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Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 37

its episode no 37 of GOD one good news for you all before starting that defect of SOF is almost recovered you will be able to read it soon and one story is there which is written by Ashini Patel i didnt remember the name but i want to say Ashini if you are reading it that it is fantabulous dear dont bother about comments just keep writing dear

Episode 37
Next day without telling to Pragya Richa left for Mumbai along with Sagar and Rajesh stayed there as it was necessary to stay there he came after such a long time and the screen shifts to Abhigya’s room here they both were sleeping when suddenly the phone ringed and from Abhi and Pragya no one was ready to get up and receive the call
Pragya in sleep: Oye Abhishek get up your phone is ringing
Abhi in sleep: it’s not mine My phone doesn’t have this ringtone
Pragya still in sleep: Get up idiot it’s yours only
Abhi still in sleep: It’s not mine
Pragya got irritate and picked up the pillow which was near her and hit on his face : I am saying it’s yours only why are you not receiving it
Abhi in irritation pushed her aside and as she was already on the edge of the bed she fell down and finally broke her nap and being irked picked up the phone and what she heard she was shocked to hear that and as the call ended she woke up in anger and pushed Abhi this time he fell down and woke up with the jerk
Abhi: what the hell who use to make awake like this
Pragya: same question I can also ask you by the way what did you posted on your Facebook Account can you tell me?
Abhi: What happened yr it is first day of our married life and you are fighting with me yr
Pragya: oye don’t be over smart you posted my pic while I was yawning at night and that too in night suit why you didn’t posted it when I was in that heavy attire and what caption you have loaded “when a sloth bear want to sleep” how dare you?
Abhi: What! Don’t say you are serious.
Pragya: I am serious I mean how could you do so yr disgusting seriously
Abhi: Pragya listen to me at least yr how can I do so when I haven’t even logged into my account from past six months yr
Pragya: If you haven’t did it then who did so
Abhi : how would I know


Just then he also got one call and after attending that call he widened his eyes in shock
Pragya: what happened now why you opened you eyes like an owl
Abhi while checking something in his mobile : Pragya you posted my pic while sleeping and caption what caption you have posted with picture “a sleeping alligator” seriously am I looking like alligator to you PG
Pragya: what rubbish? I even don’t have my account active then how can I post picture
Abhi shown him the picture : so who is this Pragya Mehra who tagged me this
Pragya laughed harder: dude I don’t know about Pragya Mehra but you are really sleeping like an alligator hahahahh
Abhi being irked snatched her phone from her hands and he also started laughing harder : Pragya I don’t know who did this but I must appreciate the person the right snap with right caption hahahah really looking like a sloth bear
He started checking her phone and then she also did the same and then both looked at each other and said in chorus “if you didn’t then who did this” thinking that Abhi sat on bed and Pragya started wandering here and there then she got a call and as the person on opposite side spoke she yelled at the person and ended the call
Abhi: what happen why you shouted like that whose call was that?
Pragya: It was Ruchi one of my friend
Abhi: what was she saying?
Pragya: she said that why I have married a person who is released from rehab centre and mental asylum I mean what rubbish all this is
Abhi : I look like a mental person to her what the hell is this Pragya don’t you dare take her name infront of me again otherwise I will kill her for sure
Pragya: now you also started cant you stay quiet
Just then Abhi also received a call and he also started yelling at the person then hanged up the call
Pragya: Who and what?
Abhi: Pratham one of my friend he said why do you married a girl who is just released from prison and was arrested in the case of murder
Pragya: who is this Pratham tell me his address and phone number till now I didn’t murdered anyone but today I will do it sure and that too of this Pratham
Then again and again they got such type of calls then and were totally frustrated and one more call came then Abhi said
Abhi: Wait don’t receive it
Pragya: I have an better idea just break the face of the person
Abhi: no just do one thing put your phone on speaker then we will decide what to do
She did that
Caller: Hello Pragya
Pragya being irked : No this is lady Diana

Caller: now I am sure that this is you only Shikha speaking here
Pragya: if you have called me idiot then it is obvious then I will receive the call now tell me what happened
Shikha also asked the same question and she rolled her eyes off in anger and was about to cut the call when Abhi whispered controlling her in her ears : Shant lady Bheem Shant just ask her first from where did she got to know this
Pragya: yes yr it just happened you know right! Love is blind by the way from where did you got to know that?
Shikha: from Instagram I saw your wedding pics there on your account
Pragya and Abhi looked at each other : Oh thanks Shika by the way thanks for the wishes too now I have to go actually my mad husband is calling me
Saying this she hanged up the call and then Abhigya checked their IG accounts and there were the some selfies on Pragya’s account it was the same how Somya took showing her face and Abhi’s face was hidden and on Abhi’s account it was Pragya was in veil and Rohit was taking selfie
Abhi: Pragya.. did something striked to your mind ? (Pragya kuchh samajh aa raha hai)
Pragya: yes I think our doubt is same and we know who did all this (samjh aa nahi raha aa gaya hai)
Abhi: we were thinking that something is fishy but here everything is fish a big whale fish (yaha humey lag raha tha ki daal me kuchh kala hai par yaha to poori daal hi kaali hai)
Pragya: koi baat nahi mujhe kaali daal bohot pasand hai
Abhi giving a naughty smile : Mujhe bhi to bata kaise pata chaley ki humara shaq sahi hai (me too so tell me how to know that our doubt is genuine)
Pragya: formula no 65
Abhi: you mean that formula no 65
Pragya: of course
Abhi: But I am not ready with it you know right! Last time when we used this formula then it wasn’t resulted good
Pragya: that situation was alter and this is different there the happenings were alter but here they have spoilt my morning I will not leave them specially those two.
Abhi: my morning also have spoilt now they will see what we will do
Pragya : so ready to apply formula no 65 partner
Abhi : ready partner

