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heart beat ., a show changed my life (promo )

Hi guys.. i am back.. but i giving u promo for upcoming part.. thanks for supporting me constantly guys… without u my ff could not reach so far thank u one and all?

Here is link for previous part?
Episode 12


Promo 1

Dhani is having nice time with viplav … she returns home when her happy moment changed to sad…….. she is about to slapped by sameer (dhani father).. but one hand stops him.. its turn out to be Amit.

Sameer : who the hell r u too interfere in family matter?
Amit : i have full right chachu to interefere ! And i have right on dhani too …did u know who am i.. amit malhotra son of sunil malhotra and dhani she is my kiddo..

Booom…… (twist 1)

Promo 2
Dhani is crying. Where as kriti consoles her. Viplav is shattered to see dhani like this.
Dhani in sobbing voice ” this is all happening because of me… because of me my family separated i failed as sister.. i am very bad naa viplav. .
Viplav hugs her consoling “no dhani dhani ur thinking is wrong … its destined to happen so it happening but i………”

Boom…. (twist 2)

Promo 3

A girl runs and hugs amit saying Chinku bhai….. it turn out to be dhani.
Amit lifts dhani saying kiddo play some childish game with her.
Two girls enter there saying u all forgot about us naa so bad…
It turnout be ria and kritika .

Dhani hugs ria
Dhani : we can never forget our angel naa chinku bhai
Amit : yup ria u and kiddo r like 2 eyes to me i can’t leave without u both..
Kritika (pouts): so u can leave without me naa..
Amit : how can i leave without my heart in heart only u there?


Guys i think its enough.. it is just promo … its compensation to being irregular..

Take care?

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