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Ishwari mansion….

Next day Sona as usual comes for her work. Dev is getting ready for his office.

Dev: Good morning Ms. Bose.
For the first time in history Dev himself greeted Sona. Sona is stunned.
Sona: Good Morning Mr. Dixit.
She thought why is sun rising in west today!!!!
She then moved to kitchen. Dev went to his mom’s room.
Dev: Leaving for office maa.
Ishwari: Jeethae rao beta… huch!!!!!
Yes she has cold.
Dev: Maa take care of ur health. U r not at all listening to me.
Just then sona enters with lemon juice that too it was cold.
Sona: Aunty ji here. Have it.
Dev: Ms. Bose cant u see. Maa already has cold and u r giving her lemon juice. It further affects her health.
Sona: Often u r forgetting Mr. Dixit. Its Dr. Bose. And obviously I know to handle my patients. So please…..
Dev has no words left now. He leaves to office.


Suman is working in her cabin. Since morning he hasn’t spoke a single word not even a argument has taken place. And yes it affected Shravan. He know he has spoken a way too much yesterday. And now he want her to be normal or else…. Or else…. Don’t know what happened to him.
Manager enters Shravan’s cabin.
Manager: Sir the interior designer has asked to finalise the wall papers sir.
Shravan: oh yeah but Ms. Suman told that she would do it. So ask her.
Manager: Yes sir but today morning she refused and asked u to do it sir.
Shravan: What? Wait.
He calls suman and asks her to come to his cabin.
Suman: Yes Mr. Shravan.
Shravan: Y didn’t u finalise all those wall papers yet?
Suman: No Mr. Shravan, I think u should do it. Afterall u r the boss and I am an ordinary employee. If something happens u will taunt me and will question my work ethics in front of all. So its better if I will do my work alone.

Saying this she left. And it affected him.
Shravan: I will finalise it later and u pls leave now.
Manager: yes sir.

Shravan went into thoughts. Just then his phone rings.
Shravan: Hello.…… Yes…. What seriously. Thank u so much. But I didn’t mailed it.
Phone: Sir, ur chief executive herself mailed us. And she phoned us continously to finalise it. That’s why. All credits goes to her. All the best sir.

Shravan was very happy. Y wont he be happy. Afterall he got such a big deal of organising a prestigious Holi party, where all senior hotels have quoted but his nascent hotel grabbed it. And yes its Sumo who did it.

Shravan in mind: Ms. Suman is really dedicated. But I ill-treated her. I should apologise. But how? She is so adamant and will never listen to me.
Thinks for a while. Yes. Perfect. Ms. Suman wait for ur surprise.

Ishwari Mansion……

Its afternoon then. Dr. Kapoor has come. Because now Ishwari is suffering from High fever. Dev knows about it and rushes home. Sona is sitting in sofa and was busy with her charts while Dr. Kapoor is treating Ishwari in room. Dev enters. He hurries to Ishwari’s room. But Dr. Kapoor asks him to wait outside.

Dev: How is maa?
Sona: She has fever. But its ok.
Dev: Ok??? Are u mad? My mom has high fever and u r saying its ok. And u r behaving so cool as if u don’t care.
Sona: Mr. Dixit first listen to me that….
Dev: Don’t dare to argue Dr. Bose. In morning itself I denied u to serve her lemon juice but u were so egoistic and told me that u know how to handle ur patients. Is this how u will handle. Ridiculous. How can u be so careless and adamant? Is this the quality of a good doctor? Ask urself Ms. Bose are u a good doctor?
He continues bashing her. She stood silently with her same attitude. Just then Dr. Kapoor comes.

Dev: With so much tension, How is her health doctor. Is all ok?
Dr. Kapoor: Relax Dev. Its just fever. And I hav given her medicines. Actually u should be happy Mr. Dev.
Dev: What do u mean doctor?
Dr. Kapoor: Ur mom’s health is returning to normal state. And that’s why her body is respondinng normally to infections. And she got fever. So her immune system is better now and all her supplements is getting better. All credits to Sonakshi. What sonakshi u made her ill purposely right?
Sona: smiles and nods yes.
Dev gives a confused look.
Dr. Kapoor: Actually Dev, in medical terms we call reverse immune therapy. We make patient to get infection and test how their body is responding. And ur mom has shown positive sign in just two weeks. I told u na, sonakshi only can do such magic. Anyway I am leaving now. Further Sonakshi knows what to do.
Sonakshi: Thq doctor.

