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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 2

Hello friends…..
Hope I am not boring you guys…


Scene starts with all leaving the hall….
Sunaina take ragini to her room…
Sunaina – raguu are you really ok you are not hurt know
Ragini – badi maa I am fine why everyone one are asking me the same question even swayam has fallen no one asked him these many times making a pout
Sunaina – because all the children in this house are very hyper if he is really hurt he would have taken all the house upside down.. Only you are in this house is so calm and not even share anything with anybody. Even if it is me you will think before you speak your heart out
Ragini (with a sad face) – badi maa it’s not like that
Sunaina – kk I know baba you share things only if you suppose it is necessary or important same old excuse
Ragini – badi maa..
Sunaina – kk I called you tell you that duggu will take admission for you and shona in his college so you decide about your group that you want to take up and discuss it with him k
Ragini – k badi maa
Sunaina – where are these two from morning I am not seeing them not even clg started don’t know where this duggu went I am sure that these two will make me mad one day..
Ragini smiles by seeing her badi maa…
Just then Sumi enters the room saying bhabhi you know where these two went..
Sunaina – who knows Sumi what they are up to….
Sumi – k bhabhi I will be in room if you need anything just call me…
Sunaina – k

Sumi enters her room by blabaring today I am not going to leave those two they always mess up the things… and stops seeing shekar in a deep thought.
Sumi – shekar is everything fine by keeping the hand on his shoulder
Shekar – ha Sumi just thinking about ragini it has been 7 years she came to us but she still not accepted us
Sumi – I know shekar, before she is not even comfortable with us but know she is had accepted this family. I know she had not accepted us as parents but she do care for us and respects us I am happy that she is happy we should full fill her every wish so that she never misses janki…
shekar – thanku Sumi for always being so supportive if you would have not accepted ragini then I don’t know what I would have done…..
Before he could complete Sumi closes his mouth with her hand and says she is my daughter shekar… they had a deep eye lock.. Which is broken by swayam…
Swayam – enough of your romance mom and dad
Shekar – here comes the dramebazz
Sumi – stop it shekar yes swayam anything important
Swayam – it’s about shona Di and duggu bai
Sumi – know what they did
Swayam – they spoild my project mom
Shekar – they had right to spoil as they only prepared it
Swayam – mom see dad always supports them, I am going no one love me
Saying this he left the room….
Sumi – why u always irritate him and those two always bully him
Shekar – he is youngest of all the siblings while everyone can pamper him then even they can bully him
Sumi – you and those two will never change
Shekar – ok but where are they from morning I had not seen them
God knows where they are…. Even bhabhi also don’t know.. I hope before baisa knows they should come back
Shekar – don’t worry they will come

Scene shifts to swayam..
He thinks.. Today I won’t leave these two they spoiled my project by pouring water na wait and watch what I will do… Then he calls someone and says something which is muted… After ending the call he smirks..
Work done and jumps on bed suddenly realises about his project..
Know what about the project who will help in completing the project and suddenly smiles shouting raguu Di..

Ragini room..
Swayam comes to her room by making a sad puppy face
Ragini gets tensed by seeing his face and says what happened swayam why are you sad
Swayam – see na Di shona Di and duggu Bro spoiled my project tmrw I should submit it in the school otherwise teacher will give punishment what to do know I am not understanding at all and cries (dramebazz)
Ragini – that’s it for that you are sad I am their na I will help you know stop crying and smile
Swayam shouts really u will help me and hugs her
Duo starts doing the project work…
Ragini – swayam I think u had mistaken why they will pourwater on your project as I know they only helped you making the project
Swayam – Di how can you be so innocent
By pulling her cheeks they had not helped me by them self’s… if they won’t help me I would have told bade Papa about their night out so they helped me that’s why they helped me and now as their night out got cancelled see what they did and this tym I am not going to leave them.. see know what I will do to them
ragini – swayam they don’t want to trouble you they do all these things just for fun as you are smallest of all of us that’s it
swayam – come on di I will also do something just for fun not seriously k
and laughs
both enjoy by tickling each other and laughing by cracking jokes

All these things are watched by sunaina and sumi.. they are happy to see raguu very happily enjoying with her brother
Sunaina – see sumi raguu and swayam are enjoying each others company
Sumi – yes bhabhi I wonder shekar and raguu always think alike
Sunaina – of course sumi raguu is shekars daughter na although she will deny it but they are alike
Sumi thinks I promise shekar one day ragini will call you Papa instead Mr gadodia I will make sure that day definitely comes….
Her thoughts are disturbed by sunaina.. Come sumi let’s go to kitchen and make preparations for dinner…
Sumi – ha bhabhi come let’s go….

