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Gangaa 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Ganga is travelled to the hospital in severe pain.
Niranjan recalls Pulkit, Supriya and Amma all insisting but Sagar and Madhvi had left. Ganga requested him to stop them. Amma sat upset, she recalls asking Madhvi who would look after her house. Madhvi replied Amma would stay here to take care of Pulkit, this house and Niru. Sagar took her blessings. Pulkit asked Sagar to speak to Niranjan, Sagar called it useless and demands them to take care of Amma. Supriya requested him to rethink about his decision, but he requests not to ask any such thing now. Ganga gives Rahat’s box to Niranjan. Niranjan tells Ganga that he is aware she is going to give birth to Sagar’s child, Ganga apologizes to be able to stay here, and it’s about her and her child’s self-respect. Prema calls Niranjan to inform

him they are taking Ganga to hospital. Their car gets stuck in a religious celebration procession, the driver says they must walk from here. The ladies get off the car to make some way. Prema comes to request a lady to give way to the car, she comes towards the car with Prema and watches Ganga in pain. Ganga recognizes the lady as Mamta. The lady asks Ganga try to breathe deep, and instructs the other ladies make way for the car. She comes to sit beside Ganga, who was now out of breathe. She smiles watching Sagar appear from the middle of the procession and gives her hand to call him, it was an illusion only as a lady comes to hold her hand. Ganga looks behind her for Sagar, but her pain worsens again. The lady assures nothing will happen to Ganga, she goes to spread some cloth pieces on the floor, then brings Ganga down the car. She introduces herself as Sarkhi. Mamta was worried how they should get Ganga to hospital, Sarkhi asks her to lay down. Men in the procession carry Ganga on the temporary bed over their shoulders to hospital. They carry her to the truck of the procession. The ladies send the men outside, and help her with the labor. They soon hear the cries of a baby. Mamta announces it’s a girl and hands it to Ganga. Ganga looks around, then asks Mamta about the lady who was here with her, she named herself Sarthi. Mamta tells her she doesn’t belong to their ashram. Ganga wanted to thank her, but Mamta says may be God had sent her to save her and her child’s life. Ganga asks why she was only sent at a widow if it was from God. Mamta explains she has been brought up amongst widows, and share a different relation with them.
Niranjan hurries there, he cheers hearing it’s a girl and says she is just like Sagar; only her eyes are like Sagar’s. He was about to call Sagar, Ganga forbid him. Sagar gets a call from Niranjan, Niranjan asks him to listen to this voice and brings the phone closer to the baby. Sagar was indifferent, saying its Ganga’s child and he has nothing to do with it. Niranjan and everyone was upset. Ganga announces she is only her daughter, and kiss her forehead. Niranjan takes her in his arms. Ganga spots Sarthi disappearing in front of her. Niranjan asks Ganga if she has thought a name for her daughter, Ganga says Krishna. They all smile, as Niranjan caresses the baby calling her as Krishna.

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