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Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 39

Hey yo Happy Friendship day Kbians to you all todays episode is full of fun from my side i have tried to give scene of everyone and dont worry didnt forget to mention about the suspense here the 4 is gone okay so lets see what is today in this episode hope you will like it and yup i remember you asked me about the starcast so here we go

Kuljeet Randhawa as Richa Kharbanda/Richa malhotra
Gaurav Khanna as Sagar Kharbanda
Rakulpreet as Somya
Omkar Kapoor as Rohit
Kartik Aryan as Sumit
Sunny Nijar as Roy
Varun sharma as Soham
Hope you love them


Episode 39
Abhigya reached at the spot where Soham called them and when they reached there they saw that along with Soham, Sumit Somya and Roy was also there and as they saw Abhi coming with Pragya they thought that he is with any other girl as Pragya was in her old attire and they didn’t noticed it as from past few days from the day they have met her they were looking her in suits so they didn’t thought that she will come like that so they didn’t gave attention to that who she is they just thought that she is not Pragya and she is someone else with whom Abhi is hanging out as she was also stopped at some distance due to a call she got at that time so the misunderstanding took place
Abhi: what happened where is Rohit?
Sumit: usko chhor pehle ye bata saley tu Pragya ko dhoka de raha hai teri himmat kaisey hui (leave him first you tell me that you are betraying Pragya how dare you)
Abhi: Abey bawla ho gaya hai kya mainey kab dhoka diya usey (have you gone mad when I betrayed her?)
Soham: ek to doosri ladki ke sath ghoom raha hai upar se keh raha hai dhoka nahi diya (you are wandering around with some other girl and you are saying that you are not cheating her)
Roy: ye behen ji kaun hai fir agar tu usey cheat nahi kar raha hai teri behen hai kya (who is this madam if you are not cheating her is she have relation with you of sister) (said to Pragya who was standing facing her back didn’t heard what he said)
Abhi: Eeh pagal hai kya behen nahi hai wo meri (have you gone mad she is not my sister)
Sumit: behen ji kaun ho aap aur sharam nahi aati apko shadi shuda aadmi k sath ghoomte hue (sister who are you don’t you feel shame wandering around with a married man)
Soham: sharam kar Abhishek thodi to sharam kar shadi karey hue ek din hua hai abhi tujhe (its ridiculous Abhishek have some shame yr it’s just one day had spent you have marrie)
Abhi being irked: will you please shut up do you want to know who is the girl wait I will make you meet her wait
He went and snatched phone from Pragya by which she got irked and yelled on him
Pragya: kya hai yr mai baat kar rahi thi na (what the hell I was talking)
Abhi: tu yahan baat karti reh aur wahan wo sab meri jaan le lenge (here you stay and by that time your brothers will take my life away)

He dragged her to them and there Roy whose concentration was just on yelling at Abhi didn’t saw it was Pragya and said
Roy: behen ji kaun ho aap zara batao isney apko chhera tha kya (sister who are you just tell me did he tried to flirt with you)
Pragya giving a slight punch at his shoulder: eh Roy pagal hai kya kis angle se mai tujhe behenji dikhai de rahi hoon pee rakhi hai kya tune (Eh Roy what are you blabbering have you drunk)
Sumit: Pragya its you sorry bhai we misunderstood you
Abhi: kuchh naya batao nalayakon humesha to yahi karte ho (tell me something new everytime you use to do so)
Soham: Okay na yr sorry now leave it and see what happened to Rohit today
Somya: he is drunk
Pragya: what! But he didn’t use to drunk right!
Sumit: Possibility is he must have saw her in morning itself that’s why he is doing what he didn’t did yet (pointing out Somya)
Pragya: shut up Sumit for god sake don’t start now
Abhi: yes he didn’t use to drunk but what happened today?
Soham: Arey Yr you know Parineeta aka Pari wasn’t answering his call from past one month and he thought may be she is busy that’s why so he didn’t disturbed her but he started getting tensed when she wasn’t coming online too then suddenly today she came online and posted her pic with her husband Kushal and he was left heart broken he didn’t talked to us and suddenly met at evening in this state and asked us to drop him here we did and from past half an hour he is shouting out her name here
Abhi: What! Paro got married but how and that also with that motu Kushal this is not done dude she was in relation with him from past five years and even she was engaged with Rohit then how can is this possible? And if I am not wrong then this Kushall is the same person whose Sweet restaurant in Lajpat Nagar area in some street.
Sumit: yes bhai he is the same don’t know bhai see what happened to our bro
They looked at Rohit who was shouting out Paro (he calls pari with love)
Rohit: eh paro o paro apne baap ka khoon piya hai to bahar nikal dekh mai aaya hoon (Paro come out if you have courage to face me come out see I am here)
she wasn’t coming out all went to him to control him
Abhi trying to control him: bhai Rohit kya ho gaya tujhe shant ho ja bhai (bhai Rohit what happened to you please calm down)

