for.

“Nalayak Laksh must have escaped!” DP says and exits the bar.

“Chi chi! Meri aatma and body got impure…” DP says and feels disgusted.

He then starts reading some mantras.

“I need to have a bath with the Ganga jal.” DP says while folding his hand with closed eyes.

Just then he gets hit by a bike and falls on the floor.

“Aah!” DP shouts while feeling the pain.

He opens his eyes and turns to see a boy on a bike with his girlfriend.

“Kya uncle, Iss Umar mein bhi?! Lekin marna hai toh die somewhere else, don’t get my bike impure.” The boy says.

DP then sees his girlfriend and gets shocked, he stands up with great difficulties.

“Beta… Where are your clothes?” DP asks while looking at her wearing a gold short dress.

The girl and her boyfriend look on.

“You shouldn’t come out of the house naked… This insults an istri’s image…” DP tries to explain.

“Whatever!” The girl angrily huffs.

“Uncle, you’re crossing your limits now! I thought you were a decent man.” Her boyfriend takes a stand.

“What am I saying wrong?” DP tells.

“Forget him baby, he’s too Baba Ji type, there’s no point in talking to him.” The girl says.

“You’re right.” The boy says and drives off.

“Itne bade Bachche ko baby?” A confused DP thinks.

“Khair… These youngsters are out of my thought, just like two of the nalayak and matlabi boys!” DP says and aims it at his sons, Aansh and Laksh.

DP gets inside his car and drives off.

Laksh rushes in without looking, he then bumps into Sanskaar. Laksh and Sanskaar then glare at each other.

“Sometimes along with your brains use your eyes!” Laksh says.

“Oh really? Why weren’t you using yours?” Sanskaar asks while giving Laksh the dirty look.

“Don’t you dare give me the dirty look! It only should be given to a person like you!” Laksh answers back.

Sanskaar gets angry.

“I will give it, what would you do.” Sanskaar angrily asks.

“I don’t think you want to see!” Laksh warns.

“Bas!” They hear DPs voice strictly shouting from the bottom of the stairs.

Laksh rolls his eyes and looks that way, so does Sanskaar and both get surprised to see Aansh walk up.

“Kya? Shocked? Well my practise didn’t go in vain.” Aansh says proudly.

“I actually thought…” Laksh says but gets interrupted.

“It was Papa Na? Well after all Aansh does acting very well.” Aansh praises himself.

Aansh then reaches on top of the stairs and next to them.

“Anyways who wants to hear the Volcano erupt?” Aansh says and walks down.

“Don’t say anything bad about Papa.” Sanskaar warns.

Aansh stops and smiles, “Haa? Well try stopping me.” He says and continues walking and stops at the dining table.

Sanskaar shakes his head in a disagreement and goes up, Laksh also goes up but both go in a opposite and separate direction. AP sees this and looks on worried.

“When will my sons be like Ram-Lakshman?” AP thinks.

Episode ends on APs worried face.

Precap: DP comes home and is shocked to see Laksh eating on the table with Aansh… Sanskaar informs DP about the contract and DP praises Sanskaar in front of AanLak/Lakansh… Entry of SujRam and their daughters…
Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Do tell me how it is… I have also added some changes…
Thank you for the support…??

I might upload the next episode a little late because it depends if episode 3 is ready early…

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