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Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 34 (Special episode)


hey i know i am late not late extreme late but i was busy with some work i am extremely sorry for that forgive me for that too and yeah today is the special episode if anyone feels bore so again forgive me lets go to the episode first
Episode 34
The episode starts with all are practicing for their part in the Sangeet function there in separate rooms when Abhi came to Milind and looking at him it was clear that he was totally frustrated out
Milind: what happen Mr Groom?
Abhi: Bhaiya see please make Bhabhi understand that she has part with you not with us.
Milind: Now what Prachi had done?
Abhi: she is spoiling my part yr by her desi lines.
Milind: I think that is Dadi’s influence she always use to say her that a DIL should be perfect from her point of view and this time she can’t attend your marriage as she is out of town with some kind of important property work
Abhi: if she is not coming then it doesn’t means that Bhabhi will complete her presence Bhaiya ask her to don’t do this
Milind: Oye she is your Bhabhi don’t say like this to her I will not tolerate anything about my wife
Abhi: whoa that’s great yr you know what will happen if your wife will spoil my part like this then my wife will kill me for sure because it is her choice to keep the Akshay Kumar special and with lots of difficulties I have chose this song I can’t tolerate any kind of fun with that
Milind: Are you ordering me?
Abhi: Bhaiya I am requesting you joining both my hands please make her understand that her part is with you not with us.
Milind: then I will help you
Abhi: what a time has come a brother have to request with a brother God please save me from this blunder
Saying this he left and then screen shifts to Rohit, Roy and Soham along with Richa
Richa: I think this song is best
Rohit: I agree with my sister
Roy: what do you mean by your sister she is our sister too
Soham: exactly

Rohit: who said this that she is your sister she is my sister only both neither of Pragya nor of you silly people she is sister of intelligent person and that’s me only
Richa: Actually Rohit, Roy is right now don’t argue on this silly matter okay
Just then Somya and Sumit entered and they were also fighting
Somya: how dare you stolen my song
Sumit: did you wrote that song so I will steal it
Somya: I haven’t written it but I have already chosen it then?
Sumit: Oh please!! This is your excuse to steal a best song from me I know your kind of girls
Looking them like this Richa held her head and whispered
Richa: Gosh always fighting don’t know if they will marry then how will they survive
Rohit: didi they will survive well but
Richa: but!!
Roy: think about the neighbours
Soham; and relatives too
Richa: yeah point in that anyways just start our practices just leave them like this.
They tried to ignore them and continue their practice but in vein Sumit and Somya were fighting like kids and that too in loud voice all were gathered there listening them and finally Pragya shouted
Pragya: Enough…. What is the matter you are fighting like a dog and a cat?
Somya: You said me cat babsy!!
Pragya: No I said Sumit is dog
Sumit: You said me dog Pragya!!
Abhi: NO she said Somya is cat
Somya and Sumit in chorus: that’s equal thing
Pragya: so what!! See at least you both agree upon something together see
Abhi: yeah
Somya: Babsy don’t try to be over smart okay
Sumit: yeah agree with this moti no never
Somya: then how do you thought that I will agree with you fool
Rohit: yeah……..Sumit ladki fool bol gayi bhai (yeah Sumit she said you flower)
Somya: I didn’t meant flower I said fool which means idiot person
Sumit: Ok I am taking as a compliment that you said me flower (winked on her)
Saying this he left from there followed by all and Somya was in thought that what happened just now she was irked as well as confused but she ignored the fact and continued with her irritation then screen shifts to Pragya she was seated with Abhi
Pragya: I am damn sure today they will spoil the function
Abhi: I am also thinking that too
Pragya: don’t know when they will accept that they love each other
Abhi: yeah… wait a minute! What they both love each other? I know about Sumit but Somya too have feelings for him I didn’t knew it
Pragya: I am not sure about her but I think so because whenever she looks at him smiles unknowingly then at next second itself she use to fight with him and what I think is the reason is same as the Sumit have she doesn’t want to lose his friendship that’s why you know on my black day Rohit played a prank on her that Sumit is going to propose one girl in front of everyone and that is she, she was behaving weird then and all of them were making fun of her then when Sumit went on stage for looking our kind of decoration he strike with the planner there and Somya thought that he is going to propose her and she was standing like dumbstruck when all of them burst out in laughter and she came to know that they played prank on her and don’t know what happen to her next moment Rohit was stood holding his cheek and her eyes were blood shot red from that day onwards they were very casual with each other that bond of closeness was lost and from that day I am looking all this worst kind of argument today