Rohit being drunk: Pyar kiya tha maine bhai dhoka de gayi mujhe wo (I loved her bhai and she betrayed me)
Abhi: this is impossible Rohit be cool yr nothing had happened
Rohit: tu nahi samjhega bhai pyar kiya tha mainey ussey dhoka de gayi mujhe kisi aur se shadi kar li usney wo be sala gali ka motu Chhaggan halwai uske liye mujhe dhoka diya bhai sala pede jaisa dikhne wala mota meri jalebi ko uda kar le gaya kya nahi kiya bhai maine uskey liye ek baar to soch leti (you will not understand bhai I loved her but she betrayed me and that also for whom that Fatty sweet like kushal aka chaggan he flew away my jalebi bhai)
Abhi: bhai calm down
Rohit: pata hai usne kaha Rohit baby mujhe na apna ghar chahiye maine liya bhai 35 lakh ka ek flat khareeda bhai maine uske naam par I phone 6s bhai wo bhi khreeda uske bhai ka admission karaya IIT me 2.30 lakh de kar baap ka operation karaya heart ka maine wo heart patient tha aur ye mujhe he heart patient bana gayi bhai (what I have done you know she said Rohit baby I want a new flat of my own I purchased I treated her father who was heart patient purchased iphone 6s and filled the admission of her brother in IIT and she betrayed me like this)
Sumit: we can understand
Rohit: bhai baby baby karke baba bana gayi mujhe isliye mai aaj yahan aaya hoon sare jawaab chahiye mujhe ee paroo bahar nikal apney baap ka khoon piya hai to (she made me fool in a good way and today I will take all my answers from her I will not leave her just like it eeh Paro come out)
With much difficulty they were successful too but at that moment Parineeta opened the door of her home and came out, she dragged him to her garden in back and all followed them but stood at some distance from them she was holding his hand and he jerking it off shouted
Rohit: eeh yahi hai paro maine to pee rakhi hai koi to is badtameez ko thappad maro (guys she is paro I am drunk atleast you slap her)
Parineeta: Rohit itni raat ko yaha kya kar rahey ho tum (Rohit what are you doing this much late night here)
Rohit: waah itni raat ko to aise bol rahi hai jaise pehle kabhi aaya hi nahi mai tujhse itni raat ko milney bhool gayi jab tere ghar aadhi raat ko pipe chadh kar tujhe milne aata tha teri chhat par (you are saying if I am coming like this first time to meet you have you forgot how I use to meet you earlier by climbing the pipe on your terrace)
Pari: jab tum pipe chadh k aatey they wo time doosra tha ab meri shadi ho chuki hai (when you use to come by climbing pipes that time was alter now I am married)
Rohit: to shadi k baad kya pipe ukhadwa dii hai tuney ghar k (so now after marriage have you dissembled the pipes) (after drinking)

