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So what is it today? Our heartthrob’s birthday! Wishing you a very very very happy birthday my dear VK!!!
You have no idea how much we all love you! You have no idea as to how many girls can even die for you! That intense look which you give, it just burns us alive!
And the smile that you pass! Uff! That innocence which you hold! You are not my first crush, and neither my first love. But..but..but!
I define you as the first drop of sunshine which touches the Earth. I define you as the honeybee, which wakes up the earliest, just to store nectar, not for itself, but for others. Your talent, your acting, you just nail it! From ‘Humse hai life’ to ‘Saraswatichandra’ to ‘Swaragini’, I swear I have adored just you and you. May the Almighty bless you with a long life and loads of love and happiness! May you always keep shining the brightest!
I still remember, that just yesterday, I told Mom, “If 3 years before I would have met Varun, he would have left Dhanya for me!”
And my Mom was like, “Kar chuka apne se 17 saal chhoti ladki se shaadi!”
Well, sach bolu toh, I have almost 20 crushes on Indian TV. Seriously! Okay…okay…don’t call me shameless please! So, I say that Sidhant Gupta is my heart…shocked na? Varun ke liya itna pyar mera still I call Sidhant Gupta as my heart? Arey arey arey…coz Varun Kapoor is my life! I really love you! Call me a Sanskaarholic and I’ll say no…call me a Varunholic, that’s my name! I guess I am bak-baking too much! So ending with, Happy Birthday  once again my darling! And I love you a lot….till eternity!


And as for That One Song readers, I guess most of you know that I am doing unwell since few days, and also my exams are nearing. So please listen to me carefully, and don’t throw joote chappals or tamatars…
I won’t be uploading my FF till 2nd October. So, you all will get my next update on 2nd October, as my exams will be ending on 30th September. And yes, don’t worry, coz after that, I’ll be giving you all 2 updates a week, so don’t be sad! Please…pretty please! Aap sabki Ishu ki bhi toh baat socho! Acha ya, don’t worry, romance ka episode hai, toh it will be a dhamaka on 2nd October, and before that, I’ll give you all a short summary of my FF, okay? I love all of you, and do wish me luck for my exams! Love you all?

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