Abhi: Oh so this is how RRS come to know about Sumit
Pragya: yup
Abhi: But I am not happy with this
Pragya: who said I am happy then?
Abhi: I am not happy with you too..
Pragya: now what I have done?
Abhi: why you remembered that day when you said you have moved on
Pragya: Galti insaan se hi hoti hai (mistakes happen by humans only)
Abhi: insaano se hoti hai ghodon se nahi (it happens by human not by foals)
Pragya: Bandar ab kuchh bola na to tu gaya samjh (if you spoke one more word then I swear you gone)
Abhi: o mai to tabhi chala gaya tha jab tujh par dil phek baitha (oh I was dead from that moment itself when I gave my heart to you)
Pragya: eesshhhhh…. What a cheesy line (making weird faces)
Abhi looked at her and both started laughing on Sumit and Somya’s condition.
It was evening time the function was about to start when Richa received a call and that was of her husband
Richa: Sagar what is this yr you said you will come here by today but you are saying now you will come on wedding day itself this is not done Sagar
Sagar: Archie relax yr My boss is not leaving me how can I come like this anyways I said there is a surprise for you so listen today you will get it for sure
Richa: now what surprise Sagar hello, hello.. . seems like call is disconnected
She went inside the hall where the function was going to start and sat on the side of Pragya boys were seated together Somya and Sumit were looking at each other with challenging face Pragya and Abhi were looking at each other in attitude as they both were having surprises for each other Rohit, Roy and Soham were looking at those couples then finally Soham stood up and announced that function is going to start but interrupted by someone and the person entered Pragya and Richa both were shocked looking at the person both of their eyes were wet now they both rushed towards the person and hugged tightly