He leaves. Dev stands still as again he has spoken so much. He prepared himself for her return scoldings. But to his amazement sona doesn’t even utter a word. She just gave a stary look and left that place.

Dev in his mind: Oh no she didn’t say anything. Now I should definitely apologize….. But how??

Sona is now in kitchen busy with her diet chart. Dev comes… Stands before her but she didn’t give a damn. He then acts to drink water sip by sip. But no she didn’t care. He then went and sat on dining table. And pretended as if working in laptop. Still she was busy with her work. He even tried calling her but only air came instead of voice. Sona knew all his antics but she is not ready to pay attention. Finally Dev got an idea. He asked two coffee and drank both. Now he asked for third one. He knew very well that Sona would stop him.

Dev: Kichu bhaiya give me another coffee.
Sona didn’t say anything. She just stared.
Dev: Kichu bhaiya in that coffee add 3 spoons of sugar.
No still sona was in her work.
Dev: No kichu bhaiya add 5 spoons of sugar… no add 6 spoons no no add 8 spoons.
Kichu bhaiya was literally confused. Just sona comes and picks up the coffee cup and adds entire bowl of sugar, mixed it and placed it heavily on the table near Dev. Dev was stunned. Bechara Dev his only plan was flopped. Now with no other option Dev took the cup in hand and sipped once. With much control he tried to sip the next. But a soft hand held his cup.
Sona: Pagal hei kya?(R u mad?) Whats wrong with u Mr. Dixit. If u drink it then the diabetes will travel to u faster than speed of light. And u will need to hold my company for some more days!!!
While Sonakshi scolds, Dev went on smiling.
Sona: Now what?
Dev: U spoke to me.
Sona: what?
Dev: Yes! And thank u.
Sona stares.
Dev: No no I am sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken like that. And yes Ms. Bose I will obey ur words. I will not drink this coffee. Tq. Bye.
Saying this he hurriedly went for office. Sona looked at him and smiled….
As he was leaving he heard his mom talking to Radha rani.
Radha: Jiji what is this! U r drinking this taste less soup. I am so much worried for u. That madrasi ( here sona is native to tamil) is always behind u. I even made ladoos for u. But I only should eat all those.
Ishwari: Don’t worry bhabhi. I will eat everything tomorrow. Anyway sona will not come tomorrow. ( she actually said this to shut Radha rani)
But dev took it seriously.


Suman cabin….

Shravan: Ms. Suman tomorrow come soon. We need to do all arrangements for party.
Sumo: Yes!! (Working seriously in laptop) she then realizes what she spoke.
No!!! Tomorrow?? How can I come tomorrow?
Shravan: Why what happened?
Sumo: Tomorrow is holi.
Shravan: So what? Are u kid to play holi?
Sumo: Who said that only kids play holi? If its so then I am a kid only!!
Shravan: U and kid???? He laughs where sumo stares.
Sumo: I need leave tomorrow.
Shravan: No Ms. Suman, u r coming and that’s final. U cant say no to ur boss.
Saying this he went. While sumo murmered Macaca….. And made faces.
Outside the cabin shravan looked at her and smiled.

Ishwari Mansion….

Its evening. Sona was waiting for dev to return. Dev comes.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, here is aunty’s diet chart for tomorrow. I already informed kichu bhaiya about everything. U just look over it.
Dev: wait wait. Now y r u saying all these to me?
Sona: Y means? Who will take care aunty’s food tomorrow?
Dev: As usual u.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, tomorrow is holi and I will be on leave.
Dev: Oh u r saying that Ms. Sonakshi Bose, great business woman will play holi.
Sona: Business woman or a normal girl kya farak padtha hei? Its holi and after all I hav my rights to play it.
Dev: Then sorry Ms. Bose, I am not granting u any leave tomorrow.
Sona: What??? Excuse me!!! Who r u to grant me leave? Do I look like a school girl,to write a letter for leave and urself principal to think about it. By the way I came to give information and not to ask permission.
Dev: Ms. Bose u r forgetting I am ur boss for 4 months and ur company is in my clutches. So u should obey my words. U r coming tomorrow and that’s final.

Sona murmers…. Pan species….
While dev in mind: sorry Ms. Bose. I cant risk my mother. Only u can control her.

Precap: Holi special…. First time Sharman and Devakshi…..

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