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Ek Prem Kahani (promo)

Hi guys! It’s Miya with another ff on Swaragini. This is a promo of my ff and I hope you will like this promo of Ek Prem Kahani. ?

The Maheshwari house is beautifully decorated. We can see people running here and there for the arrangement.

Sujata (shouts): (talking to one servant) Arre what are doing there, come and do this work! (Talking to another one)You go and bring those items! (Again talking to another servant) You do it properly! I want everything perfect!
Ap (calming her): Bas karo, Sujata! All will be done! Don’t panic!
Sujata (stressed): Na jiji! Today is my Sanskar’s engagement and I want everything to be perfect! (A smile appears on her face)

Ap (smiles): Bas Sujata, Everything will be done.You drink this juice! (Gadodia family arrives)
Sujata: Arre, they arrived! Come baisa! Come bhabhisa! Come Swara beta!
Swara (takes blessing from Sujata): Aunty Where is Sanskar?
Sujata: He is getting ready.

Here, Sanskar is getting ready in his room. He is wearing his engagement dress when suddenly he hears bangles’ sound. He turns and saw a beautiful girl wearing a beautiful lehenga.

Sanskar (happy): Tum!

The girl run from the place with a smile and Sanskar follows her. It’s that moment when someone calls him.

Ap: Sanskar what are you doing there? Swara is waiting for you. Come.

Sanskar goes down with Ap, looking back, and Swara comes and hugs him. Sanskar sees the girl behind the pillar who is smiling at him. Sanskar smiles seeing her.

‘Who is that girl? Why Sanskar is happy seeing her? Will she be a twist in Swasan’s life or will it be a new story in Sanskar’s life? Stay stunned to know further about EK PREM KAHANI.’

Guys, I would post this ff very soon as I didn’t complete it yet. And I forgot to ask: How was the promo? ?

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