Pragya: Papa that’s not fare where was you these days you know how much I needed you
Yes it was Rajesh Malhotra father of Pragya Richa and Aryan
Rajesh: I was always with my gangster beta
Richa: Dad you here so Sagar was talking about you right! But how as you never came to India even on her .. leave it you never wanted to be back then how you are here now
Rajesh: I don’t wanted to come as nothing was going on good here among you people till now but now finally something is going to be happy by which everyone is happy
Pragya: Papa I missed you
Rajesh: Richa is this the same gangster whom we met long time ago
Richa: OF course dad but now a days she has become emotional little bit
Pragya: that’s not true she is lying
Rajesh: Okay ok your girlfriend is a liar right!
Pragya: she is a liar from starting onwards my girlfriend was loyal before but now a days she got another boy friend so she forgot me now I am her ex
Richa: Nothing like that Dad I am giving enough time to her
Rajesh: enough of you both yr won’t you let me meet with other and specially that person who brought happiness in my daughter’s life
Abhi was confused that why Rajesh was calling his own daughter as gangster so he asked Rohit
Abhi: Oye Rohit why uncle is calling her gangster
Rohit: because this name was given by him only
Soham: we just copied him
Roy: yup
Rohit: By the way don’t call him uncle now he is your father-in-law
Abhi: Oh haan
Rohit: ab chal
They all went to meet Rajesh RSSR touched his feet and took blessings Somya also wished him and he hugged her just like Pragya and Richa when he went to meet Abhi he held his hands and kept one on his shoulder Abhi understood what he was trying to say and nods his head then Soham said
Soham: now uncle is also here the fun will be double
Rajesh: of course
They all started their part and as per the sequence first the opening performance was of four and that were Rohit Soham Roy and Richa then second was assumed to be Sumit and Somya as they both were busy in fighting so all changed their partners then the fourth was of Milind and Prachi then Kamakshi and Neeraj then Abhi and Pragya and the last was by Abhi specially for Pragya (Don’t worry guys I am not going to mention this much songs just told you about the sequence) there three boys were flirting with her according to act and Richa was as usual showing attitude
Tu kaun hai tera naam kya (who are you?)
Tu kaun hai tera naam kya (what is your name?)
Dil dhadakaane vaale tera naam kya (Oh you heart robbing person what is your name?)
Tu kaun hai tera naam kya (who are you and what is your name)
Mujhase pyaar karana hai itana tu samajh le (you have to love me then understand one fact)
Achchha laguun aaja nahin te bachake tu nikal le (if you find I am good then come with me otherwise escape from me)
Jay maata ke bhakt hain vaadon ke sakht hain (I worshiper of mata rani)
Aakaash se ham aaye tan man ke ham hain sachche (I have came from sky and I am pure hearted)
Marati hain hamape ladakiyaan buudhe aur bachche (I am favourite person of old aged persons girls and kids too)
Are na ham amitaabh na dilip kumaar na kisi hero ke bachche (neither I am Amitabh nor I am Dilip Kumar and I am not a son of any hero or heroine )
Ham hain sidhe saade akshay Akshay ( I am just a simple guy name is Akshay)
Ham hain sidhe saade akshay
O kabhi daing kabhi duung aise akshay akshay
Kabhi baing kabhi buum vaise Akshay
Mujhase pyaar karana hai itana tu samajh le (you have to love me then understand one fact)
Achchha laguun aaja nahin te bachake tu nikal le (if you find I am good then come with me otherwise escape from me)
The song was a surprise for all as with their song they proved that the theme was truly upon Akshay Kumar Pragya was happy like a crazy kid and in that she was again and again hitting Abhi which was becoming irritating for him Rajesh was looking all this and smiling that his daughter was able to forget everything now she was starting her fresh life with full joy and he also got his son-in-law just like he wanted who cares for his daughter like a princess
Richa being in attitude:
Mohabbat nibhaane ka tujhamein ho dam (If you have courage of truly loving me)
Saath mere chal sake to badha kadam (then come with me and step ahead)
Meri kamajoriyon se kar sake jo pyaar tu (if you can love with my silence)
Karana ikaraar nahin te karade inkaar tu (then only try to prove yourself otherwise don’t give fake descriptions)
Are na ham amitaabh na dilip kumaar na kisi hero ke bachche (Oh I am neither son of Amitabh nor Dilip Kumar and I am not a son of any hero too)
Ham hain sidhe saade akshay Akshay (I am a simple guy Akshaya)
Ham hain sidhe saade Akshay
Roy and Soham in chorus:
O kabhi daing kabhi duung aise akshay akshay
Kabhi baing kabhi buum vaise akshay
The next performance was given by Milind and Prachi as Sumit and Somya were still busy in fighting they danced on song Tera Ishq bada teekha then Rajesh controlled them and called up for their performance and as their part started Pragya who was drinking water burst out after hearing the song and others too holded their heads as Sumit and Somya changed the song which was given to them and now they again were with a song which was describing only fight..
kambakht hey hey hey – (ill-fated/unlucky hey hey hey)

Sumit looking at Somya in an irritating manner
kambakht ishq cheez hai hi aisi – (the ill-fated love is such a thing)
ek baar jo ho jaaye, kar jaaye aisi ki taisi – (once it gets on you, it destroys you)

Somya pointing a finger as a challenge being irritated with him:
kambakht ishq cheez hai hi aisi – (the ill-fated love is such a thing)
ek baar jo ho jaaye, kar jaaye aisi ki taisi – (once it gets on you, it destroys you)
aisi ki taisi, aisi ki taisi…
aisi ki taisi…
While they were doing their part Rohit said
Rohit: I don’t know about their marriage but I will always support their divorce for sure
Abhi: Now this is called intolerance
Pragya: they have turned our Sangeet into a war zone that’s not done
Soham: next time I will put a board on door
Pragya: what
Soham: Tarzan and his wife are not allowed
Pragya and all shared high five and Roy said
Roy: I will put a board that Chudail and bhoot are not allowed
Abhi: seriously yr how much they will fight in a day
Screen shifts to Sumit