Pari: mera matlab hai ab mai tumse nahi mil sakti ab mai kisi ki wife hoon kisi ki bahu hoon (I mean now I cant meet you now I am wife of some one and daughter-in-law of someone)
Rohit: to mere ghar aati to kya mai tujhe MLA banata ? wahan bhi tu bahu hi banti nalayak bata kya hai us bean bag jaisey halwai me jo mere pass nahi hai (so if you have married me then would I have made you MLA? There also you would have become wife of someone idiot tell me what is in that bean bad like creature that is not with me?)
Pari: he is owner of five sweet restaurants in Lajpat nagar area
Rohit: badi dukan honey se kuchh nahi hota moti. Mithaiyan bhi honi chahiye andar saley ne bahar itna bada board laga rakha hai kaushal sweets aur andar jao to sala passport size photo develop karney ka kaam karta hai (nothing is there in having sweet shops sweets must be in he has just written a board of Kushal sweets but if you will go inside he use to develop passport size photos)
Pari: it is his part time job you don’t know anything about him his chefs make such a sweet and delicious sweets
Rohit: Kya mithaiyan banata hai wo be ek jalebi to seedhi hoti nahi uski bada aaya mithaiyan banana wala tedi tedi jalebi banata hai sala mainey dekha hai usey (what sweets he use to make arey he is unable to make a single staright jalebi I have seen that idiot he use to make twisted jalebi)
Pari: o bewkoof jalebi tedhi hi banti hai (o idiot jalebi is twisted only)
Rohit: chal jhoothi jalebi seedhi banti hai mainey dekha hai Pragya banati thi mainey khai bhi hai (you liar I have seen Pragya use to make straight jalebis)
Hearing this Pragya patted her head said “Satyanash”
Abhi looking at Pragya: tuney mujhe to kabhi jalebi nahi khilayi wo bhi seedhi seedi (you never make me taste jalebis of your hands)
SSSR in chorus: exactly

