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ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 11)

Hey people ! Thanks for commenting.. Loved it.. The feeling of being back is sooo awesome..

Now coming to part 11
Shravan was travelling towards the airport.. His heart was pacing ,Hands sweating .. There was anxiety, restlessness in his heart.. He Walked into the airport n few girls laid dere eyes on him n giggled.. He ignored the chaos n went straight to the counter, n board the flight… In d flight he sat down to his comfort n relaxed on his seat.. Today d feeling was really unconditional.. A turmoil of emotions was enraging him.. He wanted some peace but the gut feeling of something’s gonna happen was leaving him restless… The flite attendant came n asked him if he needed something to which he politely said no!
Time passed n he reached Jaipur.. While leaving d airport he felt light hearted.. A smile ran down wen he felt the breeze dat shivered his collar bone.. The nights here are really cold. He looked for Mr. Gupta’s attendant n laid his eyes on a old in his 60’s man wid his name written on a sheet.. He went to him n smiled at h signalling he was Shravan malhotra..
Driver : oh! Namaste sir, Gupta sir was going to come personally, but PCT madam wasn’t good, so he couldn’t come.
Shravan: PCT madam?
Driver : ji WO..
Before he could complete he trips n falls while Shravan supports him..
Shravan : are are kaka easy, it’s so cold, you shouldn’t be out …
Driver: this is everyday’s cold sir , for how long you won’t go out..
Shravan smiled n opened the front left door of d car..
D drivers moves towards the driver’s side but Shravan stops him
Shravan : are kaka , here , sit here..
Driver: but sir
Shravan: no but, I will drive and you give me direction..
Driver: but sir, how you can..
Shravan : are I know driving, don’t worry..


They drive to d hotel. In the journey Shravan sees a board of PCT he felt a jolt for a moment he really was deeply connected to d name but couldn’t recall.. He ignored his heart beats n concentrated on d road.. After reaching the hotel he checked in n got a call of concern from Mr. Gupta but because of bad network he couldn’t ask him who was sick.. He sat down on the bed he wanted to recall about PCT but was clueless.. He dozed off finally while he was thinking about it..
Next day he woke up to a beautiful morning..
Chirping of birds ,sound of d hotel fountain n cool breeze.. He smiled looking at d sky…
There was a knock on his door. He opened the door n dere was a guy wid flowers n a box in his hand.
Guy: sir , Mr. Gupta sent dese for u.. A token of apology
Shravan: it wasn’t required
He takes dem n comes inside. He looked at the box dere was a note on it.
” sorry , because of us u weren’t able to meet Mr. Gupta but dis is d compensation?”- PCT
It said.. He smiled n opened the box a delicious smell filled the room. “Moong daal ka halwa” he muttered.. He tasted it n remembered her it was similar to d one she used to make.. She was so good at it .. He closed the box as he couldn’t bear with it anymore.. He closed his eyes
Shravan: 4 saal , 4 saal ho gye pr tmhari yaad dil se mitti hi nai.. Tm itni aasani se chli gai , bs mai hi nai jaa paa rha inn yaadon ko chor kr..
He closed his eyes..
He asked himself to focus on work n went away for shower .. Afterwards he came ready in a 3 piece suit of navy blue color his hair just lyk always perfect. A lill bit of TouchUp to d hair n he is ready.

Mr. Gupta’s driver knocked out the door n Shravan went out wid his research papers.
It took dem 15 mins to reach the big Gupta empires . he entered d office .. It was mr. Gupta standing in front of the gate
Mr. Gupta : acha hua Mr. Shravan ap abhi hi aa gye kl court hearing h, ar khurana ( the guy who is opponent of Mr. Gupta in dis land deal case) ka lawyer mujhse Milne aaya h, ap khud uski baat sun lijiye ..
Shravan : ohh chaliye …
They head towards the confrence hall
Mr. Gupta: Mr. Sharma ye , h mere lawyer Mr. Shravan malhotra .
Mr. Sharma: (standing up n smiling) these days who don’t know him sir.
They shake hand..
He has progressed a lot in short time.
Shravan: all this talk will keep happening, let’s do some work first?
Mr. Sharma: sure, ( nods his head in appreciation)
To Mr. Malhotra owning land deal that Mr. Gupta wanted to do, uss deal se Mr. Khurrana itefaq nai rkhte .. Ar WO ye land company use me Lana chahte h.
Shravan: hmmh, lgta h aapne case details thk se nai pdhi .. Iss land ki deal jb hui thi tb Mr khurrana ar Mr. Gupta partners the ar ye land unhone ne company ki trf se li thi isilye iss land ko kha bechna h iska faisla srf Mr. Khurrana nai Mr. Gupta v krenge..
Mr. Sharma: I know. I did the research too dats y m here
. Dkhiye Mr. Malhotra avi v wkt h, iss mamle me smjhauta kr skte h bina baat k court tk kheencne ki zarurt nai hai, Mr. Khurrana is ready to pay for dis land but Mr. Gupta isn’t understanding..
Mr. Gupta: Maine kha na , mai iss zameen ko nai dena chahta…
Mr. Sharma : Mr. Gupta business emotions se nai chlta …
Mr. Gupta : tm apni ye bkwas bnd kr do ar keh do khurrana se mai kisi v keemat pe ye zameen usse nai dunga..
Shravan was listening to deir conversation calmly…
His hands resting on his lips…
Mr. Sharma : Mr Gupta try n understand…
Shravan : ek minute , Mr sharma it was a pleasure meeting you pr ab aap mujhe thoda wkt dijiye taki mai apne client se baat kr sakun.. Agr koi v progress hogi I will let you kno…
Mr. Sharma nods n leaves ..
Shravan: Mr. Gupta ye baat to mujhe v samajh nai aa rai ki ap ye zameen aadhe daam me kyu bech rhe h? Mr. Khurrana apko double amount tk dene ko taiyyar h fr v .. Ap apna loss kyu krana chahte h?
Mr. Gupta: ( smiles) hr deal me profit or loss nai dkha jaata Shravan ji..
Shravan: mai kuch smjha nai !?
Mr. Gupta sighs n looks out of the window …
Mr. Gupta: mai ye zameen PCT ko dena chahta hun.. Bohot wkt ke baad PCT frse khda hua h mai usme usse support krna chahta hu.. Uski help krna chahta hu..
Shravan was really confused because now he knew dat dis deal was emotional decision for Mr. Gupta but he didn’t get whom he was talking about..
Before he could ask a voice cut him ..
Girl : pr PCT ko apke help ki zarurt nai hai….
Shravan holds a chair near him as his legs trembled after hearing that voice d voice he was craving to hear since long, d voice which was d sweetest thing he ever ever heard , the voice without whom his day never completed.. He closed his eyes to catch his breath n turned towards the person..
In front of him was his dream , his only desire , his love, his sumo

Precap: confrontation

Okay so how do u lyk it?
Sorry I said dat I will be regular n posted after a week actually I went to meet my grandparents n network dere was very poor… Mafi guys ??
Btw if u have any doubt wid dis part ask me , coz I think dis part is a bit confusing.. But how do you like d story after leap? plzzz keep commenting need love??
Lots of love ❤

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