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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 6)

Hi guys I am back with my.next update .This will be a little long so enjoy.

Recap:Preekar are going to a party together .
In the party.
Preeti wears a beautiful black dress with diamond hanging earring which Sanskar had gifted them. Pushkar was a wearing a black blazer.
Sanskar ….Hi guys,meet my younger sister Preeti .Pushkar overhears this as his heart bounces with joy while Preeti gives a fake smile ,she is extremely angry at Sanskar for disclosing the truth.She excuses herself with Pushkar and asks him to come to the backyard.He comes smilingly.Pl
Preeti…I know that you were super jealous to see me with Sanskar isn’t it
Pushkar…Not that much because Shravan Bhai was much more jealous
Preeti…Okay now listen I did not tell you about this because I wanted you to be jealous .
Pushkar… Sad life then because truth always comes to my ears fast.
Preeti… If you r done with your praises then can I continue
Pushkar.. You are yet to hear praises but anyway continue.
Preeti ….Okay,You just said that Shravan is jealous right?
Pushkar…Yes, he even asked me why didi was calling us Romeo and Juliet and he is unable to understand anything.
Preeti…Okay,so u know the truth but Shravan Bhai doesn’t so why don’t we not tell him the truth and make him jealous.
Pushkar.. Yeah That is a nice idea …He also teased me a lot the other day.You over acting to make me jealous right?
Preeti nods sweetly
Pushkar.. Why was Sanskar running after you then ??
Preeti… Oh that
In the room,Preeti ,Suman and Sanskar were lying down and talking
Preeti…didi where did you meet this Sanky,even when he is in the city.(annoyed)
Suman..I met him after my case ….
Sanskar interrupts Suman and says ….Bhai bolne ki tameez hain ya nhi.
Preeti …Sanskar, Sanskar sanskar
And I ran of
End of FB
Preeti… I did this to make you jealous.
Pushkar… Well… Plan better next time
Our Preekar continued their sweet talks while on the other hand there was our couple Shraman .
Suman was wearing a beautiful turquoise netted saree and you could see her bare waist..With minimal make up to go out for her work.while Shravan was wearing a tuxedo.
Shravan was seeing her in a saree for the first time and was mesmerized.
Both set out on their ways,Suman took her car while Shravan took Pushkar’s bike.Sumo reaches her clients house and rings the door bell as she enters she is shocked to see Shravan.Even he is also extremely shocked.
The client comes and introduces them to each other.They both say hi to each other in shock and pretend that they are completely strangers .
They discussed the case like professionals and never let the client know that they knew each other.
When the client went out to get something shravan stepped on Sumo’s toe.She was about to scream when the client entered so she coughed instead in a very funny manner.Shravan giggled which was unnoticed by the client but not by Suman,She wanted to scream at him ,but she had made sure that she will do that once she is home .
They finished their discussions and went on their separate ways.on the way,Suman’s tire got punctured and there was no network. She started walking to find someone to help her fix it .She heard some people commenting about her ,but she chose to ignore them.but inside she felt extremely scared ,she wanted to go and be with someone safe ..but she knew that even Shravan would not be here to save her.Tears tricked down her face.Suddenly,she felt a tug on her elbow who pulled her on the side…She hugged him and started crying ,.he also put his arms around her.He wipes her tears.and turns her around and traces her hands around her waist .She doesn’t resist ,the guy whispers There are guys behind you,sorry for holding you like but this is the only way I can protect you.Suman replies Thank you what you are doing for me is already good.I would not ever be able to match up to this favour of yours but to my part I can
The guy quickly turns her making sure that her back faces the boys and gives a peck on her cheek.Suman blushes hard….The guy says enough…Now tell me why are you here ????
Suman….Oh My car broke down
Guy…let me fix it and then let me drop you home.
Precap:::don’t know
Who is that guy..Is there a guy now really in Suman’s life???Try to guess well who is the guy??
He can be Aditya,Shravan or a new entry
Pls comment
I promised a big episode in the beginning but I was unable to meet your expectations due to loads of H.W


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