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For Swaragini ff writers and readers

Hey friends,
A seriously disappointed reader here. I don’t want to reveal my identity since it has nothing to do with this article. I just want to discuss something serious with you all. So as we all know, most of us visit this site for reading stories and the are writers. As readers we expect beautiful stories from writers, their thoughts and opinions. We expect genuinity from the writers. We appreciate the writers despite their mistakes. This is a social platform. Hence we do not judge anyone. So what I am talking about is PLAGIARISM. Well, I was out of my home town during the past few weeks and I couldn’t visit the site due to some connection issues. I’m a reader who read almost all ffs here and comment on them. In return I like many readers, expect truthfulness from the side of writers.

First thing I did after getting home was searching for Anu or Nisha’s (or whatever her name is) ffs. I was surprised to see that all her works were removed from the site. From a friend of mine I learned that she writes on Wattpad too. So my hunger for reading her stories landed me in Wattpad. There also I got disappointed. All her boos were taken down. But I got to know the truth. That she was cheating us all by simply copy – pasting somebody else’s work. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I was dumbstruck. Because as a reader I loved her ffs more than any body else’s. Heck!!! I even recommended it to some of my friends. Seriously, all the praises we all were showering on her belonged to somebody else. Her name is Ayesha. (Username on Wattpad : AyeshaK_). I really don’t know how much I hate that girl Anu right now.
See friends, we the readers love you writers despite all the flaws in your language and plot. Readers like me truly appreciate your hardwork and we support you through our comments. Even after getting this much blind support, why are they stealing other’s work? I really don’t understand.


I’m a member of various other sites also. If anyone of you have ever been to Indiaforums, you must have surely read Angel. It is the most beautiful work I’ve ever read online. It was appreciated by hundreds of people. But the writer was forced to take down Angel due to plagiarism. And what happened? Readers like us lost the opportunity to read those wonderful work again and again. I won’t blame the writer for that. She has every right to do that to safeguard her work which is the result of her dedication and hardwork. Every piece of writing is the sweat and blood of the author. They spend hours in drafting, reading, editing and re-reading their article before submitting it in front of the readers. For all writers their works are special and pious. But cheaters can never understand that. From what I read from Ayesha’s message board on Wattpad, that shameless girl first copied, then apologized. Then again she started copying. Seriously??? What does she think of herself?? If Ayesha makes a copy write claims ever, this can even lead to a legal battle. Yeah I know, girls like Bushra used to copy paste works here. But they all stopped when they were warned. This girl copied almost 3 or 4 works. And I came to know from Ayesha’s message board that she even accused her sister for giving her such nasty ideas. Duh!!! Can anyone stoop low anymore? I don’t think so.

After reading this article if anybody of you want to bash me for criticizing your favourite reader, then go ahead. I don’t give a damn. This is my grief, I had to let it out. Because I loved that Anu that much. Not only as a writer, but I loved the human being in her. Not anymore.
I don’t know how many stolen works are being posted here now also. But if ever I come to know about such a work again, then my stand will be the same. I have no regrets while drafting this article.

And, Miss Anu/Nisha or who ever you are, if you are reading this, I just want to tell you that I HATE YOU. Not only me, but so many readers here HATES YOU for your foul play. What did you get from all these? Praise from the readers? For your kind information lady, it was all meant for Ayesha. It has nothing to do with you. You got nothing other than our grief, disgust and hatred. If you still have some humanity and shame left in you, then please apologize to Ayesha publicly by posting a message on her wall on Wattpad. That will make you some of us happy and maybe readers like me may forgive you. That will serve as your act of atonement if you’ve ever felt guilty about your actions.

I don’t know if tellyupdates will publish this article. But I want them to. If they publish this I want to request all the writers to be truthful to readers like me. We can atleast expect genuinity from you guys, right? We spend our precious time reading and commenting on your stories. Consider that, at least.

Thank you for reading this. And share your opinion with me… Once again, thank you all very much.

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