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Hatred to Love -Shraman ff (intro)

Hi,I am Anushika.Finally got my login done.Here is a FF on Shraman.This is the intro .

Suman Tiwari-A bubbly and cheerful girl who is become completely opposite after an incident(it will be revealed in the story later).She is a very successful lawyer but Shravan is not aware of this.Suman was very close to her younger sister
Preeti.Hates Shravan and his family to the core.


Shravan Malhotra-A calm and composed guy,Loves Sumo from child hood but was unable to confess from child hood.Lives in London from 10yrs going to come back to India for an Imp case.
Preeti-Younger sister of Preeti.Travels a lot with Pushkar. Journalist by profession.Loves Pushkar.

Pushkar- Younger brother of Shravan.Travels a lot with Preeti.Journalist by profession as well.
Loves Preeti.
Preekar,Shraman live together

What is the reason of Suman’s hatred??
Will this hatred dissolve???

Sorry for the short update.
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