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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 3)

Hi guys I have gotten time to write an episode to day,it might be a little short.I couldn’t reply to all of you personally but I thank you for your wonderful comments.

So here it is:
Suman wakes up and gets ready and wears:


To go somewhere.
Shravan also wakes up to see Sumo dressed up in modern western clothes.He wonders the reason for it. All these thoughts are brushed off as he remembers a very important case.He quickly gets ready and leaves.

At the court:
The Judge is announcing the lawyers for the respective cases.Shravan gets a shock to see Sumo as a lawyer.The case begins,both lawyers do their best,but Sumo wins the case.Shravan regrets for calling Sumo jobless last night.He recalls his clients words in London on a video conference.

Client:I have come to know that opposing lawyer is extremely good.She has never lost a single case till now.
Shravan:Laughs,Well this is then the first case she is going to lose.Well no one has ever defeated me till now.I can’t expect a lady to make me loose.

The client also laughs

End of F.B
Shravan thinks to congratulate Sumo when he sees her going with a boy but is unable to see his face to a nearby cafe.He gets surprised.Preeti was also passing by when she sees Shravan but is unable to see Sumo.Both ask at the same time for coffee and laugh.
They enter inside and find a place .Preeti starts telling him about Sumo.Just then Preeti finds Sumo with a boy.She first thinks to say Hi to her but thinks that it will spoil their cute date.
Later in the day:
Preeti was talking to Sumo when she asks”Didi,when did u become so secretive that you didn’t even tell us that you are dating someone.Shravan overhears this part of the conversation and leaves sadly.
Sumo gives a shocked look.Preeti continues.”You were with a boy in the cafe and you also hugged him.
Sumo hits a pillow on Preeti and says he was

So who do you think he will be??
Try to guess
Precap:I can smell jealousy!!!?

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