Pragya: usney kaha tumne maan liya mainey usey sweet sticks khilayi thi ek baar usi ko ye seedhi jalebi kehta hai (he said you agreed I have just given him sweet sticks to eat once he use to say seedhi jalebi to it only)
Abhi: tuney mujhe kabhi wo bhi nahi khilaya par koi nahi baad me niptunga tujhse pehle isey dekh loon (you never given me that too anyways I will see you later first let me see what is he doing)
Pari: dekho Rohit tum jao yahan se wo so rahey hai aisa na ho wo uth jayen badi musibat ho jayegi tum jao (look Rohit you go from here he is sleeping if he got awake then it will be a big problem please try to understand and go)
Rohit: kya uth jayega wo jaag raha hota hai tab to utha nahi jata ussey soya soya kya uthega wo (how he will awake what he will do arey he cant even stand when he is awake then how can he awake while sleeping)
Pari: dekh wo uthey na uthey par ab tu ek aur shabd bola na to mera haath zaroor uth jayega (look I don’t know whether he will awake or not but if you said one more word against him then I will slap you for sure)
Rohit: mujh par hath uthaegi tu apni bade behen jaisey boyfriend par hath uthaegi tu us anpadh ganwar ke liye mujhe par hath uthaegi tu sharam nahi aayegi tujhe (You will slap me you will slap your boyfriend for that illiterate person)
Pari: dekh wo anpadh nahi hai unhone MBA kiya hua hai (look he is not illiterate he is MBA)
Rohit: MBA kiya hai usney kisme doodh khoye me? Oh ganwar hai sala tera pati kal mai uski dukan par gaya apni behen ki shadi ki khushi me rasgulla lene maine kaha bhai 2 kg de de kehta mujhe bottle laye ho kya sala bottle me rasgulla kaun deta hai( he is MBA! In what Milk and Khoya (sweet made from milk)? Oh your husband is fully illiterate yesterday I went to his shop to purchase some rasgullas as my sister was wedded yesterday I said bro pack 2kg rasgullas he said have you brought bottle now tell me who sells rasgullas in bottle)
Pari: tu SRCC se padha hua hai isliye itna beizzat kar raha hai na unhe ye padha tune Sri Ram college of Commerce se (you have studied from SRCC that’s why you are insulting him na this is what have you studied there)
Rohit: haan to SRCC se padha hoon kya karta mujhe admission mil gaya mai padha waha se mujhme kya kami thi ussey jayda padha hoon mai bol achha chal ek kaam kar goli maar us mote ko bhag chal mere sath (yes I have studied from SRCC I got admission so I studied there then why you left me I have studied more than him okay do one thing leave that bean bag come we will run together from here)
Pari: mai tumhare sath nahi bhag sakti Rohit meri saans fool jati hai (I cant run with you as I start gasping)
Rohit: tera pati foola hua hai saans to teri foolegi hi
Pari: Mera matlab hai mai tumhare sath nahi bhag sakti mujhe bhool jao tum (I mean I cant come with you forget me)
Rohit: Kyu bhool jao tujhe yaad hai tere Birthday par kitna bada mobile gift kiya tha maine (why should I forget you do you remember i have gifted you a big mobile on your birthday)
Pari: that was Chinese mobile didn’t worked for even two months
Rohit: Chinese maal ko dosh de rahi hai tu to Indian thi tu kyu nahi tik gayi (you are blaming Chinese mobile you was Indian then why don’t you stayed with me)
Pari: dekho Rohit tumne pee rakhi hai tum peena chhor do tab mai kuchh sochungi (look Rohit you are drunk first you quit drinking then I will think something)
Rohit: sab chhodne ko hi kehte hai kal Sumit ne bhi kaha ghar chhor de mainey kaha kyu auto pakad khud ja ab tu keh rahi hai peena chhor do (everyone is saying to leave yesterday Sumit also said to leave me home I said why should I take an auto and go by yourself now you are saying leave drinking)
Pari: haan kyuki tumhe apne par control nahi rehta (yes because after drinking you are not able to control of yourself)
Rohit: kaun kambakht control karne ko peeta hai mainey to pee hai taki tere been bad ki aisi ki taisi kar sakun (who drinks for control I have drunk for insulting your husband)
Pari: Rohit it is waste to talk with you because you are drunk
Saying this she left from there and shut the door with full force and he was shouting there her name when Pragya came infront of him and he said “sorry madam ladki naraz hai” and hearing this she gave a tight slap to him and he was fully jerked the blinking his eyes he said
Rohit: Pragya you! How you came here?
Pragya: just shut up Sumit take him to his home right now he has created a lot of mess here just go bhai
Sumit took him to his home and here Pragya was in full anger upon what had happened and she thought something was fishy but how to find out at that time she went with Abhi but as they reached half a way Pragya said
Pragya: Abhi turn the car towards Rohit’s home please
Abhi : but why he is not in state to talk with someone
Pragya: I said just do it na he is faking all this
Abhi: but how can you be sure
Pragya: just do as I say

Abhi turned the car in full confusion and soon they reached at Rohit’s home the door was open
Pragya: just stay here I will come in sometime
Abhi stood there and Pragya moved towards Rohit’s room she found him there looking at one picture in his hands with full of anger and guilt she stood at the door and said
Pragya: itna drama kyu kiya (why this much drama you did?)
Rohit : Pragya you! When you came and about what drama you are talking about
Pragya: that drama which you did that you pretended you are drunk and blabbered use less things in front of that girl
Rohit: why do you think that I wasn’t drunk I am drunk?
Pragya: just sprinkling some drops of alcohol doesn’t makes you drunk understood now stop all this and tell me why you did this you cant lie to me I am with you since childhood and know you more than anyone else now tell me bhai why you did this all and created such a mess
Rohit: I don’t know Pragya why I did that just my mind said to blurt out my anger and I chose this way as I love her and can’t hurt her so did all this drama
Pragya: but why you did this all tell me what was the need there were many ways like you must have talked with her directly then
Rohit sat down : I don’t know. You know I always wanted that I must also have a happy life like all have and when I was getting all that then why she snatched all that from me by giving hopes why she betrayed me like this I wasn’t able to understand what to do I was totally feeling like someone has stabbed my back which is actually happened I never have any guilt that I spent this much for her but the question was if she was money minded then why she left me I was having more money then that bean bag
Pragya: Bhai why are you feeling like this we all are with you na then why are you feeling like this that you should have love do you think our love is not genuine for you
Rohit: Its nothing like that I don’t even think all that for you because you are the one who understands me very well you are the one who is with me since childhood my parents died but you and Richa dii never let me think I am an orphan you managed all my wishes ignoring what will aunty do with you, bear all punishments for me all the work of mine you did how can I think that you are not my genuine lover.
Pragya: then why you think that you also need an happy life you are happy yr see we all are together what Is more than this happiness
Rohit hugged her: mainly when you are alright sis that is the happiness I am sorry I was feeling bad for some passing clouds
Pragya patting his back: its okay yr you see what I will do us bean bag ki sari hawa nkaal doongi mai don’t me tensioned
Rohit laughed and again hugged her: you are best yr
Pragya: just because my bro is best

