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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 2)

Hi guys,I am back with my FF.Thank you all sooo much for your comments.I feel extremely happy to see these comments.Many of you had confusions of why Shraman and Preekar live together,Nanaji used to live with them when he was alive,This episode will have flashbacks to clear them.And yes Nanu passed away when Shravan was in London.

So let’s start

Shravan slaps Sumo very hard and she falls on the floor crying.Just then Preekar come in happily but become sad upon hearing Sumo sobbing ,they also see Shravan exiting with anger from Sumo’s room.Preeti wastes no time and rushes to Sumo’s room to see the huge red scar on her face.She goes to Shravan’s room and “You maybe elder to us but u don’t have the rights to hit us” Shravan is speechless and with no other option narrates the reason of the slap.Preeti quiets down and starts telling about Sumo and she has changed after nanu’s death.”Sumo was a happy and bubbly girl always smiling but now to see a smile on her is extremely rare.She doesn’t even talk to me or Pushkar. Every night,I see her crying badly hugging Nanu’s photo. Shravan feels guilty and apologizes immediately. Preeti says “I am not the one you should be apologizing to ,the one you should have done to you have hurt the person badly.She leaves and goes to console Sumo.With difficulty she consoles Sumo and asks her to sleep.Sumo lies down while Preeti sleeps on the other side of the bed.Sumo is unable to sleep thinking about Shravan.Sumo goes to her cupboard and sees a pic of Preekar,Shraman and Nanaji together when they had just shifted to Suman’s house.

F.B(this will tell you why Shraman and Preekar live together)

Shraman were very good friends in college and Shravan used to do everything with Sumo and used to spend his whole day with her.Everyday Ramnath used to come to Tiwari Killa for learning law while Shravan used to come there with Sumo from college.They used to have lunch,dinner and do H.W together when Ramnath used to study.Later the father and son duo used to go home together or at times he used to stay at home for the night.Because of this closeness,Shravan had his own room in the Tiwari house. Ramnath never liked Pushkar because he was his brothers son but they had died in an accident.This truth was only known to Ramnath and Nanaji.Later Ramnath had to move overseas and he didn’t want Pushkar to along with him.So he requested Nanaji to take care of Pushkar along with Suman and Preeti.Unfortunately,Shravan refused to go anywhere without Pushkar,so Nanaji ended up taking care of all 4 of them.Shraman and Preekar were extremely happy but after an year,Shravan went to London.Ramnath agreed for an year for Shravan to stay with Pushkar but then purposely sent him to London as he wanted him to stay away from Pushkar.

End of FB

Sumo cries remembering these childhood stories and sleeps.
Pushkar,first thinks to talk to Shravan but then thinks to confront him the next morning as he would be tired and Preeti has already spoken to him.

Sorry guys I gave a short update,but I have my exams coming up.I might not post tomorrow but if I will it will be small.The next episode will be up on Monday.
Pls comment a lot
Lots of love
Anushika Anu

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