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girls also can reach the height (Part 1)

Its a story of princess who has to became prince to protect her kingdom From swara to Prince swayam At the age of 10 accept her parents and her friend and janvi not body know about her secreat she has a younger brother laksh he also don’t know about always keep distance with family she is very brave warrior

Laksh- younger to swara brave loves his family and became warrior like his Dada bhai in relationship with Kavya and bf frnd of ragsan
Sanskar- brave warrior love his kingdom He is flirt but not cheap loves his ragini sister very much best friend of laksh And engaged to kavita
Ragini- innocent bubbly very naughty girl loves everyone she is apple of everyone eyes.crush on swayam which is known by sanlak..


Let start the story
Sanrag were prince/ess of maheshmati..they came to durgapur to spend tym with laksh kavita and kavya they were welcomed by shermishta and shekhar then they leave by livingliving
Laksh-have something rags
Rags- thnx ji
Laksh – plzzzz rags don’t call me ji
Sumi- what’s wrong in ji
Laksh- mom
Sumi- sanskar have palak paneer its good
Laksh- have it rags and kavi and kav plz finish it
Sumi- u also eat it it is good for ur health
Laksh- no mom never
Sumi- eat it otherwise
Laksh- I am not fear of anyone
Sumi- swayam listen your bro is saying something
Laksh by hearing his name eat full vessel of palak pander
Laksh- I have eaten looks for swayam he is not their
All burst out in laugh

Laksh- mom its cheating….. Look I will not eat anything know and pots
Sanky- bro don’t be kiddo….by the way were is he
Sumi- gone in search of any culprit
Rags- dont be angry eat na
Laksh- no
Kavya- have some rice
Laksh- no
Kavita- sweets
Laksh- no
Voice- why any problem with food lakshraj
All turn and see a prince with royal attire wearing a turban( which prince wear ) his colour is of wheat
By seeing him laksh fears
Sumi- swayam
Swayam comes and hugs sanskar kavya and kavita and fold hand in front of ragini
Swayam- Welcome ragini ji
Laksh- ragini ji
Ragini- don’t say ji u didn’t call kavita and kavya as ji ….if u want call sanskar bhai as ji because he is one older to you
Swayam avoids ragini and comes to laksh
Swayam- any problem
Laksh- no I love vegetables
Swayam- don’t act I am bhai I know u….I have order pizza for u all it will be delivered soon
Laksh- thnx dadabhai
Swayam- ohk I am going I have somework bye enjoy
All start enjoying but rags feel sad and start eating
From a room swara/swayam watching ragini
Swara- I am sorry ragini i know i am hurting u but i cant encourage u because in the path u want to walk their is only darkness is their
Soldier- yuvraj we cought him…he is in our custody
Swara- u go I am coming
Swara- come back anjali I am missing youf
Swara goes to jail from were she came to know that the person she is searching for is coming in youth mella.

In hall
Lucky- maa we are going to mella of youth
Sumi- all of you
Sanky- except ragini
Ragini- why dada bhai i also want to go
Laksh- because chipkali its couples mella where couple only get the entry
Ragini-sad ohk u all go
Shekhar- I can come as your partner
Laksh- its youth party not oldies party
Rags- thnz uncle
All -became sad by seeing ragini sad shekhar goes from their all were going but stop by a voice turn and see swara/swayam
Swayam-ragini ji if u dont have any problem can u come with me
All-shocks and lucky faints
Sanky- throw a jug of water on him
Soldier- yes sir
Lucky- wakes up
Sanky- swayam ask ragini for a date
Kavya- I thinks its our helucination
Laksh- Bhai plz pinch me
Ragini is blushing
Swara- actually i got information that the person i am searching is coming their …and janvi is also not here …so i asked her …if u have problem its okay
Ragini – sad its okay which is noticed by all

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