Sumit covering his hand on Abhi’s shoulder as like warning him and he jerks off:
aankhon ke do peg yeh pilaaye (it makes you to drink two pegs of eyes)
kaali kaali zulfein bichaaye (it spreads the black tresses)
phir yeh le ke baahein mulaayam, tumko jhath se sooli chadhaaye (and then after with the soft arms hangs you)

Somya doing same with Pragya and she looks at her :
pehle to wo darr pe yu aaye, bheekh maange jholi failaaye (first they come to your door and then beg you)
dil jo galti se de diya toh, usse football yeh khel jaaye (and if you by mistake give your heart, then they play with it like a football)
hogi usaki iq hi kam, pyaar jisane kiya (the one fall in love must have less IQ: Intellegent Quotient)
Pragya was totally irritated with this act of Sumit and Somya she said to Abhi
Pragya: listen now it is over and I am damn sure that I am going to kill her future husband
Abhi: I will also not leave his future wife it is enough
Pragya: ye dono mere Sangeet ka kachra kar rahe hai
Abhi: what do you mean by yours it is mine too
Rohit: guys atleast you don’t start now
Screen shifts to Somya again
kehate hai ibaadat karenge, umar bhar ki chaahat karenge (they say that they will worship you and love you for life)

pehali ladaki nikali yahan se, inaki niyat fisali wahan pe (but as the first girl passes from here, they lose their character)

Sumit being irritated with this statement of hers :
kehati hai sau taare dila do, maang mein phir unako saja do (she says that give her 100 stars, and then decorate them in her hair)
antariksh ka thekha liya hai, bhaade pe kya rocket liya hai (have i taken the license of galaxy, or whether i have taken rocket on rent)
jo le seven easy se steps, muh ke bal gir gaya (the one who takes those seven steps, assume that he has fall on his face)

With lots of difficulties all of them managed to stop both of them and sent in separate direction Somya was sent to kamkshi to help her and Sumit was sent with Neeraj to sit with others and then they all took a sigh of relief and finally this was the time for Abhi and Pragya they went ahead and Soham played the song

Abhi twirling Pragya around looking at her:
chand sitare ye nazare for your eyes only (the moon the stars the sights before you are for your eyes only )
yeh saman yeh badal kajara re for your eyes only (this sky this dark cloud are for your eyes only)
jana duniya ke sath ajube for your eyes only (darling the wonders in this world are for your eyes only)
hire mote ke khazanon ke lashkare for your eyes only (glittering treasures troves of diamonds and pearls are for your eyes only)
jina marna kuchh bhi karna ab hai mujhe mere yara (I have got to live to die to do something now my friends)
sara jahan mera dil meri jan (the whole world my heart my life)
mere khwabon ke rangon se chahat ka surma bana (make a tint the shade of love mixed from the colours of my dreams)
for your eyes only (4)
Every one was enjoying this song and Pragya too was enjoying when Abhi’s irritation started as what he was feared happened everyone was entering with their kind of song in a single song first was Neeraj who sung

Neeraj :
ishq da sona sona sona ras chak le chak le chak le (taste the golden ambrosia of love)
mere sapnon ko teri ankh vich rakh le rakh le rakh le (keep my dreams away in your eyes)
ek nahin sau main jindari lutaunwa jindari lutaunwa (I am going to give you not one but a hundreds of lives)
rab di qasam main mar mar jawan mar mar jawan (but I swear I will die for you)
for your eyes only

Somehow Abhi and Milind managed in controlling Neeraj saying that time is for his performance

yeh charcha jawani hasina mastani (this youthful talk this intoxicating beauty)
chori se chupke se sunati hai kahani (secretly and silently tell a story)
chupae kyon qasam se bata bhi de sanam se (why the need for secrecy speak it out loud to your lover)

