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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 5)

Hi guys,I am free and I have decided to post a episode today.
Recap…Sanskar’s entry.
The next morning Shravan wakes up and sees Suman making down notes.He goes nearby Sumo and sees there are related to some case.He asks her of she needed help but she refuses saying that the case is far off and if she needed help she would not have law as her profession .
Shravan is speechless by her answer when he sees Sanskar coming out of Suman’s room.
Suman …Good Morning Sanky.
Shravan thinks never has she called him using a short form but she calls his rival enemy ‘Sanky!’.

Realization strikes Shravan wait is he Sanskar ,I knew it that Suman and Sanskar have something going between them.He thinks that he took the right decision by going to London.He also thinks no that is not possible,then why did Preeti go and Hug Sanskar .Oh god people say it is true ,It is very difficult to understand girls.
Pushkar and Preeti wake up at the same time and are extremely sleepy that they don’t see each other and collide.Preeti falls but Pushkar holds her and they have a cute eyelock.Suman sees this and says “If Romeo and Juliet have done their romance then will please freshen up.Preeti remember we have to go with Sanskar and also meet Swara didi.Preekar immediately detach themselves and blush hard.Preeti to avoid silence says” Yes,I will get ready and come tomorrow Sanky has to go to work.


Sumo adds “Sanky has invited us to a party,I will not be able to come but would our Romeo and Juliet like to go.”
Preeti cuts of and is about to say something but Sanky intervenes and says”You both are coming and that is final.”
Shravan on the other has too many confusions on his head.. Why is Sumo calling Preekar romeo and Juliet ???Yaar it seems I missed to much when I was away.
Shravan acts surprised looking at his so called loooong lost friend.
Sanskar invites Shravan to the party as well.
Before that Shravan asks what the party is about.
Sanskar looks surprised and says”Didn’t you know that there is school reunion party”.
Shravan says refuses and also says that he is busy as he has to go out for dinner. Sanky says up to you
Sumo says ….Now Don’t you both want to come out call Swara as well.. ..it has been a long time we have seen her.
Sanskar smiles and says ..that she is the one who planned all this .

Suman ,Preeti and Sanskar leave for their masti leaving confused Pushvan behind.
Shravan decides to gets all his doubts clear while Pushkar is happy as both of them are going to the party together .
Preeti is upset as Sanskar is spoiling her plan of making Pushkar jealous but instead making them unite.

Guys I know this part was extremely small bit I am just writing this as I am free

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