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Happy friendship day my dear friends???

Yes I’m Louella, your little princess? Today I m here to tell u about my journey from December till now. Let’s go?


Plz don’t throw rotten eggs on me if I say this? But I will have to say that before December I would just hate ikrs? But u would be wondering how I came here ena? Actually my granny would watch this serial everyday. She used to love this serial and still loves it even when the serial is ekdum boring?? I would always ask her why do u see this bakwas serial? (Actually I would really hate it because it was like about widows and I did not understand anything??) Sorry if I hurt u but I would really say this. The answer my grandma would give was this serial is about widows and the difficulties they go through. But I would not care!

Days passed but I did not like the serial at all? Then came the month December! And I hope u remember those were the days of sarla kaki’s house wala scenes. So one day I turned colors channel and it was around 3 in the afternoon. That time I was having my Christmas vacations so I was free. And ikrs was going on. And even my grandma was there! I wanted to change the channel but she said to keep that channel only! I didn’t had any other way? So I also starting watching with her. And Viplav in love wala scene was there, Omg?? I fell in love with that serial when I saw Eisha and Mishal together???? Really that day was the most beautiful day! I started watching the serial everyday along with my granny? And one day I was getting bored at home. So I took my mobile and went to Google, I thought what to browse through? And then I had a smile on my face. I thought why not type ISHQ KA RANG SAFED? And I typed it. Then came a list of websites in front of me.

I saw there was a website named Tellyupdates! I clicked on it and there came a world full of ikrs. I clicked on an ff. It was of Fatarajo’s. I don’t remember the name but it was a mini movie. I read it and I was so happy reading that tpk and naagin serials were combined with it. Plz don’t laugh at me but I assumed that ikrs will be combined with naagin and tpk in a few days???? The reason was because Fatarajo had started the ff from sarla Kaki’s house na????? the ff was of four shots I guess and I would read it daily. When the last shot was there I read it whole and then I told it to my granny??? She too assumed that its going to be like this?????

Then when I finished reading I again started reading the same thing. And I noticed something written in block letters, it was NOTE THAT IT IS A FAN FICTION AND NOT THE ACTUAL UPDATE OF IKRS??? I was like laughing on myself. I thought how can I be so stupid?? But still I did not know the meaning of fan fiction. But I ignored it and started reading the updates. I thought arey it is the same thing what happened in ikrs today?? Then I slowly slowly came to know that ikrs update is different and ff is different?

And then I started reading all the ffs and also the comments. I was once shocked to see comments crossing 200?? I wondered do they have no work??? Sorry but I m saying it frankly. And then I started loving all the comments. All would post funny comments and they mentioned something jhil jhil, tp and balloon. I wondered what’s this. But I never asked. Then one day someone mentioned the full form of all this and I agreed the names suit for the characters like Dashrath, Kanak and Tripurari?? For a month I was a silent reader and I knew everyone. Then in January was my entry. Actually I thought that I would never say my true age but your love forced me to do it. All welcomed me and then someone asked me what’s my age? And I was like, should I tell or no? But I said my age that is 11(now I m 12?) Everyone were surprised and they started giving me cute names, I was called by different names by different people like cutie, little princess, princess, snow white princess, lols, Lou, Elle, etc etc. There r many more names but I forgot it?

Really I would love to comment and I became very close to all of u. I never missed commenting. And then came the awaited day, My birthday! All wished me on that day and made it the most special day ever? I was so happy on that day yaar. I got all the blessings and I really was the happiest person in the whole world! And then were my exams? But u all encouraged me so much that I forgot all my tension only? And after that were my vacations?? I used to comment so much so much that u can’t imagine. And that time Arshi di and Swetha di became my sisters? I thought I have got the best gift ever! But when Arshi di had kidney stones I was in pain as if it has happened with me?? Really Arshi di I was in pain. I would automatically come to know that u were in pain, don’t know how? And I used to pray everyday for u☺ And now see u r fine?

At that time, I started posting my ff and the first one was You r my ki and I m your ka. Really I used to love posting ffs and I increased the number of my ffs. But then I got the biggest shock in my life, Eisha’s quit? I was so sad that I had lost all hopes. I thought not to watch it but then when I saw Vidha and Mishal I couldn’t stop myself and now I m here still commenting and watching ikrs as well? Really it was the best moment of my life. And also the comments day! How can I forget that yaar? It was also a day full of comments and happiness and also masti. Now its time to leave as I have to study now?? Sorry for wasting your time with this boring post. But today I m feeling light telling u my journey, my real journey with u all?

Before going I would like to request u to tell about your journey, how u came in this family, plz do tell me down in the comments box?

Again Happy friendship day to all of u???

Forget your stress, Do your best, leave the rest?

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