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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) prologue

Hello friends …. This is my first ff…

Let’s start the story..

It’s monsoon… A room is shown which is simple yet beautiful. We can see a balcony with different types of flower plants and different types of wind chains are hanging on the window seems like they are made of hands.. Suddenly it’s starts raining and windows are making noise due to sudden raise in wind. Then we can see a girl entering the room and walking towards window by humming some tune she comes near the window looks out side the window when small drops of rain water falls on her face she immediately closes her eyes and feels the cool breeze we can see her eyes closed and her hair flying due to wind then suddenly she hear a strom by which she get frightened and close the window and feels relaxed…. Then her face is revealed….

Girls pov..

Ohh God what is this every time I hear such type of huge sounds I get frightened don’t know why I feel very strange.. and every time I think of that strange feeling I get some flashes… these flashes always reminds me of the dream that I would get at the childhood..one day I would definitely become mad by thinking about that dream..

She goes to the study table in her room and takes a photograph kept on it and hugs it..

Maa I miss you very much. Since you had left me I had become very alone maa I miss the love and care you shower on me. I miss the way you would make me understand the things. I miss your support. I always carve for your love maa although our family is big no one in our family can take your place or shower me the love you show… I feel very alone maa why you left me… I miss you maa I miss you very much…..

Who is the girl??
What is her dream that she is taking about??
Who are the family members??

This ff will be full of suspense.. Guys my English is not so perfect so please excuse for any grammatical mistakes and typos…

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