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Gangaa 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
sagar’s father is tensed about the memories of the past coming up like this to confront him. he talks to sagar about this. hey also discuss ganga’s situation, as to how she has come such a full circle, and now again is back to her studies, and fighting for her rights like she did in childhood.


Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Raahat distracts ganga from her questions regarding her husband, and shows her picture. but even when she sees the picture, ganga has questions about raahat’s husband, and she keeps getting tensed. While raahat is tensed, ganga banters about how her daughter has taken on her, but must have gotten some features from her father. raahat is disturbed. but she manages to distract somehow.


next morning, while all are selecting jewellery and other items for the women so that they celebrate teej, ganga suggests for raahat to select something tool. but she leaves tensedly. ganga wishes to go, but the other join her, in making choices. as she too tries on the bangles, she remembers her widowed days, and how sagar stood for her, and starts hallucinating him.

Scene 3:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Sagar gets up to find the house celebrating, and the ladies all selecting jewellery and other items, and hallaucinates ganga with them too. when supriya nudges him, he is drawn awak and asks whats going on, supriya informs him about teej, and he says that ganga always wanted to celebrate this. she gets tensed seeing him miss her like that, while he vehemently says that he hates her. just then, supriya gets the package from supriya’s house, wherein there are gifts for everyone, and ammaji is overly critical about them. prabha joins her too. madhvi is tensed while supriya gets sad. madhvi cheers her up, saying that its very good. supriya is still haunted by what sagar had said, and says that she wishes to go to her parent’s house to meet. ammaji doesnt like it, while supriya insists, saying that she shall come back soon, despite madhvi expresses her concern. finally they reluctantly agree, and she gets happy. prabha is tensed to see her, wondering how is she so well, and wonders if she needs to increase the poison.

While supriya is getting ready, ragini comes, and chatters with her, about her new phone, that rudra gifted for teej. she wishes to leave hurriedly, while ragini is adamant that she wants to go. prabha stands outside listening to her speak. surpiya agrees after making ragini promise that she wont tell anyone. when prabha gets to know that supriya is secretely planning to get ganga back home, along with rudra’s sister, she is furious and says that she wont let it happen. supriya meanwhile hushes ragini asking her not to tell anyone. she tries to give supriya the poison laced milk, but she denies, saying that its late and hurries out.

Scene 4:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Later, all are busy with arrangements when ganga is surprised to find surpriya standing at the door. supriya wishes her a happy teej, wile ragini is excited to see her. prabha too arrives while she watches from outside the door. supriya gives her gifts as is customary for the family, while ganga gets emotional. raahat and her family are happy to see this too. they both hug each other, while tears stream down their cheeks. ragini meets her too. supriya asks her to forget it all, whatever pains her, and celebrate this nicely. ganga then introduces her to the rest of the family. While all are making merry, and dancing, prabha thinks that she has to ruin this festivity, and decides to do something. she eyes where is the swing, as they would definitely go on it. Prabha is extra cautious while implementing her evil plans. she spills the oil of the pickles on the floor, right where the swing is. raahat and others nudge her to sit on the swing before she leaves. she agrees. Ths screen freezes on prabha’s evil face.

Precap: as Prabha’s evil intentions wanted, while moving towards the swing, supriya slips, and falls flat on her stoamch, screaming in pain. ganga and others are shocked. they rush her to the hospital, wherein she is taken in as an emergency case. pulkit and others arrive, and are shocked to see ganga. they ask her, and she says that the doctors have taken supriya in for observation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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