He thought that problem is end but as he was dancing Prachi gave her appearance with Kamakshi and this time Abhi was holding his head and in anger gestured Milind to control her

Prachi and Kamakshi:
Jhoothi moothi baatein na kar maahiya
Ja we ja we ja we dhol shipahiya

Abhi banged his head lightly on the pole in frustration as Pragya was too joining both of them then somehow Milind managed to take Prachi from there

love ki baten dilkash raten (talk of love enchanting evenings)
sab kuchh hai sab kuchh hai (we have got everything here)
o jan-e-jana tamanna (light of my life best beloved)
for your eyes only (4)
nigahen uthti hain nigahen jhukti hain (my eyes rise and fall)
tere hi chehara pe ye jake rukti hain (but they always halt on your face)
diwani dharkan hai bari uljhan hai (my heart races it is such a problem)

Abhi thought that now there is no problem but it seems that Prachi was in no mood of listening she again came with her childish act and this time Abhi along with all the boys were irritated as the whole couple performance was changed into the group dance and that also folk just because of Prachi and with this he sat down on the floor holding his head gesturing Milind that why you are left you also join them go and Milind felt that how much his brother was angry so he just went ahead

Prachi :
Lari lappa lari lappa laiyan
rab ne banaya tujhko rab se pyara (god made you even more lovable than he is)

Milind while dragging her aside :
kuchh na kahana chup hai rahana (don’t say a word just keep quiet)
ab to han ab to o meri dil meri jana (now yes now oh my heart my love)

The function was end and Abhi was wandering here and there on terrace when Milind along with Pragya came there as they both knew it that he was angry from the function Pragya went ahead and kept her hand on his shoulder
Abhi: Pragya tu ja yahan se (Pragya you go from here)
Pragya: NO I will not
Milind: Abhi yr it happens sometimes flow of emotion and happiness becomes more so just
Abhi: So Bhabhi will do this since two days I am saying you that please control her but you are not listening me
Milind: you know your Bhabhi very well
Abhi: haan jaanta hoon par mujhe samajh nahi aata ki har ganey me lari lappa lari lappa ghusana zaroori hai kya (yes I know her but tell me one thing is it necessary to do lari lappa lari lappa in every performance)
Milind: offo your kiddish act don’t know whether you are angry or just want to cry like a child
Abhi: han ha nab aap bhi shuru ho jao (yes yes now you also start)
Saying this he was leaving from there when Pragya passed a naughty smile and called him
Pragya: oye Abhishek
Abhi turned around: what?
Pragya: lari lappa lari lappa laiyan
Abhi fumed in irritation and left from there in anger stamping his feet Pragya looked at the spot where he stamped his feet and said
Pragya: Bhaiya ek din yahan se tel nikal aayega (Bhaiyaa one day oil will come out from here)
Milind: not to worry then we will establish business of oil and the one who will take oil out will be Somya and Abhi and we will pay good amount to them (koi baat nahi fir hum tel ka business kar lenge aur jo tel nikalne ka kaam karega wo honge Somya aur Abhi hum unko acchi rakam denge)
Pragya and Milind laughed hard and shared a high five

PRECAP: Abhigya marriage, Richa leaves for Mumbai to find the link

Spoiler: Aryan’s entry
i am sorry again if you felt bored i know you all wanna scold me so i am agree with that you can do so as you have to wait for one week i havent uploaded and the second reason is dont ask me about SOF as that story is under manufacturing defect so as the defect will rectify i will upload it if i say directly so just give me time for that till then enjoy this GOD episodes back to back. SO Aryan is going to re-enter in the show lets see whether he is bringing separation or more love why is he returning now you will get to know soon and yes lolz in episode of friday it was a matter of laughing for me in original episode that Abhi decided a name for her daughter and that too Abhigya hahaha anyways now there is no need to discuss it because the worst track is going to take place that is the Memory loss drama i hope all the cast lose their memory and leave the show now thats it for today now bye bye see you tomorrow with marriage sequence

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