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heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 8) (hidden truth)

Hi guys.. i am happy seeing ur comments back. Do support like this? u r comments make my day…

Here is 9th epi of hb.. lst part was 8th one.. there was mistake on epi no.. and sry to make u all wait.. sad moments are some times necessary for making happy moments.. similarly this incident is not end of vidha… The real story starts now.. ?heart beat?is a story of dhani how her life changes because of show.. it is story of Viplav how show changed is life..!


Enough of my bak bak.. lets continue story..

Here is link of all parts of hb:

Previous episodes


Precap : vidha heart break.. dhani to fall from stairs…!!

Link for previous epi:

heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 7) (heart break and dhani lies)


@malhotra mansion

Dhani is shown in falling from stairs… she is on pool of blood.. few minutes back dhani was just heart broken but now she deeply injured.. dhani suffering from both mental and physical pain.. but who will save dhani she is alone in house??..

A car is shown in front of mansion.. a 45 aged lady comes from it..u can see only her eyes which filled with professional Attitude.. next shows lady walking towards inside mansion .. her one hand has white coat (dr coat) and another hand has stethoscope.. she moves towards hall.. now her face is clearly shown.. it is non other than Rithika malhotra(dhani’s mom).. She sees Dhani who is in pool of blood .. she feels somebody stabbed her heart by seeing dhani condition.. she runs to her throwing her coat and stethoscope.. and sits near dhani .. she takes dhani head on her lap ….

“Dhani baby wake up.. see i am here.. u r mom came … wake up…………”said sobbingly

Dhani slowly opens her eyes “mom you….. (she sees her mom) Finally look who is here famous doctor got time to meet her daughter… she said this words stammering….can’t say much feels pain in head …

Rithika holds dhani face”sshh… i not giving u time that doesn’t mean u r nothing to me.. i look at u when my little dhani playing in yard., playing on swing.. i never was there for u when u need me.. i even saw kanak caring and love towards u…so i let u stay kanak house when ur kid.. now u become bigger u know whats right or wrong u know y i spending everytime in hospital ..?? Because i am cardioligist so many patients came to me everyday as doctor its my duty save people life.. i agree i dedicated to work but it causes saving a life so i not for u the time when u need me and u leaves in my heart dhani.. u think i not see u naa but truth is every morning when u sleep i come to ur room and every night i saw my princess sleeped face… dhani gets emotional afterall mom is mom naa.. dhani feels her pain in head increasing… she keeps hand on her head and sees hand which has become red by blood… she falls unconscious…

(I know what u thinking instead of rushing dhani to hospital rithika giving speech… but i don’t get another way to express mom feeling sry )

@Isolated place

A person shadow is shown… Someone came there and says your work is done sir.. Actually it was easy job.. i pushed her from stairs but still she don’t know someone pushed her.. she think it accident which actually not.. he laugh wickedly…

The person who hearing gets angry it holds his collar.. says” how dare to hurt her ..! u know who is she..?? just leave from here if u want be alive..!!

The person seems to be worried..


@tripati mansion

Kanak who sleeping getsup in jerk.. she feels something not right .. feels as if someone close to her is in trouble.. at same moment she gets call from Rithika who inform about dhani condition.. she hurriedly moves to viplav room and knocks door..

Viplav who heart broken is still sitting on ground as shattered.. knock on door sound make him get back to reality.. he wipes his tears .. goes to washroom splash water on his face and dries face on towel sees reflect on mirror and says “not anymore tears for someone who don’t deserve it…” he opens door of room letting kanak in..
Kanak says in tension says “viplav dhani fallen from stairs… we have to move hospital….

Viplav gave cold look like he don’t heard anything… says “mom if u want to go u go but i won’t come there……..”

Kanak (shocked to hear this): viplav what kind of joke is this..!!dhani life is in danger u r unbelievable its not time for ur both tom and jerry fights… don’t become heartless viplav.. last time asking r u coming or not….???

Viplav don’t move from there.. kanak not in mood to fight with him so she calls driver to get her car ready and hurriedly leaves fo hospital ….!!!

How much viplav may deny he won’t go for hospital but his heart not let him… so he too leave for hospital

@City hospital

Dhani is shown in icu with mask covering her face.. outside ward rithika is walking here and there in tension.. sameer (dhani father) sitting in chair tensed he can’t see his princess in that condition.. kanak comes there and hugs rithika assuring she will be alright.. kanak also get emotional seeing her dhani in this condition..

Doctor comes out of icu and says nothing to worry.. she is ok we shifting her to room soon then u can see.. as she have some mental pressure and physical pain she gone so she needs complete rest till month.. one month needs to recover dhani from this accident..

A person is shown hearing this hiding.. he says himself dhani how much i try but still my heart feels sad to know u r condition i can’t stay away from u and even i can’t forgive u… (ya its our viplav only)he moves from there.. no one knows he come hospital..

On other side a shadow is shown seeing all this things.. he thinks i am sry dhani u r in this condition because of me.. i am selfish who made u in this condition.. forgive ur brother .. it shown someone familiar eyes .. eyes are filled with tears.. “look how bad brother i am ?? Even if ur near to me i can’t hug …!!i can’t console u when u feels loneliness… i can’t say u i am there for u and i am responsible for my kiddo condition… if possible pls forgive u r this brother.. he cries heart out…

Flashback shown —
After singing competition Viplav gets a chit stating to come to xyz classroom where he heard dhani saying truth payal and dhani r same..
Flashback ends~~~

(Its all plan of mystry man to reveal truth to viplav but why u will get to upcoming epi)


Days passes like this… as fm show heart beat is quite famous.. news spread about rj payal accident who need rest of month.. as news goes on spread people come to know payal and dhani one and same person.. viplav stated missing dhani but he never visits dhani in this month as he have ego.. he becomes heartless…

Kritika explains all things viplav loving payal and what all happen during competition day to kanak .. kanak decide to help dhani.. kritika and amit are now in relation..

Dhaani recovers slowly.. she feels sad as viplav not even once came to see her.. but she determined to make viplav realise her love..

Precap : a girl shown coming down from car crowd sorrounds her.. her lips shown which smiling .. she giving autograph…!!

A boy is shown seeing pic of dhani saying i never forgive u dhani.. never ever


Is this end of vidha???
Did u liked rithika role??
Who is mystry man?? Dhani is only kid then how can she have bro….??
Will viplav forgive dhani???

To know keep reading♡ heart beat ♡

I know i write all stupidity … pls forgive me …
i giving promo of leap before next epi..

Pls comment ..
Pls say if it is good or bad..

Take care..

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