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Hatred to Love a Shraman FF promo

Hi guys,Thanks a lot for your comments. You all had doubts about why Shravan couldn’t remember Suman’ birthday is because she never celebrated it with him.There is one more thing which I will reveal in upcoming episodes.Here is the promo

Suman leaves for work but forgets her phone at home .Shravan sees it and decides it at her work place.Sumo sees the photos at work and her employees removing it.She asks them to stop and put it in her cabin.Shravan enters her cabin and gives her phone.He sees the birthday decorations and feels bad for scolding her on special day.He asks her why she didn’t celebrate it and didn’t share it with him.She says Even you didn’t do so.She avoids eye contact while saying this Shravan notices it and pins her to the wall.an employee comes with the file ,her PA sees all this and sends her back .She also moves away and moves away.
I hope everything is clear if you have any confusions pls ask.This was not actually a promo but some thing to clear your doubts.
Thanks a lot again


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