Abhi was hearing all this from outside and understood why Rohit is always so special for Pragya and he understood why Rohit was always there to support her because she supported her forgetting all the things so to lighten the mood he went in Rohit was still hugging Pragya
Abhi: Oye Rohit I will case upon you for hugging my wife
Rohit: ja saley meri behen pehle hai wo (go to hell she is my sister first)
Pragya: exactly do whatever you want to do
Abhi: hey that’s not fare yr you both in one team I am alone
Rohit and Pragya laughed and called him they trio shared a group hug then Abhigya left from there
Abhi: how you came to know that he was acting?
Pragya: Because he will never say straight jalebi to sweet sticks if he is drunk and moreover he hates such things so he cant drink and he cant lie to me too but why are you asking you was about to fight with me na that time
Abhi: sorry yr
Pragya: keep your sorry in your pocket okay
She turned her face and Abhi banged his fist on steering wheel in hope that she will turn being concerned for him but alter was happened
Pragya: hath kyu maar raha hai sir maar na apna ye le ye dash bord par maar sir jyada ache se lagegi sir par na lagey to ek baar mujhe batana mai addha maar doongi wo to definitely lagega idiot kahika (why are you banging you fist there bang your head do one thing bang your head upon this dash board then you will get better effect and tell me if it also not works I will hit you with a full brick that will give better effect for sure you idiot)
Abhi: theek hai theek hai samjh gya mai jyada mat bol ab
It was raining outside and Abhi was thinking how to cheer her up now as the mistake was his only so he remembered the only thing which can cheer her mood but how this will happen? When he looked that some children were playing in rain so he thought something and stopped the car Pragya got irked that why he stopped the car in mid way she glared at him and he winked with a smile to her he went near the kids they were playing and singing in rain
Chak dhoom dhoom chak dhoom dhoom chak dhoom dhoom chak

Abhi said something in ears of one of the kid and they start singing by hearing which Pragya got shocked as Abhi told them to sing :
Ghode jaisi chaal, haathi jaisi dum (A walk like a horse’s, a tail like an elephant’s
O saawan raja kahan se aaye tum (Oh King of the rain season, where have you come from?)

Koi ladki hai jab voh hansti hai (There is a girl, when she laughs)

Chak dhum dhum chak dhum dhum – 2

Koi ladki hai jab voh hansti hai (There is a girl, when she laughs)

Baarish hoti hai, chhanak chhanak chhum chhum (It rains heavily)

Hey, koi ladki hai jab voh hansti hai (Hey, there is a girl, when she laughs)

Baarish hoti hai, chhanak chhanak chhum chhum (It rains heavily)

Pragya came out of car with a smile of attitude and joined him in reply giving answer to him said

Koi ladka hai jab voh gaata hai (There is a boy, when he sings)

Chak dhum dhum chak dhum dhum – 2

Arre koi ladka hai jab voh gaata hai (There is a boy, when he sings)

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghum ghum (The rain season comes)

Hey, koi ladka hai jab voh gaata hai (Hey, there is a boy, when he sings)

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghum ghum (The rain season comes)

Chak dhum dhum chak dhum dhum – 2

Abhi gave a wide smile as she forgave him he was stood lost in thoughts when she came from back and rounding her hands to his shoulder from back said

Baadal jhuke jhuke se hain (The clouds are heading downward)

–Abhi holding her hands back —
Rastein ruke ruke se hain (The streets are stopped)

–Pragya coming forward and looking upwards to the clouds–
Kya teri marzi hai megha (What is your wish, cloud?)

