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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Pushkar tries to make Shravan understand. How much will Sumo do all alone? She is doing so much already. Did you tell them we are there in case they need anything? Shravan says she is not a woman but a superwoman. She does not need anyone’s help. You will see, she will marry herself and even have kids all by herself. Pushkar says what you are saying.


Sumo recalls a past incident where she had an argument with Shravan. He walks away when it starts to rain. She has no umbrella. Shravan keeps it over her. She points out he dint want to talk to her. He says this is the friendship rule. You don’t leave your friends behind anytime. Shravan is there whenever there is a problem. Flashback ends. Sumo wonders if Shravan broke all the rules. Why dint you say you are there when I said I have

no one after Nanu?

Aditya and Ramnath come to meet Nanu. Ramnath wishes to spend some time alone with Tiwari ji. Sumo and Aditya go out. Nanu wakes up. He is happy to see his disciple. I am happy to see you. Ramnath says I am shocked to see you. What you did? Preeti is getting married. how can you fall ill? It will become a joke in court! He holds Nanu’s hands. Get well soon please. Nanu says I wish it was in my hands. Ramnath gets emotional. I have never seen you this week. You are our strength. Tell me what it is. Nanu says there is something. I wanted to talk to you about it. It is good you asked me yourself. After Priya, Sumo grew up in this house only. Sameer and his wife wish to go to Anuj after the wedding. My life is of no guarantee. What will happen to Sumo behind me? What about her life and marriage? Ramnath says nothing will happen to you. You cannot become weak before any problem. Sumo is my responsibility as well. I am here. She will be married off the way you wish to. I promise you I will leave no stone unturned. Nanu is relieved to hear his words. Ramnath points out that he dint permit him to lose out to this. You have to fight and win. Please take rest now. I will come again to meet you. Nanu is already half asleep by now.

Sumo asks Aditya how he came with uncle. Aditya says he immediately wished to meet Nanu after knowing about his health. His driver wasn’t available. Ramnath joins them. he asks about the doc who is checking Nanu. He isn’t happy. I will speak to my doc. Two nurses will be there. Plus an ambulance will be outside all the time. Mami ji suggests him to admit Babu ji in hospital instead. Ramnath angrily tells them to let Tiwari ji stay at home if it is his wish. Do you have any objection? Don’t worry, I will take care of him. Tell us if you need some other help. Aditya expresses Tiwari family’s wish to Ramnath. Kamini aunty isn’t ready. Can you help? Ramnath says why dint anyone tell me anything. Sumo shares that they spoke to Shravan who refused to help them. we thought it might not be possible. Ramnath is happy to hear Shravan’s reply. He is right in his place actually. Family is very important for him. No one is more important to me than Tiwari ji. I will speak to Kamini. He excuses himself. Aditya holds his ears before Sumo and gestures a zip up too. Sumo looks a bit upset.

Shravan comes to Tiwari House late at night. Rachna is surprised to see him at this hour. Shravan says I only came to see Nanu. I was missing him. Rachna allows him in. Shravan steps inside the room and stops in his tracks immediately, seeing Sumo sleeping on the floor. Title track plays. He sits down next to Nanu but cannot stop himself from looking at her. he thinks of their childhood. Sumo ate too much and was tired to do her assignment. You do it please. I will take some rest. He jokes that it will be peaceful that ways. He looks at her as she closes her eyes. she tells him not to stare or she wont be able to sleep. He tells her not to lecture him. I wont do your assignment otherwise. She says sorry and agrees. Flashback ends. Shravan smiles at the memory. He tries to focus on the book but keeps peeking at her lovingly (like in childhood). Sumo shifts in her sleep. He covers his face with the book just in case she wakes up but she is sleeping peacefully. He keeps looking lovingly at her. nanu takes Sumo’s name as he turns. He is surprised to see Shravan sitting next to him. Shravan says I was missing you very much. How are you now? Nanu asks again for Sumo. Shravan gives him medicine. He falls asleep afterwards. Shravan keeps the book back. He begins to go but cannot step out of the room without looking at Sumo. He sits down on his knees next to her. You look very sweet and beautiful. He holds her hand as it is about to drop on floor. He keeps it near the pillow carefully. Why do you seem so different when you go quiet? He leaves finally.

Everyone is gathered around Kamini. Ramnath asks Kamini what she has decided. Lala is sitting right there only. Kamini says you (Ramnath) will do what you think is right. Why ask me then? He says I don’t wish to pressurise you. It is only a request. Tiwari ji is not just a Guru for me but like my father. I couldn’t do anything for him till date. I got one chance to pay off his debt. I will fall in my eyes if I fail today. Think that my respect is in your hands. He folds his hands before her. Please. Lala ji says what are you doing. Kamini gives in. Your respect is greater than my wishes. Tell him he will do his granddaughter’s kanyadaan. She thinks he stole all happiness from her. I promise you, you will never get any happiness related to your son!

Precap: Sumo thanks Aditya for what he did. Nanu’s biggest wish is going to come true after what you did. How can I be upset? In fact, stranger can at times do what your loved ones cannot! Shravan hears it and feels bad. Sumo offers laddoo to Shravan who only takes a small bite and nods angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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