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Gangaa 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The doctor writes medicines for Madhvi, Maharaj goes to drop her while Supriya leaves a space near Madhvi for Pankit. She wakes up to see Sagar and Pankit nearby and assures her that she if fine. Amma complains, Pankit says they all are because of her, they and this house needs her. Madhvi was upset that her life was spent in a lie. Sagar questions if she didn’t think about them for once, they can’t live without their mother. Madhvi asks where is Niranjan, if he know about her condition. Supriya makes up that they couldn’t speak to him. Sagar informs them that Rahat is dead. Maharaj comes worried and takes them all out to see what Niranjan is doing. Niranjan came with the luggage and calls Zoya inside. Sagar stops his way, Niranjan tells him to give way but Sagar forbid Zoya enter this house, if


she comes in he and his mother will leave this house forever. Niranjan questions what he just said, Madhvi replies from upstairs he said exactly what he has heard. Supriya helps her downstairs, Madhvi tells Niranjan if this girl comes to this house, their relation, house and family will all be finished. Luggage bag drops off Niranjan’s hand. Madhvi asks him to decide now, this girl or family. She has given her life to this house, can take one decision. Niranjan inquires if this is Madhvi? Sagar interferes yes. Amma scolds Niranjan and says this is her house. Niranjan complains Amma for hiding all this from him, and today when the truth has been revealed his daughter will stay here. Amma curses Zoya to be shameless, Sagar says this girl has come to take revenge from them. He drags her out, but Niranjan saves her. Sagar insists on them to tell Zoya leave this place right away. Ganga arrives to help Zoya, Sagar says Ganga has come at the right place, she must take Zoya away from her forbidding her to keep an eye over this house again. Ganga insists this family is Zoya’s as well, when Niranjan wants to keep her here who can he resist. Sagar questions if Zoya is rightful to enter the house, if Niranjan can betray his mother then what are they here for. Sagar calls Zoya a cunning, disloyal and betrayer. Zoya insists on Niranjan to let her leave, Niranjan stops her but Sagar tells her to leave right away. Ganga argues Sagar, but Sagar says Zoya accused Rudra for rape but what happened in the court. Zoya can even kill someone for her interest. Niranjan slaps Sagar, Sagar says Niranjan has proven he only cares for this girl. He holds Madhvi’s hand to go inside. Ganga was worried if Sagar and Madhvi really leave this house, Niranjan was determined not to lose anyone and goes behind Madhvi.
Sagar was packing the bags, and asks Madhvi to pack her bags. Niranjan enters the room, announcing no one will leave. Sagar insists they will leave. Niranjan decides that Madhvi won’t leave, Madhvi says she will go with Sagar. Niranjan asks Madhvi if she will leave this house, household, this relation and family. Madhvi replies that he has broken everything by himself, trust, love, relation and house. Niranjan says he never turned to his past. He clarifies that he didn’t know about Zoya by himself, Amma had hidden this. Madhvi asks why he brought his past into this house, does he want her to witness his past all day long. She loses her control, Niranjan holds her but she push him back. Niranjan explains it was about 2 or 3 days, and he shares a 31 years old relation with Madhvi; Madhvi argues if he would still prefer Zoya over her. Niranjan confirms if she has decided to leave then?
Sagar thinks about his past, Gaga was walking on the road thinking about the developments. Sagar and Madhvi were travelling in an auto, Sagar lost all in his past.
There was a leap.
Sagar had settled in London with his mother. Ganga was expecting her first child, while they prepared for pooja. In the midst of event, Ganga feels pain. The ladies around help her sit on a chair nearby.

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