Ghar humko jaane na dega (You don’t allow us to go home)

–Abhi sat folding his legs and resting his chin on his palm–
Aage hai barsaat, peechhe hai toofaan (In front is rain, behind is a storm)

Mausam beimaan, kahan chale hum tum (The season is unruly, where will you and I go?)

Chak dhum dhum chak dhum dhum – 2

–Pragya also sat with him and pulling her cheeks —
Koi ladki hai jab voh hansti hai (There is a girl, when she laughs)

Baarish hoti hai, chhanak chhanak chhum chhum (It rains heavily)

–Pragya making him stand up and covering her shoulder from her hands–
Koi ladka hai jab voh gaata hai (There is a boy, when he sings)

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghum ghum (The rain season comes)

she laughs at him as he was shivering in cold breeze of rainy season and he just striked his head slightly with hers and said
Abhi: Smile like this forever
Pragya smiled and then the screen shifts to Mumbai Next day Richa was at the place whose hint Aniket gave to her on time with Sagar and was waiting for him

Sagar: I think Richa you misunderstood him he will not come its been one hour and he is not here at all
Richa: lets see Sagar there is still one hour left
They were arguing when Richa suddenly passed a smile and said
Richa: see who is there?
Sagar looked at the direction and got shocked as it was Aniket it means Richa’s assumption and conclusion was right he gave them a hint
Aniket: I have to agree dii you are really sharp minded
Richa: no I have to agree that your catching power is great because He told you just one time that I am good at solving riddles you told me everything in riddles great
Aniket: yes
Richa: by the way now you can tell us all the truth right
Aniket: yes but first tell me how you use to solve everything so smoothly
Richa: look my dear everything has its deep meaning its just your way of thoughts that you want to think like that or not
Aiket: great okay lets come to the point
Richa: yup sure tell me
Aniket: I can tell you all but not the name openly as the person who did all this is spying on me through some men so it will be better you both either cover your face or turn a side because one of them was following me and he is coming in this direction
Richa: I will cover up my face and Sagar you better sit in opposite direction
Sagar nodded yes
Richa: now tell us what is the matter
Aniket showed some pics to Richa looking at that she got shocked to the hell and Aniket told her everything which was again a great shock to her whatever he told was muted Richa was unable to understand what was happening around her she was unable to understand till now
Aniket: and what do you think Somya went there by her own I called her and told her indirectly and that too hiding my identity because if I would have told her my identity then my life and my whole family will be in threat I told her to go and make her documentary there because I was totally sure that she will find her and she will be safe I was too shocked dii when I came to know that this is the person who was behind all this I have to leave now otherwise these men will get doubt on me
Richa: Okay I will see you later
Aniket left from there and Richa was sat there in shock Sagar held her hand
Richa: we have to leave right now Sagar we have to leave towards Delhi
Sagar: But why now Pragya is fine right! And she is safe too
Richa: No that’s not true damn it
Sagar: how can you say that!
Richa: I can say that now Pragya is not in danger but someone else is there who is in danger
Sagar: who?? Atleast tell me that yr
Richa: I will tell you everything Sagar but first we have reach Delhi as soon as possible
Sagar: okay so shall I book flight tickets
Richa: do it right now we have to leave we cant waste time here if this is the person behind all the mess

Precap: Abhi “I cant live with this metal foul” Pragya “SO who wants to live with a monkey like you better you stay away from me” Abhi “Okay i think we cant live together we should get divorced” Pragya ” fine i will send the papers to you or better you yourself manage to do so”
So who is the person and now who has the threat lets see in further updates and yeah dont worry about precap lets see whether it is drama or something has happened in between them now comming to the star cast hope you liked them actually they are not proper movie stars but they suited to my characters so i opted for them and yeah i think today you will think all the episode was based on Rohit but i just tried to present a friendly episode like tday is friendship day next update will be full of Abhigya so dont worry keep calm and yeah HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY GUYS

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