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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi who likes Saanchi drops his mobile by mistake while walking in corridor. Aryan picks it mobile and sees Sakshi’s photo in it. He sees Sakshi chatting with Rishi and says her phone fell down. She says it is not her phone. Rishi says it is his phone and says Saanchi that he clicked her phone by mistake while clicking painting’s pics. Rishi then meets his dad who is fuming for losing contract just by 1 rs margin.


Viren tries to practice dance with his wife. Wife says she is worried that Saanchi is not liking Aryan. Viren says it is good if this marriage does not happen, he does not want to send his daughter away from her. Sanchi comes with aunty and gets emotional hearing his conversation. She asks why a girl always has to leave her family. They both cry


Sushanth and his wife try to convince Aryan to accept Saanchi. Aryan says she is too old fashioned and reads mahabharat and ramayan, too sanskari. Bhabhi taunts if he needs girl like Deepika.

Rishi’s father asks Panditji to find a good alliance for his son. Panditji says just now a good alliance got missed, but he will find a good girl for Rishi soon. Rishi hears Saanchi’s voice nearby and smiles.

Aryan and Saanchi’s families practice dance separately on terrace. Viren dances weirdly and Saanchi asks him to dance well. Aryan’s uncle and aunt dance weirdly and fight. Dad comes and sits to watch their dance. Aryan handles situation and tells aunt she dances like Deepika. Dad gets angry and asks who is Deepika. Aryan silently leaves followed by Sushanth and his wife and then uncle and aunt.

Aryan and Sanchi go to library separately to pick CDs. They both dance on Aaya mausam dosti kaa…song.. with a wall between them. Aryan picks book and sees Saanchi there. She acts as well cultured and calm and says came to pick bhajan CDs. Aryan also acts same and says even he came to pick ramayan. Librarian locks door and goes for lunch. They both knock door aggressively and then getting conscious seeing each other act as calm and soft. Peon from outside says this door will be opened after 1 hour. Aryan pulls door. Sanchi thinks if thinks himself as inspector Daya that he can break door. They both sit down. Aryan looks at his mobile and says thereis no network. She says her phone isin room. He sees his cap with her and thinks this is his cap, but she is holding as if it is her cap. She thinks he is trying to steal his cap. He says he saw coffee machine downstairs, will she have it. She says yes. He gets her coffee. she sips shyingly. Peon opens door and they both walk shyingly.

Precap: Sanchi’s brother tells her that he will shoot Aryan if he misbehaves with her. Sheetal scolds Aryan what did he do with Sanchi that she is hating him so much. Aryan looks at Sanchi dancing nearby and fumes.

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