In kitchen….
Sunaina is seen tensed…
Sumi – bhabhi is everything fine you seem tensed
Sunaina – ha sumi you know I got call from ji he is coming back from his business trip today and he told before he reaches here every one should at home but this duggu is not at home even he took shona with him.. I hope today Ji is in good mood
Sumi smiles..
Sunaina – sumi here I am in tension but you are smiling
Sumi – babhi I know they are not picking the call even I am in tension but how much tension I am in when you call baisa ji na you really look cute
Sunaina – sumi you also joined with your husband and kids not fair
Sumi – sry by catching her ears.. I had already informed to shekar he will take care of them….
God knows what happens today……

In a lonely Road…
We can see few members are waiting for someone….
Some are walking here and their tensedly and some are eating popcorn and waiting eagerly by looking on the empty side of road.. then we can see a girl bitting her nails and looking at the road and asking one of her friends when they will come yaar I am dieing of suspense.. Ohho as if we know one of her friends replies with irritation.. here they come another girl shouts in excitement..
Then we can here the sound of bikes approaching all turn to the side the girl is showing all started to shout different names and we can clear hear a name from the crowd karthik karthik…
As soon as the bikes come near their will be a huge confusion who will win and finally one of the bike passes the finish line all get relived and waiting for the guy to be revealed…
The guy who won the race steps out of his bike in a heroic manner and removes his helmet and gives a flying kiss to the girls…. and the guy is revealed to be karthik..

all shouts karthik karthik…. his friends approach him and lift him up and praises him on his victory..
he sighs his friends to let him down and they drop him.. and he goes near his competitor and taps on his shoulder.. and he is revealed to be sahil..
Karthik – congrats dude you are really a tough compititor
Sahil – smiles and says yes but you are good
Karthik – thanks man this is karthik and you
Sahil – Sahil I am new here
Karthik – nice to meet you
Sahil – same here
Karthik – which college
Sahil – excel clg
Karthik – ho fresher
Sahil – no second year but recently got transferred
Karthik – ho great 3rd year same clg
Sahil – good we can catch up in clg then karthik – k bye
Sahil – bye
As soon as he lives karthik’s friends approaches him…
Shradda – Karthik who is he you are taking to
Karthik – new student of our clg
Dhruv – fresher
Karthik – no second year
Somya – I never saw him in clg
Karthik – he is new
K come let’s go…
Dhruv – karthik take your phone yaar it’s ringing since long
Karthik checks his phone and says ohh shit I am gone today mom and choti moms so many missed calls…
K guys I had to leave meet you tmrw in clg..
Frnds – k bye..

Karthik starts his bike and calls sumi and talks to her by turning on Bluetooth..
Phone conversation…
Sumi – duggu where were you since when I am calling you, you know how much we are worried for you
Karthik – choti mom relax I am fine and I am on my way
Sumi – duggu what is that sound are you driving bike how many times I have to say don’t talk on phone while driving you won’t listen to me na
Karthik – sorry choti maa but I will never repeat but please don’t be angry on me
Sumi – k come fast
Karthik – I am coming and please even inform maa she also called me many times
Sumi – I will inform her and give phone to shona I will talk to her also
Karthik thinks shona had not reached home at now I am definitely gone…
Karthik – choti mom their is full traffic I can’t hear talk to you later we will come home fast and cut the call…
Sumi – hope they come home fast before baisa reaches….
Karthik – shona where were you…

In a garden…
We can see a group of children are cheering for a girl who is playing guitar….
At first her hands are shown which are holding the guitar…
Then her hair left open and disturbing her face due wind…
Then her eyes closed and feeling the music…
Then her lips which her showing her simple yet beautiful smile…
As soon as she finishes playing guitar every one around her appreciate her for her talent…
A girl shouts from back..
Girl – Swara we need to live your bai is coming to pic you up come let’s go..
Swara – k bye everyone meet you later…
She waves bye and leaves with her frnd.

Swara – ho shit I had not checked my phone ria look how many missed calls from mom and badi maa today I am definitely gone
Ria – please Swara everytime you say this and your bai will save always don’t worry
Swara – hope bai convinced mom otherwise they will not let me out next tym come let’s go bai will be coming….

Precap – entry of samir gadodia… Tension in the gadodia family for what??? Ragini’s dream….

Dhruv – Ankit Bathla ( from Thapki Pyar Ki )
Shradda – Monica Kahani (from Thapki Pyar Ki )
Somya – Rubina Dilak (from shakthi)
Ria – vinitha joshi (from mohi serial)

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