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Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 25 (LAST EPISODE)

Today’s episode starts with…..

Everyone getting ready for marriage, nandita takes a big necklace to give it to apu, sanchi says mom, is it necessary to give this big necklace to that apu and makes faces, nandita says she is going to become your bhabhi, respect her, and if you try to insult her, then it won’t be good for you and goes. Sanchi fumes but then smiles thinking my brother’s marriage is today. Malay wears a good dress and gets ready. He says Finally…, nandita comes and says what finally malay, malay says nothing, nandita asks nothing, she says finally apu is going to be my daughter in law and your wife, malay smiles. They have a cute family scene.

Apu wears a beautiful red saree, and kalpana makes her wear jewelry, kalpana cries and says you will go with in some time, apu says mom, what is this, will you cry now, if i go so what, you will get a daughter in law, and moreover you can come whenever you want to as the house is so near, now please stop crying, sid also comes and hugs her, saying I will miss you apu, they have a light family moment, sid says let’s go.

Malay’s family and apu’s reach the office, malay compliments her, they both exchange garlands and sign on documents, the officer says you are officially married now, everyone smile.

They then reach nandita’s house for apu’s grihapravesh ritual, nandita asks apu to push rice bowl, and she makes apu does all the house entering rituals, she enters inside and nandita gives a gift for, apu gets happy seeing big necklace, malay, sanchi and kalpana and sid gives her gifts, she says even I have a gift for sid, sid says why for me and what is it, apu asks tapur to come inside, sid says I was going to tell you guys about her, but how do you know about, apu says I know everything about you, kalpana asks what are you guys talking about, apu says I told you right that you will get a daughter in law soon, so she is going to be your daughter in law, sid is loving her and wants to marry, if you agree, kalpana says if she is a good girl and if you all like then sure, I just care for my children’s happiness and nothing else, sid says thank you so much my lovely sister and hugs apu, malay says can we take a group selfie, nandita says sure and they all pose. Screen freezes on their happy faces and……

They all lived happily afterward. And here comes to the end of my story Vishkanya and her unique love story.

I would like to thank Kathy for her immense and continuous support and also shai, nandhana, siddhi, all the silent readers for reading my ff and loving it, may god bless you all and thanks once again. Love you all.

I like to write stories and poems….

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