They shared an high five and screen shifted to Richa and Sagar they were in Mumbai now at their home Richa was arranging dining table for the breakfast and Sagar went to fresh n up when he came he saw that all was set he said
Sagar : I don’t know Archie how you use to be so energetic every time yr I am totally wasted out
Richa smiled: its all upon you when you want to be fit you can stay fit but you prefer to sleep late morning and I prefer work out as I have to run here and there for business
Sagar while sitting: yes I know that by the way have you decided to from where you will start
Richa: we have already started our work right!
Sagar: I mean to say we don’t know about where do that Aniket live what is his address and how he looks then how we will find him
Richa: uff Sagar when your wife is here then what to fear you know I have already done all that
Sagar: really! but when ?
Richa: you know my brothers are too smart they helped me a lot in doing so
Sagar: you mean RSSR gang helped you in all this they know what you are going to do
Richa: Of course they know it very well
Sagar: great then whats the plan
Richa: no plan for today as I am tired and want to take rest it is not easy to travel the train journey of 12 hours you from last night 1:00 am we have departed and now it is exactly 1:00 pm and we are having our break fast did you find it a joke
Sagar: my thoughts are also the same lets start from tomorrow and the screen again shifts to Abhi and Pragya here she came infront of him after 3 hours since he left in morning and when he looked at her he said
Abhi: why you have worn this 6 by 6 bedsheet don’t you have clothes (tere paas kapde nahi hain kya jo ye 6 by 6 ki bedsheet lapet k ghoom rahi hai)
Pragya: have you lost it this is called saree don’t you know that, that you are calling it 6 by 6 bedsheet illiterate people huh (oh ganwaar sadi kehte hai isey samjha)
Abhi: to tu ye pehnegi ab? (so you will wear this from now onwards)
Pragya: dekh ek to ye kapde mujhe pareshaan kar rahey hain upar se tu ugh mai yaha aai hi kyu (look already I am fed up of these clothes and now you ugh why did I came here)
Abhi: To mat pehen na kisne kaha pehnne ko wo pehen jo comfortable hai tere liye (so why you are wearing all these wear that in which you feel comfortable)
Pragya: what if Maa papa and Bhaiya pointed out for that
Abhi: eh they will not they are not society conscious like your maa and bhai
Pragya turned her face to opposite direction and Abhi realised what he said
Abhi: sorry yr I didn’t meant in that way I just
Pragya: its okay after all that’s the truth so I didn’t felt that much
Abhi: Pragya yr I am sorry really
Pragya: ab tu husband type baat kar raha hai (now you are talking like typical husbands)
Abhi: okay theek hai chal ek kaam kartey hai (okay fine lets do one thing then)
Pragya: What?
Abhi: Shopping and lets get old Pragya back I think you need a hair cut too as long hairs doesn’t suits you blond cut was perfect so ready to change makeover
Pragya: really you want me to live like that
Abhi: yeah as that Pragya was better than this emotional fool
Pragya: what did you said just now
Abhi: emotional fool
Pragya: Tu gaya ab samajh
Abhi: Oh baad me maar liyo abhi chal warna formula no 61 kaisey poora hoga (oh treat me later first come soon otherwise how will you complete formula no 61)
Pragya: Okay one punch is pending for you
Abhi: okay PG.
Pragya: by the way what Is password of your fb account
Abhi: why? Do you want to spy on me
Pragya: no just asking
Pragya: why?
Abhi: idiot it is my password
Pragya laughed on that:do you know my IG password
Abhi: No
Pragya: Luteri Dulhan
then both laughed out loud
ABhi: great as you hahaha luteri dulhan
Pragya: yours too lolz Dobara mat poochhna

Precap: “she betrayed me i will not leave her how can she do this to me when i loved her that much” “hold on bhai control we will talk to her we will make her understand that this is not good she should not do this”
What is this formula no 61 and what Abhigya are going to do lets wait for the next update and yeah REJI it was you and i remember you very well kahan thi tu may busy in studies Reshma finally you are back i was so happy to see you comment yr Kaif it was a surprise for me to see your comment after a long time hope you are liking it Somya tujhe kuchh na bolne wali mai par bol hi deti hoon thank you for supporting me everytime Abhigya ab to naam bata do kab tak pardey k peechhe se tareef karogi kabhi milo to sahi yr taron ke neeche se mat aana IG ya FB par aana lolz Durga you comments are trimmed yr i think the concept is not up to your expectation is it? Pinki Angita you people were new but i love to see your comments Riyashri haha for you i am an rock star lets see how much rocking i can be Aytac mai ek hi baat keh sakti hoon tumhare liye tum lajawab ho tumara jawaab nahi i am waiting for your ff Mukund Raj i am very sorry i am not upto your expectations but hope i will be Mahi after reading your comment i always feel over whelmed that you like my every song every situation dear and i love your writing tell me when you are writing next os i want to read it yr Saranya sweet girl you are dear and your creation too love that word budhhu alot haha Varsha what should i say about you dear i dont know how old you are but your comments make me feel like an unknown relaxed feeling i love the way you comment Nivi and shara are invisible now a days but i know you are reading so no need to be sorry Nivi i am saying always and you know i feel happy when i see your comments that you are reading it and hope you will do good with your exams be careful with your sasuma and pati dev okay hahaha you know about what i am talking lolz and i am sorry if i forgot someone to mention

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